Thursday, November 3, 2011

'South Park' Mocks Occupy Wall Street


  1. If one looks deeper into 'South Parks' message in this (they always have an agenda) it is to ridicule the police and the law itself.

    By portraying this thing to be small it is if saying "Nothing to see here, move along" being they do not even touch on the violence and debauchery emanating from these groups.

    At the same time they portray the police response as over-blown, ridiculous and further suggest they are drinking on the job.

    This is not a mocking of the occupy garbage but rather in subtle terms, as intended, in support of it.

  2. I think they are making fun of both sides. The fact that it is on South Park shows it isn't a small think that no one should look at. Liberals are telling their ilk to write SP and demand they stop making fun of OWS.


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