Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Historic Drop In Stock Market: OPEN THREAD

The US $ is dropping fast. I understand Obama is skidish about leading right now since he is way over his head and has scewed up everything he has touched. But he need to stop feeling sorry for himself and stop drownding himself in his re-election campaigning. Doing nothing is worse then leading to the left,right or middle. Our country is at one of it's weakest times and Obama is acting like an immature child.

Weather we like it or not we need a leader that at least apperse to be strong and in control. He is the only president we have right now. Hidding his head in the sand and leading from behind will only make us weak and varnerable to our enemies, whoever they may be. Obama must put forward plannes that are comprehensive and have been proven effective in the past. Now is not the time to be trying to prove some proffesor in the Ivy Leagues theories right or wrong. Doing more of the same only adds to our debt and will not work, nor has it ever worked.



  1. Just as I have stated previously..... No real leader ever blames anyone on their watch. It erases responsibility and accountability to include a cowardliness act in hiding incompetency . A real leader would come into his and or her position, whatever role that is and in this case it is the President, assess their resources, identify what is great for the people and what is bad for the people. You then address the issues ONE TIME for everyone to understand the issues, not to blame, but how you will fix the issues that you believe will HELP the people. Never again to bring up anything except progress reports during your tour. A one time honorable term limit should be set for anyone running for President with no type of monetary value as an incentive. This also gives us a President that will be on the job for the next year instead of campaigning because this is ALL he does. This leads to corruption.

  2. Soros Made $10 Billion on S&P Downgrade Bet

    Far Left cheers on mob violence in London:

    from the article:

    "What a complete shock. The far left is cheering on the rioters in London.
    David Thompson reported:

    Laurie Penny – who of course has “no problem with principled, thought-through political ‘violence’” – is telling her readers: “Violence is rarely mindless. The politics of a burning building, a smashed-in shop or a young man sh-t by police may be obscured even to those who lit the rags or fired the gun, but the politics are there.”

    …Elsewhere, while Mothercare burned to the ground and female fire-fighters were dragged from their vehicles and punched insensible, a number of leftist anti-cuts groups announced their “solidarity” with the thugs, thieves and predators. “London,” we learn, “is the world’s biggest BIack Bloc.” While student “activist,” chronic liar and Independent blogger Jody McIntyre was busy using his new media profile to urge further rioting and arson. No doubt the Indie, the Guardian and the New Statesman will be swollen with pride at the doings of their latest protégé. But remember, people. As the Guardian’s Priyamvada Gopal told us recently, setting fire to occupied buildings – resulting in this - isn’t “real” violence. Not when compared to “hypocritical language.”

    Real leaders really lead. They don't make excuses for a lack of leadership. They find a way to get the job done.

    Obama is used to playing the blame game because that's all community organizers do - blame other people for their own problems.

    President Obama has approved $105 million for humanitarian efforts in the Horn of Africa to combat worsening drought and famine.

    White House press secretary Jay Carney says the money will help provide food, shelter, water, and sanitation and health services to those in need.
    He did this August 8th ... Yesterday .... Where is the money going to come from ?

  3. "Obama" blames Ar ab Spring and Japanese earthquake on job's

    "Obama" blames "messy democracy" for his failed policies.

    "Obama" blames Congress for debt mess.

    "Obama" blames Republicans on "slow pace of immigration reform."

    "Obama" blames media for lack of compromise in Washington.

    "Obama" blames technology for struggling economy.

    "Obama" blames oil speculators for high oil prices.

    "Obama" blames Reagan for America's out-of-control debt and

    "Obama" blames Bush and Congress for lack of fiscal discipline

    "Obama" blames Bush Congress for putting off "tough decisions."

    "Obama" blames Bush for "tax cuts" deficits.

    "Obama" blames Bush for deficits

    "Obama" blames GOP for events that led to Gulf Oil Spill.

    "Obama" blames Republicans for America not being able to solve its

    "Obama" blames corporations for everybody's problems.

    "Obama" blames Bush for overall American economic standing.

    "Obama" blames Bush and Congress for deficit spending.

    "Obama" blames Bush for regulatory policies

    "Obama" blames Wall Street "fat cats" for economic disaster.

    "Obama" blames Bush for overall economy.

    "Obama" blames Bush for stifling unions.

    "Obama" blames Bush for prescription drug bill.

    "Obama" blames Bush for jobs.

    "Obama" blames Bush for failure to recognize Europe's leading role
    in the world.

    "Obama" blames Bush for deficits.

    "Obama" blames Fox News for his "elitist label."

    "Obama" blames Fox New for likely loss in Kentucky primary.

    "Obama" blames Washington for high gas prices.

  4. Look, he is accusing the tea party because it threatened default, for causing this. He himself said openly he would veto any debt ceiling extension that wasn’t long enough to get him into 2013. He was going to veto it over the length, which incidentally turns out to be, as you point out, irrelevant. He got what he wanted on length and we still got the downgrade.

    Wall Street is being manipulated. The dollar is being manipulated.

  5. Source: The New York Times

    WASHINGTON — In an unusual break with the White House, the Democratic leaders of Congress told the Supreme Court on Monday that President Obama was pursuing a misguided interpretation of federal Medicaid law that made it more difficult for low-income people to obtain health care.

    The Democratic leaders said Medicaid beneficiaries must be allowed to file suit to enforce their right to care — and to challenge Medicaid cuts being made by states around the country.

    The Obama administration maintains that beneficiaries and health care providers cannot sue state officials to challenge cuts in Medicaid payment rates, even if such cuts compromise access to care for the poor.

    In a friend-of-the-court brief, the lawmakers said the administration’s position “would undermine the effectiveness of Medicaid.” In addition, they said, it conflicts with more than a century of court precedents that allow people to sue to block state actions that are inconsistent with federal law.

    Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/09/us/politics/09medicai...

  6. The Treasury Department said in June that it would withhold payments from a handful of bad banks but eventually hand the money over if their mortgage servicing improved.

    "When the Treasury Secretary himself acknowledges that the incentive structure is 'not powerful enough' and then does nothing to address it," Neil Barofsky, the Treasury Department's former bailout watchdog, said in an email, "when the abysmal performance of the mortgage servicers is met with a gimmicky so-called sanction to temporarily suspend payments for less than a handful of servicers, and when rather than confront these flaws Treasury attempts to spin more than 800,000 HAMP failures as successes, it is not surprising that already anemic HAMP results continue to get worse and worse."

    Barofsky continued, "The downward trend of this failed program will continue unless and until Treasury admits its mistakes and makes a real effort to revamp HAMP so as to deliver on its original promise to the American people."

    An oft-cited explanation for the program's failure is that it was designed primarily to help homeowners who'd taken out adjustable rate mortgages that left them unable to refinance after the housing market collapsed. But rather than bad mortgages, the foreclosure crisis is now driven by unemployment and reduced income.

    "How do you do a modification for someone who's unemployed?" asked attorney Ira Rheingold, executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

    To improve the program's chances of helping jobless homeowners, in July the administration announced the unemployed would be eligible for a full year of forbearance, as opposed to just three months -- something homeowner advocates had long recommended. Barofsky had pushed more forbearance in his role as the Treasury Department's special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, better known as the Wall Street Bailout. HAMP is funded with leftover bailout money.

    Barofsky has warned in a report that in some cases, HAMP can actually cause the foreclosures it's supposed to prevent -- a phenomenon HuffPost has documented.

    President Obama said in July that his administration's response to foreclosures has "probably been the area that's been most stubborn to us trying to solve the problem." HAMP will fail to meet Obama's goal of modifying 3 to 4 million mortgages.

    "Foreclosure starts and foreclosure sales are down somewhat from their peak in 2009, but on the other hand they are still well above their 2006 pre-crisis levels," White said. "So we still have a serious foreclosure problem, adding about one million new completed foreclosure sales to the inventory every twelve months. HAMP at best is resolving about one-third that number."

    Shahien Nasiripour contributed to this report.

  7. Chris,
    Since it an open thread i will say that i'd like to see real leadership out of Brian Cameron the conservative leader of Great Britain.

    And i guess we've never had a real leader in our lifetime. Reagan blamed Carter, clinton blamed Bush, Bush blamed Clinton ect.

    You realize that the spending cuts are part of the problem with the Dow Jones right? Austerut measures always slow down an economic recovery.

  8. Bush never blamed Clinton and neither did Reagan. For that matter I don't remember Clinton doing any blaming either.

    You do realize that not enough spending cuts is the real problem since most of the cuts don't happen for quite some time in the future? Throwing money at every problem didn't do anything. Auserity does have a short term slow down but the money saved helps the economy in the long run. Our debt has done a lot to hurt our economy and we have no other choice since there is no more money.

    How can you blame Cameron for left-wing rioters and violence? Are you blaming Obama for the flash mobs and the gangs that beat up only white people? Is it Obama's fault that some white teens beat up a black man because of his color?

  9. Chris,
    LOL. You once again demonstrate collective conservative amnesia on the blame issue. He did it, Bush did it, and their supporters did it.

    And i didn't blame Cameron, I only said i'd like to see some leadership from him.

    WTF was all that about race for? Because i wanted to see leadership from him? Your sounding a bit racist throwing the race card in for no reason.

  10. Leadership is the topic. Once again Our Economy is like the TITANIC and this regime is asking for more ICE! Not a very strong sign of leadership.
    What is the regimes plans regarding any Economic Issue except for MORE ice?


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