Friday, March 18, 2011

MEA Teachers Union Is Planning To Withhold Childrens Education With A Strike

MEA President Iris SALTERS is asking the teacher unions' 1,100 locals to vote on whether it should engage in teacher strikes to put pressure on lawmakers who are considering a proposed $470-per-pupil cut to K-12 education for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012.
Acting with the support of the MEA's 80-member Board of Directors, Salter said in a letter to its locals that teachers are "under assault in Lansing" and it must "take action accordingly." Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan.
"Let me be clear on what this vote means," Salters wrote. "It authorizes MEA to engage in significant activities -- up to and including a work stoppage."
They are asking locals to vote between March 14 and April 14 on whether to give MEA the authority to initiative crisis activities up to and including job action.
MEA Spokesman Doug PRATT said the votes are what "we have to do internally to ratchet up efforts around the "ongoing legislative crisis."
"This is our top governance across the state saying our members are telling us that we've had enough," Pratt said.
Circulation of the letter drew harsh responses from House Education Committee Chair Paul SCOTT (R-Grand Blanc), who said he was "shocked and appalled " by statements from an "out-of-touch" MEA executive who, last week, compared public school employees to "slaves."
"This type of heavy handed, Hoffa-esque rhetoric might have worked in the 60s, but not today," he said. "Striking is illegal. Period. Why Ms. Salters is seeking authority to engage in illegal activities is concerning."
Let's take a look at what the unions are asking of their members. Union leaders want to illegally strike so that union members can loose freedom of choice on joining a union and forced union dues, they want to vote on a strike that would force the all union members to walk the picket line regardless of whether or not they believe in the strike. That doesn't sound very American to me.
The union leaders are saying that Michigan tax payers will pay one way or another. They are telling teachers that Michigan can't fire all the teachers. This may be true, but we can get ride of the bad teachers in bad schools. We could turn schools into charter schools one at a time.
How about parent suing the teachers union for withholding an education from their children? Who cares if we win or if it's even realistic, it will have an effect.
I will feel sorry for the teachers that are living on the $20 a day the union pays them to strike. It doesn't seem like a lot of money when the unions have billions. I hope those teachers banked their money. We all know conservative teachers in the union. They will be forced to strike for their pittance from the union coffers. Families will go bankrupt if the teachers unions strike. But they knew the risks of joining a union. Conservative teachers need to speak up now and try to stop an illegal strike. Tax payers are broke and businesses are dieing. We can't afford to lose the profitable business like we have in the past with taxes that take profit. A strike right now would be as bad an idea as the MEA could have.
We need to change the way we educate our children. Giving into the union demands has gotten us worse results. It's time we put the children first for a change.
For all the teachers working to stop a vote for a strike, I thank you. No one can afford a strike right now. If the unions keep going for an all or nothing they will get nothing. We also can't afford the unions demands, so it's time we the taxpayers call the shots.


  1. Repair_Man_Jack

    Wisconsin’s fight against the public unions was yet another battle in the war to prevent government from remaining self-perpetuating; regardless of the outcome of those pesky things called elections. The victory Scott Walker won against the Wisconsin public employee unions has spawned similar efforts in Alabama, Idaho, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nebraska, and Tennessee. James Shrek of National Review gives us an extraordinary look at how state public union reform is spreading like wildfire.

    A commonly popular reform involves prohibiting the use of state payroll systems to transfer money to political organizations. Alabama has passed this law and is fighting the Alabama Education Association in court to keep it in force. Florida has bills to duplicate this reform in their state in the appropriate committees of their legislature. Kansas has passed similar legislation in one state house but not yet the other.

    Tennessee and Idaho now consider legislation to limit the power of state education unions in other respects. Idaho has limited their bargaining power to salary and wages as well as prevented them from collecting dues via state payroll systems. They and Tennessee both are attempting to limit tenure and seniority based layoffs.

    Ohio and Oklahoma work on legislation to reform both striking rights and arbitration practices for public unions. Nebraska seeks similar relief from binding arbitration.

    What all of these plans have in common is the return of unelected and unaccountable governmental organizations to the control of elected civil authority. What each reform would accomplish would be to make democracy at the state and local level more important. It would render the daily usurpations of these various and sundry local bureaucracies less inevitable. The cat has just leapt forth from the bag in many locations. Scott Walker stood tall and won that victory. Now people all over America reap the benefits.

  2. March 17, 2011 This is what bfealk is trying to do. Lets stop him.

    Conservatives in Congress are poised to move a bill that would subject major rules in every area of government to congressional approval before they can be implemented. This could undermine years of progress on everything from civil rights to health care, from food safety to worker protections and the environment. This bill is part of a deliberate agenda to gut our regulatory protections — and it must be stopped.

    I'm asking you to take a moment to write your elected leaders in Washington to tell them to oppose this radical legislation.

    The House will soon consider H.R. 10, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act. The REINS Act would force each new major regulation to go through a congressional approval process, subjecting it to political infighting, special interest influence, and legislative gridlock. If either house of Congress fails to approve the major rule in a narrow 70-day window, the rule will cease to exist.

    We cannot let the REINS Act pass. The bill would delay and possibly undo critical safeguards that protect our civil rights, environment, food, children's toys, workplaces, health care, and economy. The bill would also further empower corporate lobbyists and their allies in Congress to ignore science and focus on politicking when it comes to the development of our public protections.

    Please send an e-mail to your House representative and your senators urging them to oppose the REINS Act.

    The REINS Act is also an affront to separation of powers. Congress writes the laws and assigns agencies the tasks of working out the details through regulation and enforcing those rules. It takes years to develop a major rule: federal agencies must conduct research on the need for a rule and engage in a careful, rational, highly analytical process based on science and fact. Much of that work — and its objectivity — could be thrown out the window if the REINS Act becomes law.

    House leadership has made attacks on public protections one of its top priorities, and the REINS Act is almost certain to be considered in the coming weeks.

    Your action is needed now.

    Working together, we can stop the REINS Act and make sure our government knows that public protections are important to us. Contact your legislators today!



    Gary D. Bass
    Executive Director

    Conservatives need to call their Reps. in support of these bills. We need a counter attack on these liberal idiots.

  3. So who wrote this? Your kids don't go to public school do they? Last i heard St. Luke didn't have union teachers.

    Well i don't know that there is a way to stop a vote Chris and if you have a right to interfere in any internal Union decisions. I would have to look at the MEA constitution and the various state laws regarding these issues. I'm not familiar with them. I would bet that the MEA constitution or internal rules has set means for dealing with issues outside of a strike.

    And Chris so you don't mislead the people here, no one has to join a union. 1963 GM vs. NLRB. And in subsequent decisions the SC has decided that crossing picket lines can not result in a termination. The member would be removed from the union under its constitution but would not be removed from employment. The non-member would still be required to pay agency fees as the Union and the company are still bound by labor law to give the worker the same pay and benefits as union members.

    The majority opinion using a piece of conservative thinking found that a non-member who would be receiving salary and benefits like a union worker and representation like a member should have to pay fees to cover the costs of the unions legal obligations to them.

  4. Well Joe I have one child with speciel needs that has to go to government school. Joe the teachers will not get their union check if they don't picket. They are also mandated to have their union dues taken out by the State. They are not forcing people to teach or join the union but they are forcing you too if you want to teach at a government run school.

    Why can't union dues get collected by the union instead of the State? Why can't a teacher choose to teach at a government run school that has a union and choose not to join that union? Nice try spinning Joe.

    FYI union members do have the right to apply for a refund from the unions. I posted on this free money.

  5. I'm a conservative teacher in Clinton Township, and don't want anything to do with this. Just let me teach. Chris, how can I be forced to strike? I have been lucky enough to never have been involved in a strike where I work, so I admit that I'm inexperienced as to how the union can respond to a teacher like me.
    I've watched very closely what is happening with the unions in Wisconsin. I won't stand with these people. It would go against everything that I believe.

  6. IF this is true, Joe, then people now can see that unions have way too much power over government and business that far exceeds fairness that labor unions were founded upon.

    If one chooses to cross the picket line and the union constitution mandates he/she is to be kicked out of the union, then I don’t see how this individual has any obligation to pay squat, nor a union to have an legal obligation towards them.
    Again if that is the case, it's pretty obvious that todays unions ( and the laws that protect them) have hijacked states and businesses budgets.

  7. If the teachers aren't happy your kids wont learn. Think about that for a while.

    Clinton Twp teacher better strike with the rest of us.

  8. I'm sorry. I just cannot read any more fear and hate without asking.
    How is Snyder warring on the working Class? How is he a dictator that seeks to squash the middle class union member?
    As far as I can see the bill reaches to far with the allowance of "Corporate" management, but when our elected officials cannot perform and overspend for their fiscal budgets time and time again to avoid bankruptcy a manager will step in and balance the books and then step down once the need has passed.
    So if you collect wages and benefits from a tax base, and lets say a financial collapse occurs, and state wide unemployment sweeps the state guess what happens to that tax base? It shrinks. Well if your employer has no money in the bank I guess you are all out of a job. Correct?
    Allen Park just laid off their entire fire department. There is no bargaining when there is no money, just a pink slip and some bi-weekly cheese.
    So please step back and try a dose of reality like the rest of your neighbors who made the mistake to work in the private sector.

    And I notice not everyone has the ability to look at the reality of the elimination of the business tax. It is not a Peter from Paul situation-where we are now collecting tax on 'individual' pensions that total more than $40,000.00 a year, that is a lot of tax free money from the populous that uses more resources than any age group-but it is an introduction of a flat tax across the board that is double the current level. So we get to throw a flat tax on all those rich greedy business owners, and collect tax on those who where allowed in the past to pass the buck to those down the line.
    It's not perfect legislation to solve all our ills, but I do believe a realistic approach to stop the bleeding.

    I say lets see how this is implemented before we light the torches bathed in the blood of the private working class. Because MEA that is who you are hurting. And not the legislature.

    We just spent a decade socking it to "rich" corporations. How did that work out? Atrociously.

    Corp. Tax Ranking (2010)
    Michigan 48

    Joblessness Ranking (2010)
    Michigan near 50

    Economic Growth Ranking (2002-2010)
    Michigan 50 (only state in the nation to decline)

    Population Growth Ranking (2000-2010)
    Michigan 50 (only state in the nation to lose population)

    Sources: Tax Foundation; BLS; BEA; Census Bureau


  9. Lashay and JoeC,How does the MEA bus keep moving with all the children and taxpayers they throw beneath it?

    Yes, all those parents struggling to hold down 3-4 part-time jobs after being laid off will be so thrilled to dig deeper through their pocket lint to pay for MESSA and other golden benefits for teachers. Retirees struggling to keep their homes don't mind seeing their property taxes hiked for increased millages and bonds, either. Right? Not to mention daycare since the kids wont be in school because the teachers aren't happy and on strike.

    Of course, the unions could always take a page from the AFSCME/Jennifer Granholm playbook. Force all the private contractor and vendors that support the school systems -- food service, office supplies, books, computer technicians -- into a union and steal dues right off the tops of their paychecks. They did it to day care providers, so why stop there? Hey, better yet, force ALL private companies that do business with the state to press-gang their workers into the unions! Now THERE is some real money!

  10. The president of the Michigan Education Association, Iris Salters, said Thursday that a letter she sent out asking members to give the MEA the authority to initiate a “job action” was not calling for a strike. The letter states that on March 11, the MEA board of directors voted unanimously in favor of several actions the MEA would be taking to “ratchet up our efforts” around the “ongoing legislative crisis.”

    The letter from Salters goes on to state: “Let me be clear on what this vote means. It authorizes MEA to engage in significant activities — up to and including a work stoppage — that will increase the pressure on our legislators.”

    “The most pressing of these is the following vote that needs to be taken by each of your locals,” the letter read.

    The letter stated that the ballot language for this vote would read as follows: “Do you give MEA the authority to initiate crisis activities up to and including job action?”

    Salters said the letter was not a call for a strike but “an authorization of activities.”

    When asked what activities, Salters said, “That is for the board and my members to decide.”

    Would it include a strike?

    “I have no idea,” Salters said. “That’s all I am going to say on it.”

    “It sounds to me like they might be prepping for an illegal strike,” said Patrick Wright, senior legal analyst at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “To the extent ‘job action’ is a euphemism for strikes, strikes and ‘sick-outs’ are illegal under Michigan law.”

    “‘Up to and including a work stoppage’? That sounds like they are considering a strike to me,” said Paul Kersey, labor policy director at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “It's hard to imagine what else they could be referring to.”

    The Michigan Employment Relations Commission is responsible for determining if a strike takes place. If teachers are found to have participated in an illegal strike, state law states they would lose pay for the day and the local union would be fined $5,000.

  11. By Byron York

    "Madison is just the beginning!" AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka told a union rally in Annapolis on Monday. "Like that old song goes, 'You ain't seen n-n-n-n-nothing yet!' "

    Fresh from defeat in Wisconsin, union leaders are planning a new campaign not just to head off future challenges to their collective bargaining powers but also to make the case that organized labor's benefits and prerogatives -- wages, health care, and pensions that are more generous than those of comparable workers in the private sector -- are the moral equivalent of rights won by black Americans during the civil rights movement.

    Read the full story at

  12. Lashay needs to get some integrity.

  13. Anonymous needs some integrity. Teachers are people.

  14. Understand Liberal Wisconsin Judge Halted Elected Representives law. WOW did not see that coming. Liberal Judges Unions and Politicans. Hell with those Three wont need election soon and that means they have TOO much POWER!

    Citizens beware for what you wish,maybe the last Free thingy you get to do.

  15. TJ Tyg = Simpleton

  16. Chris, once again. You are not required to join the union to work even in Michigan. Even if the MEA and the district have a closed shop agreement.

    GM vs. NLRB 1963. Look it up.

    Chris, if you don't picket then you will not receive a strike payment. That money is not the schools but the unions so they can attach a picket requirement. If you choose to cross the line and be a non-member it its then up to the school district as to whether they pay you, lay you off (and collect unemployment) or you take vacation or sick days. It is not up to the union what the school does with non-members.

    As for union dues and agency fees the union can negotiate for the school to deduct them and send them to the MEA. Thats been a standard for 40 some years. Its just a simple financial transaction nothing more. It doesn't force anyone to join. All you have to do is notify the Union and the employer in writing of your decision to take the Beck rights exemption. The union will then notify you of the agency fees relevant to collective bargaining and contractual representation. The state, company, etc. would then deduct those fees from your check instead of the full dues.

    If you wish to know more you could look up Beck V. Communication workers.

  17. Mark, the union today are relatively weak. They don't hold any sort of power over business let alone state government. Your about 20 years to late for thinking the unions are that strong.

    As for crossing the picket lines and non-membership its a little more complex than what you think. I can understand your feelings about a non-members and agency fees, but the law thats in place and has been in place for 50 or more years requires unions to represent non-members in things like contract protection.

    You wouldn't want them to get union protections without paying for them would you? Its a fair system under labor law.

  18. Joe That crossing a picket line to work can I bet be a real eye opener to to the employee choosing work over picketing. Intimidation is a Tool Joe and Unions do use it.

    Court cases mean very little when somebody with a stick and foaming at the mouth ius really PISSED at ya!

  19. So Joe a teacher can work in a union school and not belong to that union? Are dues taken out of that teachers paycheck by the State and given to the union?

    I know that it's the union that gives the stipen to the picketing teachers only if they picket so many hours a day. Why is it the union doesn't give more then minimum wage for their hours worked? Those unions have millions even billions in their coffers. The unions give a pitence for the members days work. That just doesn't seem fair under union rules even though it's legal. Sorry I haven't made that clear.

    To reiterate, in union government run schools all teachers are union or they don't work there. Teachers get a few bucks a day for picketing. Parents get screwed,kids get screwed and tax payers all get screwed because the union wants what they want. Who is the greedy, self centered one? Republicans seem to be the only ones that care about all the people the unions screw. Democrats and unions have been screwing all of us for years.

  20. Joe unions have a lot of power. They have taken billions from tax payers,stockholders with a bailout, tax breaks, tax exemptions. The unions own the Democratic Party and the current admin. The unions may not have many members but they are powerful. 7% are powerful enough to make the 97% do what they want. That is powerful.

  21. Chris,
    A teacher can work in any school in America and not be a member. I've already mentioned the Supreme Court case two times and yet you seem to keep suggesting otherwise in this thread. Why i don't know.

    As for dues, the state, the school district, the corporation as a matter of contractual language or agreement can have the dues or agency fees deducted automatically and electronically deposited to the union. This happens everyday almost everywhere there is a union. It is a matter of simple financial transaction. There is little to no cost associated with it. The cost of adding it to any existing program was done years ago. I would figure that removing it would require new programs or IT work which would cost the taxpayer.

    Could you please inform the readers why you would want to remove the automatic deduction? There's a reason other than cost and we both know that.

    as for the strike fund and its payout, thats based on whatever formula the MEA has set up. Ask them. Strike pay is for 5 or 6 hours of picketing a week. Yes, you have to show up once a week to picket and get paid. i don't know what the MEA requires but the UAW requires one day a week.

  22. So Joe why are the unions apposing a bill that gives the choice to the teacher on wheather or not they want to join the union? If what you are saying is true then why are union pissed about people chosing whether or not they want to join?Joe if what you say is true,"As for dues, the state, the school district, the corporation as a matter of contractual language or agreement can have the dues or agency fees deducted automatically and electronically deposited to the union. This happens everyday almost everywhere there is a union. It is a matter of simple financial transaction. There is little to no cost associated with it. The cost of adding it to any existing program was done years ago. I would figure that removing it would require new programs or IT work which would cost the taxpayer." Then why is the union against collecting their own dues? That is the other thing the unions are pissed about. I think it's because now we are cutting out the middle man. The reason why I'd want to remove the automatic deduction is bercause the State government isn't in the collections business. The unions can collect their own debts just like everyone else has too. Why do you Joe think the unions should have the States as a debt collector and a strong arm for the unions? Why don't you want union memmbers to decide whether or not they want to join the union when they get a job? Could it be money?

    Joe do you think that the UAW, with all their billions of dollars, pays the union members enough for a strike and picketing?

  23. It would be interesting to see what percent of the per student FUNDING goes to the STUDENT and what percent goes to Superintendents and Teachers.

    What percent of OUR States Budget is used for Education in OUR State.

    Tenure seems to be a no Lose situation for Teacher and NO Win Situation for Students. You know Bad/Good both treated same. Does kind of take that edge off of FAILURE for Teachers.

    Also why are there so many school district in Citys like Warren and St. Claire Shores. Seems they could be Consolidated at a savings to Tax Payers.

    I was under the impression that Teachers Fireman and Police officers could not strike. Have not heard of Police or Fireman Striking so I guess if its called a " work stoppage" thats not a strike. How do you explain that to student,hell somebody want to splain it to me.

  24. Chris,
    Stop sandbagging. Either your ignorant and drinking the kool aid or your not being honest. Which are you going to say? I am going with the later.

    We both know this is about breaking the union. Are you and the other conservatives scared to say that? If America agrees with you that unions are not needed then why don't you guys be honest? Guess you and the rest are scared America doesn't agree.

  25. Chris, did you see this story....

    Salary boosted for worker with ties to Hopper

    A state worker with ties to Sen. Randy Hopper is being paid $11,000 more annually than her predecessor in a position at the department of regulation and licensing.

    State officials said the woman, 26, was hired to a limited term, communications specialist position last month, with a salary equivalent to $42,328 annually.

    State officials Friday said the woman’s predecessor left the position in January, with a salary equivalent to $31,200 annually. No explanation was given for the new hire’s higher pay.

  26. Joe I say let the investigative process play out in WISCONCIN and if wrong doing is found off with his Head!
    I also say lets get into Michigans hiring of All State employees appointed or hired by ALL politicans and their PAY. We may even find that theres alot of FAT in the Budget. In fact lets have Audits of all State FUNDED Jobs,Agencies and School District and see exactly where the FAT is and get rid of it! ANY Fat through Hiring or Workers doing Duplicate JOBS both State and Federal should be addressed. I kind of Beleive the AMOUNT of Waste in just this area will be substancal at State Level and down right Staggering at Federal Levels.

  27. Joe just say it the unions are trying to break the tax payers and the State and country! You know this is about the unions doing all the breaking. We just want to put a collar on that big rabid dog that's all. If it was a bout breaking the unions it would be done. It's about controling the unions and limiting their monopoly. Joe we aren't the ones acting like scareed little children. You and your ilk are doing that.

  28. Wow Joe you found someone not making a ton of money in the union. So what does that prove other then the union doesn't take good care of all their members. Public union employees still make way more money and benefits then the private sector.

    One thing that is different about us conservtives is I agree with AL. Conservatives care about being a country of law not of men. Liberals believe in "social justice" not equal justice. And in their "social justice" America they are the judge.

  29. Chris, so once again you dance around the issue, trying to appear as if you don't know what is going on. Good one.

    Chris said... If it was a bout breaking the unions it would be done.

    It is being done. That's why the workers are protesting. Your denying this, but its happening.

    So you tell me why they would require the Union to take a certification vote each year? After a union is certified under federal law no one is required to join that union that doesn't want to. So tell me what the purpose of re-cert each year?

    And if the dues deduction has little to no impact on the budget and is merely a accounting practice why remove it from payroll deduction? It doesn't save the state any money.

    Why do these things? You, Scott Walker, the Koch brothers, the RNC, the unions and I all know why. I don't think Al does but he should shortly. To bust the unions without saying the word.

    The cost and hassle of a yearly re-cert is staggering to the union.

    As would be the requirement for the union to try to bill the members for their dues. It would require the union to hire more office workers to handle all the billing

    Between the two of them the cost and associated clerical work would weaken the union and not allow it to concentrate on workers rights.

    But you knew that already. Go back to playing dumb brother.

  30. Joe Not being up on Union innerstructure did not know clerks were also in the Union process regarding workers rights.

    Non union shops are required to hire workers to do clerical work and billing of all kinds.

    So what we actually have now is union workers in State positions doing the union due collection for the Union at OH Tax Payers expense.

  31. Al,
    All places have clerical workers. We know this. Whats starts out as a very small part of a larger function, collecting dues, Child support, IRS, restitution, and even at times bankruptcy liens at the payroll office as part of their payroll program becomes a large function for the Unions. You should know by now that the payroll for the state is mostly automated and requires little actual human involvement to process all of theses liens or fees. The most taxing area of the whole deal is entering them correctly to the system. And since the turnover isn't that high, its not a significant aspect of any budget.

    To remove the dues and only the dues doesn't give them a savings it give the local and international a cost. A quite large cost, as multiple people would be hired by the union to handle the billing and receiving of dues.

    See the end result of the action is to make being a union member costly to the union and a added inconvenience to the worker. It doesn't save Wisconsin money.

    So what you don't have a is union workers in states doing due collections because that's automated. A clerical worker may have to enter a new name into the program as a new hire or update the info, but no group of people who's sole job is to look after collection of dues. Chris and the conservatives are trying to mask what there real goal is.

  32. Joe My concern and goal is to get as much Public Union workers into Private Sector Unions and Privatize as much as Possible and to get the politicans out of the Tax Payers Pockets. All jobs I know cannot be Privatized BUT a sizable amount can and should be. Just beleive that Public Unions and Politicans is to much for Tax Payers to afford.

    That one thing about automation and how easy its is for State workers to me it could also be easy for Union clerks also. Just push buttons stand back. Hell I could do that.

    All Local and Federal Agencies should be audited and lets find out about all JOBS that are Duplicated or in some cases NOT needed. Still think that would show a great deal of waste and WASTE in Government spending is the PROBLEM and must be addressed wheather Union or Not.

    I in my uneducated way am trying to find out in Educatioal System how MUCH Tax Payers money actually gets to the Students for Learning and Materials AFTER Administrators and MEA gets their share. If Students get .50 cents on the DOLLAR that would surprise me.

    I am not against Unions as long as POLITICAN are NOT part of the Equation. Dont think that makes me anti-union. I beleive it makes me a Tax Payer!

  33. If the teachers in our school district strike, I will urge the school board to use the Ronald Reagan Air Traffic Controllers method to end the strike. Fire them.

  34. Work Stopage is a Strike and if law says You cannot strike and Do action of some kind to me is nessasary. Fines Suspensions and yes Temination should all be on the table. Hell Union lawyers will make a cluster FUC* out of it but to me Illeagal activities seem to be more the norm now in all activities!

  35. Al, i don't think of you as anti-union. Not at all. You Al. Its not a pathological part of your views of politics to rid the US of unions.

    We don't believe in the same things, but i don't regard you like the others. There is none of the political trickery or partisan gamesmanship. You just Al.


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