Friday, September 2, 2011

Obama Jobs Speech Flap 'Political Mischief' Gone Awry


 As far as Green Bay’s NBC affiliate is concerned, the Green Bay Packers and pre-game festivities come first and President Barack Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress comes second. It is obvious that the Obama admin. was trying to play games with the Republican Party by trying to have his "jobs" speech on the same day and time as the Republican debate. Americans have been hearing Obama giving speech after speech about jobs and the economy. After a while everyone realizes that all this guy does is talk and talk is cheep when that is all you do. Cain is right. I think Obama would have been embarrassed if the Republican debate got more listeners then his speech to Congress. How sad will it be if people just didn't watch another one of his jobs speeches?

People do care what Obama has to say. But they all know that it has been said before many many many times. In 8 years Clinton only gave 1 speech to a joint session of Congress. Bush only gave one. Obama has given two in just three short years. We are getting tired of Obama's shenanigans in the WH. Running around demanding everyone listen to him is not going to win him any support. All he is doing is playing his community organizing games and Americans are getting tired of it.

The WH has come out and said that unemployment will stay at or above 9% for 2012. Doing more of the same doesn't make him look dumb, it makes him look crazy. The 2012 election is the Republicans to lose. The country is listening to them more then the failed president.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


  1. No Body can tell me that this was NOT a Calculated action that came back and BIT them in the ASS! This was a POLITICAL move that shows ALL Ideaology TRUMPS Citizens Concerns swith this REGIME! Leaderless,Clueless and most of ALL Helpless!

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  3. So with the scheduling dust-up for the President's job speech resolved - and Speaker John Boehner getting what he wants: the President having to compete with the Saints and the Packers for the nation's attention next Thursday - maybe NOW we can actually focus on a plan to create jobs. While President Obama's jobs plan has yet to fully be released - we did get a clear picture of how Republicans would create jobs yesterday - when Presidential candidate Jon Huntsmen revealed his job creation plan which will likely mirror the rest of the Republican Party's ideas.

    So what does Huntsman want to do? No surprise here - he wants to shill for transnational corporations - millionaires - and billionaires. First up - Huntsman wants to address the nation's debt by endorsing the Paul Ryan plan to privatize Medicare - that'll just hand billions more to for-profit companies. Then Huntsman is taking on taxes. Huntsman’s plan would lower the top income tax rate on the wealthiest Americans from 35% down to 23% - lower than it was during the Coolidge and Hoover administrations in the 1920’s that led to the Great Depression. As in more tax cuts for the so-called "job creators" that aren't creating a single job today, even though they're paying less in taxes right now than they have at any other point in the last fifty years. He’s also proposing eliminating the capital gains tax altogether - you know - the income tax paid by people like Paris Hilton who make their living sitting on their butts around the pool waiting for the dividend check to arrive. And how will Huntsman pay for these gigantic tax cuts for the uber-rich?

    By taxing the middle class - and cutting benefits to seniors collecting Social Security. Huntsman also pushed for more pollution by saying we should eliminate EPA regulations - give more power for the banksters to gamble in the Stock Market by eliminating Wall Street reform - and have more drilling for oil in sensitive areas because he apparently didn't notice last year's BP disaster in the Gulf. And of course - he wants more of the same free trade policies that have cost our nation millions of manufacturing jobs. this really the best Republicans can do when it comes to job creation - more of same policies that Ronald Reagan gave us that eventually crashed the economy - with a little sprinkle of what Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover gave us that caused the Great Depression? Thom Hartmann asks Andrew Langer, Institute for Liberty - They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same things over and over again and expecting different results - so how will enacting the same policies of deregulation and massive tax breaks for the rich that George W. Bush and Herbert Hoover championed create jobs this time around?

  4. Anyone who thinks the date selection by the White House was ANYTHING other than an attempt to suck the oxygen from the Republican debate likely voted for Obama and will again... I think the WH was happy to delay this 'monumental speech' by a day - it gives them more time to try to come up with a plan the sheeple will swallow


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