Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are you ready for the liberal riots?

It's not a mater of if but when will the left-wing and union riots become more wide spread. We have been watching left-wing riots happen in this and every country they are in. If Obama loses the riots will start immediately after. Are you prepared for these big government liberals austerity tantrums? I'd like to know what you think will happen, why and when.


  1. Still believe the OWS mob will make their presence know in many cities Before the election with Violence! There are many factions of the OWS movement who have taken over. Communist Marxist Nazi's do not make for non Violent demonstrations. Our Nation will look alot like Greece BEFORE elections and afterwords might get even worse. When Liberalism fails its because the Money has ran out and Our Nation has reached that point!

    Spending to get out of Debt is a Liberal solution but in the end just makes for MORE problems!

  2. As long as we get past the election and Obama's out.
    If the riots start before, my gut feeling is he'll try to suspend the election. Then the real trouble starts, but not just by the left, I'm afraid.

  3. All you have to do is turn on the news to see these assholes breaking shit like two year olds.

  4. When obamacare gets overturned due to being grossly unconstitutional the Democrats will come unhinged and become domestic terrorists. They will destroy rather then build. Useful idiots!


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