Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is America Becoming a Nation of Freeloaders?

As we all know liberalism at it's core is lazy freeloading. They want what others have but don't want to work for it. So they hire the Democratic Party and some in the Republican Party to take tax payers money to give them the money. These tariffs put on our job creating businesses is losing us jobs. We need to cut freeloading off like we did under Clinton for welfare reform. And you remember how the left-wing bitched about killing kids and putting people out on the streets for ending that entitlement? Expect these fools to not learn from the past and cry about killing babies and old people...

What are your thoughts on all the freeloaders like GE? Is our tax structure set up to create business or destroy it? How would you stop the freeloaders?


  1. With 40% of Americans not paying federal income tax maybe Democrats need to ask themselves if they pay federal income taxes? If they do pay taxes then they are too rich to vote for a Democrat. Remeber that this April when you pay your taxes.

  2. 40% dont pay taxes and about 35% recieve Government assistance in one form or another.

    The taking from Peter to pay Paul days will end they have too. When Pauls outmumber Peters what happens? We are on the brink of finding out and the Pauls are NOT going to be Happy.

    The redistributiom of wealth thingy is moot whem cookie jar is empty. The vision of Liberals that ALL will be the same can come true. Its called Poverty for all.

    Im on N.C. Right now visiting family and playing golf. If I dont spemd it some body else will and that just does not seem FAIR or Fuzzy to me.

  3. Chris, you know that a large majority of rural poor who pay no taxes often vote republican, so you can't cast this net solely around Democrats.

    But since we are talking Freeloaders what about companies like Exxon Mobil who make record profits, pay no taxes and yet get money back from the government. Add in Companies that ship operations overseas and find loopholes to pay no taxes on that.

    I can live with companies not paying taxes as long as they employ American workers and increase their footprint in America with their profits, but when they take them overseas or move operations away from us then they need to pay. But the breaks are tied to investment and lower prices. Not to increase shareholder dividends and executive pay.

    Can we agree on that at least? Keep prices reasonable, employee people and use American goods and services and you pay zero.

  4. I think it's just wrong that major corporations like GE pay no taxes.

    Especially companies that pollute our environment and ship American jobs overseas.

    I can see giving them tax breaks if they create jobs in America, but when companies take subsidies from the government, then use that money to lobby Congress to vote for Republicans, that's not right.

    Bank of America is another example of a corporate criminal whose executives should be in jail for their role in the financial meltdown yet pays no taxes and takes bailouts from the government.

    I think the bigger problem is major corporate entities that don't pay their share.

  5. I didn't cast that net just around Democrats Joe. Do you remember this from my post,"So they hire the Democratic Party and some in the Republican Party to take tax payers money to give them the money." But we both know who is fighting the cuts in the budget now don't we? I also metioned GE Joe. Did you read the post or just forgetful? We both know large companies don't pay taxes. They pass it on to us and they have ways and the means to get great lawyers to help them not pay as much on takes.

  6. Bruce did youy know that this admin has given more of our money to the big banks and big business with the Stimulus bill alone. Just remember that big business and big labor go hand in hand. Bruce is it only wrong when,"then use that money to lobby Congress to vote for Republicans, that's not right." So only when it's a Republican? It's OK when it goes to a Democrat. You are so funny Bruce.LOL.

    I think it's not business causing the problems. Businesses create jobs, they are not the enemy. You do know the connection between Jeff Emelt,CEO from GE, and Obama?

  7. I think we are all united, and we all agree, that crony capitalism is a scourge. Companies like GE are able to lobby and write laws, both tax and corporate, that benefit them and screw the competition. Laws should be applied equally to all, regardless of anything. Whatever happened to justice is blind? True capitalism, ie the free market system, should be just that. Free. We have lost that with the federal government deciding they can control all economic transactions. Very dangerous stuff, as we can see with GE taking advantage.

    That's why I applaud Rick Snyder's plan to even out the corporate tax and apply it equally to all in Michigan's corporate tax structure. That gives all an equal footing.

  8. Jeff Emelt has more visits to White House than most politicans wonder why?

    Is not ole Jeff the chairman of one of those new agencies to create jobs. Cannot remeber the fancy title but not bad for a CEO still on the job. I guess you can be the evil rich and be appointed to Government agency.

  9. Chris,
    I understand the concept that corporate taxes could be passed on to the consumers, yes i do. And thus i said i am willing to cut corporate taxes with provisions.

    You said they pass the tax on to us right?

    So if we cut taxes then the prices get lowered right? No more need to pass that tax on to us.

    Just like when they get products from cheaper labor overseas, they cut prices right?

    The reality is that despite the rights use of language and framing in topics like tax cuts, incentives and other free market government interference the results don't always materialize. You can do all the things that the heritage or the Mackinaw center suggest and still not get any benefit. They won't tell you that, but it happens. No new jobs, no price cuts, no investment no nothing.

    Your still dealing with a thing that has no loyalty. Corps don't owe the government when the tax rate gets reduced. It still decides whats best for it.

    So i suggest that we tie the carrot to a stick. No more buying lobster and getting a peck on the cheek and good night.

  10. Joe the one thimg not mentioned by you on your comments was LABOR. Why it is true Government and Compamys have played a major role in our economy and job creation issues Unions have also played a part. Wages and Bennys did send jobs off shore thanks to politicans that made trade agreements which Punished our workers and destroyed jobs. My point is that with all the union imfluemce over the last several decades how did politicans DO what they've done WITHOUT being held accountable by Labor Unions?

    Companys are in business to make profit and companies that cannot afford employee cost will given what politicans have given will out source.
    I believe Government and Politicans used the carrot and it got bit off by companies whos main aim is Profit. Free market has since OUR beginning worked on Profit.. Profits are to Private Sector what Taxes are to Public Sector and Both need funding,just what you call it changes. Job creation is indeed slow in comimg but Companys aint going to spemd without a likly hood of Profit. Without Ptofit Job Creation will not occurr and without Repealing some terrible Trade Agreements the Carrot is all gone!
    One last thing where are the Unions on this issue? I do keep up on news and have heard very little if anything from Labor leaders on this subject Trade agreements.


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