Monday, March 28, 2011

Reporter Held Captive In Closet During Joe Biden Fundraiser

Reporter Confined in Closet During Biden Fundraiser
Staffers with Vice President Joe Biden confined an Orlando Sentinel reporter in a closet this week to keep him from mingling with high-powered guests gathered for a Democratic fundraiser.
Reporter Scott Powers was the designated "pool reporter" for the vice president's Wednesday visit to the massive Winter Park, Fla., home of developer and philanthropist Alan Ginsburg. The veep hadn't arrived yet but most of the 150 guests (minimum $500 donation) had. Read more at

Biden Aide Apologizes After Reporter Kept in Storage Closet During Fundraiser
...Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander, responding to coverage of that account, said in a written statement Sunday that the decision to hold Powers there was a "mistake" and that the reporter has accepted her "unequivocal apology." The apology was made shortly after the fundraiser.
"This was the unfortunate mistake of an inexperienced staffer and the vice president's office has made sure it will never happen again," she said.

It makes you wonder what is going on at the staff meeting to make an aide to Biden think imprisoning a reporter in a closet was a good idea? I find it hard to believe that someone didn't hear the reporter crying for help and knocking on the closet door. Freedom is just a word to these people. It means nothing to them. All I can say is thank goodness a Republican or Tea Partier didn't do this.


  1. "I find it hard to believe that someone didn't hear the reporter crying for help and knocking on the closet door"

    Chris, Although I find this closet thing outrageous the line quoted above is a bit of a stretch don't you think. I mean the guy had a cell phone and was "tweeting" the whole time.

  2. Of course they are now saying that it was an 'new, over zealous staffer'
    Sure, lets blame someone else.
    But as usual, this is par for the course with this Admin.

  3. I was just having fun with that part Christopher. We both know that is what the liberals would have done had it been a Republican doing the imprisoning.

  4. Understood Chris.

    The funny thing is though if reversed being most reporters are liberal he would have been put in the closet BECAUSE he was crying for help,,,LMAO


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