Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama Is Screwing The Black Community And They Are "Tired" Of It

 Obama and the Democratic Party passed a huge Stimulus Bill and many jobs bills in their first two years. Obama and the Democratic Party got everything they wanted. Most blacks voted for Obama and approved of what Obama was doing with a record 98% approval rating. They thought that Obama would raise up their condition, no matter what their condition was in society. Most blacks thought that having a half black president would mean more for them in the future. They thought Obama would take care of them like he has taken care of the unions. Heck, I thought he would take care of them too. But I was wrong.

All we have to look at is the Cause(the Bills passed) and the Effect(the outcome) of what has happened to the black community since Obama and the Democratic Party took over and passed every bill they wanted. They have lost decades of economic gains in just a few short years of Obama and Democratic Party policies. The Democratic Party and Obama handed out billions of our money too who they chose. The blacks look around and see all that money going into our debt and they are in worse shape as a community then they were before the Democrats started handing out money to their 'friends'.

To make things even worse, Obama isn't even going to any black communities on his bus tour. He is spending all his time with the whites. That speaks volumes to the black community. Blacks are starting to come out of the ether and realize what condition Obama and the Democratic Party put them in. Obama has lost 15% approval among blacks. After this bus tour I'm sure it will wake up many blacks to what the President and Democratic Party think of them. I'm sure Obama will make it up to them as an after thought in the campaign. But Obama said this isn't a campaign tour. It is an economic tour or jobs tour. Why is Obama only going to white areas to talk about jobs? Is it because he thinks that the jobs of the future will be held by whites? Does Obama not think the black community have much of a chance for creating jobs in their community?  When you look at the liberal educational system in black communities it doesn't give them much hope for a bright future. I just can't figure our what is going through Obama's head. The black community is suffering much worse then any other race. That is a fact. Why is that a fact? Liberals would have us believe that their race is the reason. But that is just racism with a smile.

I think that the black communities have given into the Democratic Parties promise of getting something for their votes. For decades now the Democratic Party have been trying to buy the minority and poor votes with promises of free stuff "Obama money". They don't promise jobs, they promise benefits for voting Democratic Party. Look at cities like Detroit that have been run down from the richest city in the world to a play I wouldn't let my dog rome. Detroit have voted for Democrats for over 50 years. The liberal culture destroyed Detroit, not blacks. It's time blacks bail from the Party and President that bailed on them. If blacks keep voting in these liberal idiots they will keep getting more of the same. I'd like to know what you think of the way blacks have fared over this presidency?
Watch West’s comments, below (his Harriet Tubman statement is at 2:35):

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  1. A new low of 26% of Americans approve of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy, down 11 percentage points since Gallup last measured it in mid-May and well below his previous low of 35% in November 2010.

    Obama earns similarly low approval for his handling of the federal budget deficit (24%) and creating jobs (29%).

  2. That is Chicago style politics, from Obama. Tell them what they want to hear and once in control, turn your backs on them.
    Blacks need to know that Obama is not for their race, but for union money and beneficial votes.
    He is more supportive of the Hispanics race then the African American race.

  3. My whole family has changed their minds on Obama and the Democrats. Our black community is in bad shape. Please pray for us.

  4. Linked this, Chris.


    Seems kinda strange how you talk.

    1. Chris said..."The blacks look around...."

    I'm thinking that's just a matter of thinking faster than typing and not a matter of a carefully hidden dislike of blacks, but you've done that a few other times in the past.

    And your playing fast and lose with the "Facts" about economic growth in the Black community. Sure the recession has hit Black communities hard but the Bush years were not a boon to the community.

    1. Home ownership declined from Clinton years.
    2. Median family income stagnated 2001 to 2008
    3. Family poverty levels increased
    4. The wage gap between races increased faster

    Now I'd like to discuss an important fact that you may be overlooking. Conservatives here and almost universally have a serious level of contempt for the public sector workforce, its wages, employees and the unions.

    1. 21.2% of all Black employees are/were Public sector employees

    2. Racial pay gap is the lowest in any sector at 80 percent within public sector employment.

    3. Union membership is higher among Blacks than non-blacks.

    This information leaves to think there could be several other reasons for the disdain shown by conservatives towards union workers especially public sector ones. However we should discuss the fact that spending cuts, layoffs and other austerity measures have the greatest effects on the Black community per populace. It is very likely that any gains made in private sector jobs for the black community have been offset to some degree by the loses in public sector.

    As for the stimulus. Lets look at that issue?

    1. 80% of the stimulus went to State and Local governments which handled the bids and hiring.

    2. There was no requirement for any bias in hiring minorities (that i can find) which hurt small minority subcontractors.

    3. Allegations of racism in hiring by the larger majority owned general contractors were widely reported.

    4. Many small minority firms can not post bonds to cover their work due to finances.

    Could you see that the lack of minority hiring is effected by more than Obama's policies and what would the reaction among white conservatives be if Obama had gone out and demanded minority hiring? So once again the reality is deeper than the issue is portrayed.


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