Thursday, March 24, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Favored To Win Egypt Election

Why doesn't the Main Stream Media care that the Muslim Brotherhood may take control of the Egyptian government? Is this just more of the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Why does the left-wing make this unholy allegiance with our enemies? Is American values really worse then Sharia law to the left-wing? I just want to honestly know what the left-wing is thinking on this. They do everything they can to protect enemies of this country and our standard of living. Liberals need to ask themselves if the Muslim way is really better for them and the rest of America. The only thing I can think of is maybe they both want the destruction of America as it was formed by our founding fathers. If this is wrong then please explain the actions of the left-wing.


  1. I'm interested to know what you would do?

    I'm not happy with the MB possibly winning the election, but what should i do?

  2. I would have done the oposite of Obama. I also wouldn't be considering cuts in defence like Obama is right now. Who in their right mind cuts defence in the middle of worldwide chaos and 3 wars? Who puts the French in charge of the best military leaders in the world? Not me. I would never do such stupid things. But that is why Obama is a follower not a leader.

    Would you have us go into every country that is being overthrown or human rights violation? What other countries would you take military action on? Would you let the UN dictate your military actions? Would you look to the UN before Congress and the American people?

    If this war is about oil, and it is, Obama should have spoken up against his friend Quadafi. His indisision didn't make the Islamic countries any less hateful of America. If Obama wouldn't have been such a woossy maybe none of this would have happened. At least Bush could keep that dog down and in control. Obama isn't even respected let alone feared by our enemies.

  3. I believe whatever happens Middle East is lost and all the Nicy Nice makes NO difference! Egypt has its radicals in control and Lybia will wind up the same way. There will be eventually just one obsticle for Middle east to overcome in their part of the World and that is Isreal. This Regime has shown NO inclination to back Isreal but Isreal unlike politician here will defend itself Alone if Nessacary.

    Islamic Terrorist are on a Mission and that Mission is to as soon as they can Destroy Us and conquering of the rest of the planet. We are first because we are the road block to their Vision of the World. Talk wont work,Bowing wont work and Apoligizing just makes them believe more that we are Weak!

    We as a nation will be oil Dependant ON other countrie who we will find out could give a rats ASS About us or our ECONOMY which will suffer greatly from higher oil prices.

    We are now at a point that if we do not start Supplying our Own Oil we maybe at a point we cannot recover from.


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