Thursday, September 8, 2011

Government Spending Doesn’t Create Lasting Jobs

As we wait for President Obama’s big new jobs plan, which will be the same as the old failed stimulus plan, in tonight speech to a joint session of Congress, it would behoove us to take a few minutes to watch the video below from the Cato Institute.
If we want to get out of these recessions we need to listen to what the businesses say will work for them. If it is a payoff to anyone like the unions it wont work. Growing government and our debt make the problem even worse. Do no harm.

The Republican plans put into effect what businesses say will help them grow. Obama's plan will most likely be a piecemeal of union and state bailouts and tax breaks. We can't afford to go into deeper debt. Do no harm.

Obama needs to stop trying to buy votes with gifts of tax payer money. If his jobs speech becomes a campaign speech loaded with political rhetoric and payoffs it will further turn off the country and the economy.

I wish he would get us cheep and domestic forms of reliable energy. In other words, "drill here, drill now". We will have a need for oil for some time now since green energy isn't even close to being ready. This will create jobs in many ways and help manufacturing make money with cheep energy.

We also need a new tax structure that takes the focus off of productivity and puts it on consumption. The private sector unions should love this one since it puts more profit in the companies hands to share. It will also help keep the jobs here instead of overseas.

Obama has built up this speech. Now lets see what he delivers. His future in politics is riding on it. If the Democratic Party tries to distance themselves from Obama after the speech we will know if it was successful or not. We need to start listening to what businesses and their owners say about the Obama jobs plan. If they like it all it will work. If it is a give and take then it will fail. Obama can't please everyone. If he pleases his "I want free stuff" constituents it will fail. If he gives us more of the same old stimulus that didn't work then we know he is crazy.


  1. In order for the government to 'spend' money it has to take money from the private sector - and when that happens, the private sector shrinks.... it's that simple. The government cannot 'create' a job nor create wealth - it can only consume wealth and we have a master consumer in the White House!

  2. Just heard that Michelle Bachmann will give a response to Obama's speech tonight - not sure if it's Michelle the candidate or Michelle speaking for the Republican Party - In either case it's a HUGE mistake!!! It will piss off the football fans, like me, if the networks carry it - and it will give gravitas to whatever Obama says - which will be 30 minutes of same old same old - she should sit down and shut up and NOT give Obama's speech any credence! IMHO

  3. I agree. Just ignore Obama and come up with their own jobs plans. They can contrast their plans with Obama's at a later date after people have chewed on the Obama plan and realize they have already eaten it and it tasted like crape.

  4. Campaign Speech in front of a joint session of Congress! Bet thats a FIRST! Plan on watching reruns of Gilligans Island. Gotta make more sense then this!

  5. @Firedbird, Your theory is extremely shortsighted. The government does not HAVE to take from the private sector and in fact it could give to the private sector in a stimulus. Perhaps like the 2009 stimulus with its almost 300 billion in tax cuts.

    Unfortunately when arguing the stimulus, republicans had to argue against themselves and the fact that the tax cuts were found to be the least effective method in the 2009 stimulus. LMAO.

    @Chris, the video intentionally leaves out something. The heavily indebted nations it mentions could be better off without a stimulus only if they are incapable of withstanding the shock of government consumption. The US is able to handle that and willing also. While we gripe about prices we as a nation haven't yet stopped totally consuming.


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