Thursday, March 8, 2012

Radical Derrick Bell Is Another Pal Of Obama's

I'm sure we have all seen the first of many tapes aimed at vetting Obama. Obama intraduces Derrick Bell telling the kids at Harvard Law School to "open their hearts and minds" to Bell. If you don't know much about Bell, Google him.

What are your thoughts on this Obama Bell connection?


  1. I think that despite some personal anger at the system, Prof. Bell is a good example of what the civil rights movement was about. I think that despite the fact that people may disagree with his theories, they do need to open their hearts to the experiences that a pioneer in the civil rights movement like him can share.

  2. 3rd radical exposure in 4 years. Doesn't look good for Obama.

  3. Critical race theory is real. Whites have been holding us down since America was discovered. One look at unemployment among African Americans tells the whole story of white power.

    1. Note:

      "Although we are currently at an 8.7 percent unemployment rate, the rate in the black community is at an unpardonably enormous 16.1 percent -- the highest of any ethnic group in the country. It is also important to note that black unemployment was lower under Bush than it has been at any point during Obama's administration. In point of fact, black unemployment was even lower under Bush than it was under Clinton".

      Read more:

      Try again.

    2. Conservatives you have to love their utter disdain for reality. The ability to make deception seem so innocent is their best skill.

      The reality is simple. The unemployment rate went up 3.6 percent during Bush's terms and 2.8% the last year. Under Obama the employment rate went up 2.2 % and then dropped 1.7 percent for a total increase of .5%. Lets put that in simple terms.

      Bush rate +3.6%
      Obama rate +.5% winner.

      Don't let conservatives continue to lie about their record, African American unemployment was 10 or more 5 of the 8 years Bush was in office.

    3. @ "Anon",

      Please site your source on that rubbish.

      Other than that you of course are evading the issue which is not overall unemployment but rather unemployment within one, as liberals love to divide, "group" and that being Americans of the black persuasion.

      You try to mix the two subjects, unsuccessfully, in order to confuse the actual reality.

      Do not let liberals change the discussion to avoid the reality of failed policies.

    4. BLS, the bureau of labor statistics.

      Jan 2001 4.2
      Jan 2008 5.0
      Jan 2009 7.8 3.6% increase
      Jan 2012 8.3 .5% increase

      Now African American employment vs Caucasian

      2007 8.3 vs 4.1%
      2008 10.1 vs 5.2%
      2009 14.8 vs 8.5%
      2010 16.0 vs 8.7%
      2011 15.0 vs 7.8% (October)
      2012 14.1 vs 7.3% (February)

      So the debt crisis hit the masses proportionally as hard as the average everyday rate gap does. African Americans unemployment is double white Americans in good or bad, excepting the Clinton years when the gap closed some to be brought right back to where it was under Bush.

  4. Talk about your own reality Anon. You can't take a little slice of time and use only that small slice to fit your ideology. When will you liberals look at the whole picture? You liberals show one Tea Partier acting bad and paint us all that way. Small picture. You show the few OWS protesters acting nice and ignore the thousands that break laws. Keep smoking that shit Anon.

  5. Chris i can give the whole picture and divided into nice little graphs. This is an example of a car salesman at work right here kids, Chris's premise that you can't break down and analyse the trends.

    He wants to sell you on a bill of goods instead of using thoughtful statistical analyses because they show a different picture than what he's buying and selling. But those of us who use engineering for a living instead of words realize that you can plot things on a graph and come to true knowledge of what is happening.

    1. Anon, you sound like the car salesman to me.

    2. Mo, you sound like Chris using a fake name to ME!

  6. Sorry Anon, wrong again.

    It looks like you don't want to understand what I was saying. I'll point out how you and liberals in general take a small part of a picture and refuse to look at the whole picture

    1. It's really the exact opposite. You conservatives take the smallest snapshot and refuse to see the bigger picture. I took the yearly averages and charted a longer term picture than the other Chris did.

      Notice that the other Chris used only numbers he thought represented this moment in time and that i compared those false numbers with longer periods of time under two different presidents. I took the current presidents entire 3 years in office. That's over 36 months longer than his snapshot. I also took the starting date of Jan 2001 for W and his ending date of Jan 2009 with 2008 also in the picture.

  7. At least Mo has the balls to use a name.

  8. Anon is JoeCh. He always called you a salesman.

    JoeCh is such a dipshit.


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