Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Open Thread:Obama Approval Sinks to 38%. He Blames Racism,Tea Party,Republicans...and Earthquake

GALLUP: President Obama's job approval drops to 38% while he is riching it up on vacation. It seems most Americans are realizing that liberal policies don't work. I'm sure the president will find someone to blame for his approval rating and the lack of results. It's nice to know that the American people are starting to understand that the Tea Party has been right all along. Obama is change for the worse.

This is an open thread so debate what you want. There is a lot going on in this country and around the world. Speak you mind.


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  2. This dumb ass and his vice president fits right in with the other progressives.

  3. His rating isn't helped with that faggoty riding helmet! Reagan and Bush cut trees..... he hangs curtains!

  4. Obama and Biden can't get anything right. My generation will be paying for their mistakes.

  5. Dick Perry gave head to my brother. At least that is what he said. Dick Perry is a Nazi. I've seen the pictures.

  6. Wow....thats a little too open.

  7. Palin and Bachmann are dumb as a box of rocks. But I'd hump them both. Hell, I'd even hump Perry if he'd let me.

    The democrats only hire dogs.

  8. His polling is back up to 41 and congressional approval is even lower than his.


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