Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Can't Wait To Hear Obama's "New" Jobs Plan

 I'm getting so excited to hear what Obama's has planned for our economy now. I know he said he was lasering in on jobs creation and the economy since he took office. But this time he means it. Since Obama is "the smartest president ever" I'm sure he will come up with something new. If Obama wants to do more spending that hasn't worked, which is what got our credit rating downgraded, he would be crazy to plan on doing more of the same. Since Rick Perry of Texas created 47% of all the jobs in America since this recession started he will do what Perry did to actually create jobs in his state. Only a smart man would do what we know works and give up what hasn't ever worked.

Now I know the Democrats are saying that Obama has created jobs even though the economy has lost millions of jobs since he took office. That is part of the crazy the Democrats partake in. You can't only count the jobs created and forget about the unintended consequences of millions of jobs lost after his Stimulus bills. But the lunatic left don't use reality as their bases for their ideology.

Obama's new economic advisor has admitted the obvious that raising taxes slows jobs growth. He is also for the Fair Tax. Now the question will be is he for the Fair Tax alone or does he want to double tax us. Knowing Obama, he will want both. But that would just be stupid and counter productive.

We will see if Obama is as smart as Perry with jobs growth. At this point all Obama has done is talk about the economy and lasering in on jobs creation. Going around saying that the economy is on the right path and doing better even though every economic marker says the opposite is just stupid talk. I'm sure Obama is a real smart man, you just can't tell by listening to him. I hope you all as excited as I am about hearing what Obama has to say about lasering in on jobs, again.

What do you think Obama should do to laser in on jobs this time around? Should he do more of the same like a crazy person would? Or should he do what Rick Perry did and change his economic direction from far left to far right? Is Obama smart even though he doesn't understand the economy and hasn't gotten us out of the recession? If Obama does more of the same and expects a different result does that make him dumb,ignorant or crazy? Are you as excited as I am?


  1. When a big new poll of adults comes out from Gallup that shows Barack Obama to be in trouble, we should take notice.

    The facts: Gallup’s results are a three day rolling average of daily poll of 1,500 adults. Telephone poll.

    And the result for August 25-27 came up with the shocking result: Obama’s approval is at 38, while disapproval is up to 55, slightly worse than the 20-22 result of 38/54. For context, George W. Bush at the beginning of September 2008, September 8-11 was at 33 approval and 65 disapproval. Obama’s approval is only 5 points away from matching Bush at the very end of his Presidency, the month of Obama’s own electoral win.

    So while it’s not yet appropriate to say that Obama has grown to be as unpopular as Bush, the trend just might take him there by election day 2012. Then again, it might reverse. But I don’t know offhand whether any President has managed to come back from figures this bad, to getting back in the black with approval above disapproval. His new jobs plan needs to be a big one. And it better work this time or else.

  2. Your excitement is palpable and contagious. /sarc

    My advice for Obama, which I just posted on my blog, was to get some help on finding his way to the right ideas. I have the perfect solution for him on that front. Let's just say I'm not expecting him to come up with anything new.

  3. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  4. Nobama wants to hold special session of Congress to show us the Vision he got on Marthas Vineyard.

    The part I dont believe is he wants to do this Campaign speech on the SAME day and TIME as Republican Debate. This is the Perfect example of POLITICS no more no less. He has had TWO full years and wants to tell his servants of his Vision! He could have done this anytime over two full years and did not. Why Now? My guess his poll numbers are so BAD he must do something even if its WRONG and this Brain Fart of a Plan is it!!!!!!!!!! Middle Class Voters will NOT be Fooled by this regime again it has Cost them to much to let Socialism Methods on a Capitolistic Economy. Wont Work and Cannot Work and thats a FACT!


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