Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Do You Think America Should Do To Iran Over Terrorist Plot

By the reaction of the Occupy Boston protesters they defend Iran's terrorist plot. But I'd like to know what you think we should do to Iran. Something has to be done that is for sure. If we do nothing it will just be worse for the next president and Congress to deal with. If we declare war with Iran we need to go at Iran full forced. We need to make them forget about attacking us and start worrying about rebuilding their country. Yes I said they need to rebuild their country, not us. In fact if we go to war over their attempted attack on us I want their oil. I'm getting sick and tired of these Muslim countries going after us and we end up rebuilding their country and they get to keep their oil. It's time we teach these anti-American countries that if they attack us they will no longer exist as they once were.

We don't have the money to go into any more wars right now. But that doesn't mean that we can't get the money out of their ground to pay for it. We have been running and hiding from Iran for a long time now. It doesn't work. Just like running from a bully, you have to beat the crap out of them so they never ever want to screw with you again.

This may sound harsh, but sometimes that is the only way to teach these idiot not to mess with us. They must pay for their actions. I will not support a bomb and rebuild effort in that region any more. We are the only country in the world that does that. They want a war then give it to them. We need oil and money to pay for the war they want so we must take it. Winner take all.

I don't really care what the liberals have to say about this. They have made their points about standing with terrorists at the Occupy Boston protest. We know how they feel and they care more about those that want to destroy our country then those that defend it. I don't remember any libs defending our soldiers when they did wrong. But they are all for murderers and terrorists.

We have the right to protect ourselves. Our gorvernments main job is to make sure we are protected. Doing nothing is not protecting us. Before we bomb the crap out of Iran it might be a good idea to remove all ILLEGAL Iranian immogrants. Not the legal immogrants but the ones that are breaking the law. It is too risky to keep them in this country during a war. If you don't like it then you can protest by going with them.

If any of this offends anyone, too bad. You wont cry too hard when gas is under a $1 and we don't have to pay to rebuild anything. Just remember they came after us.


  1. This is what happened in Boston. These liberals are just POS. Using the upcoming trial of jihadist Terak Mehana — who was arrested on federal terrorism charges — as a springboard, the “Occupy” movement has stretched beyond Wall Street and Washington to D.C. to the Rose Kennedy Greenway of Boston.

    To add fuel to the fire, The Boston Herald reports that the protesters played host to Mehanna’s supporters, who are using the demonstration to draw attention to the accused terrorist’s trial.

    Well, the group certainly seems to be accomplishing its mission. What the demonstration has also done, however, is draw correlation between the “Occupy” movements and those charged with conspiring to commit jihad — atrocious acts of murder — against fellow citizens on American soil and soldiers abroad.

    The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee reportedly came to Occupy Boston’s tent city to spread the word that, according to them, the Muslim American pharmacist is merely a victim of an anti-Muslim crusade.

    The U.S. government, however, says Mehanna provided “material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization,” and acted as a “media wing” for al-Qaeda.

    According to a bio in Time Federal authorities arrested then 27-year-old Mehanna in 2009 on charges that he conspired to provide material support to terrorists and planned to carry out a “violent jihad” by killing U.S. politicians, attacking American soldiers in Iraq and targeting customers at U.S. shopping malls.

    Time adds:

    U.S. attorneys claim that Mehanna worked with two other men on various plans designed to “kill, kidnap, maim or injure” U.S. citizens and soldiers from 2001 to 2008. He will be held in federal custody pending a detention hearing on Oct. 30. If he is found guilty, Mehanna faces up to 15 years in prison.

    Townhall provides even greater detail of Mehanna’s alleged activities:

    “The conversations went so far as to discuss the logistics of a mall attack, including coordination, weapons needed and the possibility of attacking emergency responders,” he said. But Mr. Loucks said the men could not obtain the automatic weapons they wanted for the plot, which he said was inspired by the 2002 sniper attacks in the Washington area. The authorities did not name the two members of the executive branch whom they said Mr. Mehanna and his associates had chosen as targets. The two are not now in office, Mr. Loucks said, and they were not in danger from the plot.

    But it gets worse:

    At the time of his arrest on Wednesday, Mr. Mehanna was free on bail from an earlier arrest, in November 2008, at Logan International Airport in Boston, when he was charged with lying to federal investigators in a 2006 interview. Mr. Mehanna, prosecutors said, had sought to obtain automatic weapons from a friend, Daniel Maldonado, who was at the time a terrorism suspect. Mr. Maldonado is serving a 10-year prison sentence for training with Al Qaeda in Somalia. The complaint filed on Wednesday also states that Mr. Mehanna and his associates traveled to Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, seeking training from terrorist groups to fight against American soldiers. But the groups rejected them.

  2. I do not want another war. Stating that we should get their oil to pay for it has been done...so far we aren't seeing any of that Iragi oil that is supposed to pay for us being there. I think that this call to war with Iran, is a big distraction to keep us looking at one hand while the other hand is busy doing something else. I thought it was "brilliant" to bring out Holder on this issue, all tough and heavy, while he is being investigated on his involvement with the gun runner scandal!
    That being said, Iran is a thorn in our side and has been for what, 30 years now(?). It's blustering and bullying and wants all non believers wiped off the face of the planet. You have to treat people like that with serious measures. Sanctions, serious ones, and no diplomatic ties. With their trying to hurt the Saudis, I think they have over played their hand and will pay for it through them. We can kick out the diplomats, it's not like they are "diplomatic" and apply sanctions. Sieze their assets, etc. I just can't see yet another war at this time. The protesters are liberal socialist leaning twits (imo) and not worthy of attention, other than how their actions affects us (riots,damages etc).

  3. Secure borders and some high-tech profiling would be a start - then a free trip to Cuba where they will have the chance to chat up the CIA.

    Support Our Military Men and Women - especially the snipers!

  4. The Iraqi's have always owned their oil. Iraq was never a war for oil. We get almost no oil from Iraq, before and after the war. But if Iraq was managed correctly it would have put more oil in the system and would drive down the price for all of us.

    Being in three wars is a lot. We can't afford the wars we are in. But what I'm sugesting is that we take the oil and the oil fields. Our companies will distract the oil and send it right to our doorstep to use as if came from our own land.

    And the bombs I would drop would be on the government. I would drop way more then we did in Iraq. I would take care of humanitarian efforts but I wouldn't rebuild anything. I wouldn't care if it took them 100 years to get out of the dark ages.

    I would give the Iranian government one day to clear out all people. And then I would start bombing like it was the end of days.

    Now if we could get say Saudi Arabia to help that would be great. We know what Iran would do if they become nuclear. They will misuse every power they have. That is why we need to take it all away from them. A cheap war wont work. We have tried sanctions and they just aren't doing the job.

    Iran isn't affraid of us. But they will be when we go Old Testement on them.


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