Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does Obama's Birth Certificate Say He Is A Muslim?

Trump has brought a new twist to the "Birther" argument. He is wondering if Obama's birth certificate gives his religion as Muslim. Here is a birth certificate from Hawaii 1963. I didn't see a place for religion on it. Can you? Thank goodness it doesn't have a religion on the certificate. If it did and Obama's did have Muslim on it that could mean a change in national security. As Muslims look at it he would be a defector of Islam and they would put a bounty on Obama. This wouldn't be a good thing. I just wish he would shut this whole debate down with his birth certificate.


  1. I think Trump is just talking smack, because he can. We know his father was Muslim and that his mother wasn't. Does a newborn have a religion?

  2. According to Islam a baby does. If Obama was born a Muslim, like his father, and then became a Liberation Theology Christian Muslims around the world would be up in arms.

    You are right about your point Joe and I think most Americans don't care what religion he was born into because of his father. Most Americans didn't care that he was educated in a Muslim school. They care about what he believes now. Bush wasn't a Christian at a point in his life and then changed so why wouldn't we think Obama is capable of the same?

    See Joe it's not those 'scary' Christians and 'scary' Jews I'm worried about. It's the Muslims that will worry me the most, if Obama's birth certificate says Muslim.

    Joe I know you may find this hard to believe but Muslims kill ex-Muslims all the time. It says to do this in the Quaran, so it shouldn't be a suprise to you. I know you think the Christians and Jews are the dangerous ones with the 'Love your neighor,enemies and self' and the Ten Commandments rhetoric coming from those two religions. It's nice to see the left-wing standing with a religion that teaches hate. Stand with a religion that stones liberals to death in the name of Allah. These things are in their Quaran.

    Christians aren't by any means perfect. But in the Holy Bible it says to love our enemies. That is hard to do.

    If I was you I'd rethink who I was getting into bed with.

  3. I'm not in bed with anyone, but the Left has the highest rate of active buddhists, Taoists and other non-violent religious followers amongst its voting demographic. Just saying.

    I don't choose to dislike any religion but I acknowledge that the three major religions have aspects of their Holy books that advocate for violence and that many of their historical leaders have advocated for violence. Some of each still do. Clearly the Muslim world is going through a regression period where the fundamentalist is gaining ground in gathering adherents to a warped view of the world.

    I find that distressing but i'm not blaming the religion. Just as i don't blame Christians, i show where they fail in criticism of your hatred for Islam.

  4. Good for you Joe. The left-wing also has a lot of Jews and Christians as well. Joe you can choose not to dislike Islam but that doesn't change the fact that they dislike you as a liberal and as a non-Muslim. If you read the Quaran you would see that it is the religion that is to blame.

    Did you hear about the Jewish family murdered in Israel? Did you see the pictures of the Muslims handing out baked goods in celebration? Do you remember the pictures of all those Muslims cheering 9/11?

    Joe it isn't my hatred for Islam but their hatred of Christianity,Jews,America...and me that I talk about. I don't hate Muslims. It's hard for me to love my enemy the way you do Joe. I think that is because Islam is for now your friend. We will see how that turns out for you in the end.

    All I know is I'm taking their word for their hate of me,my religion and my country. You can choose to hide your head in the sand about a religion that openly and honestly calls you and I their enemy.

    Joe the hate is all yours and your ilk. You are on the wrong side Joe. Unless, no that can't be. Unless the enemy of your enemy is your friend? Maybe for now they are the friend to the anarchists,unions and left-wing. Just remember what they do to gays,womens rights,mens rights,religious rights that include having the right to no religion. Muslims when they gain power over a government use the Quaran for 'social justice' Sheria Law that is. In Muslim countries they treat left-wing like Dr. Tiller treated babies. You may want to rethink that whole sociel justice thingy and start pushing for equal justice.

    Good luck trying to pin that "hate" crap on me. I don't hate the person but rather hate the deed. I do have a hard time loving my enemy and that much is true. But I don't hate anyone. That is your sides thing.

  5. Funny how a real certificate of live birth from 1963 looks a lot different then the one presented as Obama's... Just saying. :)


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