Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stoning Of Christians In Dearborn Michigan

This is what Islam teaches and does to religions other then their own. I cant believe that Dearborn police would go against the Constitution and the rights of all Americans. At some point Christians will fight back. These men did nothing but use their God given right to free speach. Every one of those cops should lose their jobs. A full investigation needs to be done by the state and federal government to the corruption in Dearborn, Michigan. Islam is the enemy of this country, our rights and all religions.

This is who Democrats and liberals stand with. They have a lot in common. These men risked themselves to show the country what Islam does to our rights. Please put this video on Facebook, blog and email. Open the eyes of everyone you know.


  1. First: Time to SUE the Dearborn Police Dept. and the Wayne County Sheriff dept. for derelict of their duties.
    Second: I think it’s high time we exercise our 2nd amendment rights, fully and forcefully.

    Religion of peace, my a$$. Time to send them to a country run under Sharia.
    Dearborn scum!

  2. This is more common then you may know. The Muslim are running everyone out that isn't Muslim. Did you see the evil in those kids eyes. If it were Christians doing this it would be all over the news. I wish more people would come here and stand up against this religious tyranny.

  3. I wouldn't have been able to take what those men took. I just sent this to my email friends.

  4. Freedom of religion seems to have different meanings to different people. Cow towering to Extremist is not the way to preserve Freedom of Religion but it is a way to really piss christians off!

  5. ahhhh - that religion of peace

  6. Just look at those little cherubs doing what the Quaran and their parents tell them to do. Only Muslims would act this way and then blame the Christians that turned the other cheek. The only way to stop them is to have more Christians show up for this event. Maybe a little Old Testement is in order.

  7. Your a disgrace to those of us who grew up Lutheran, Chris! A total disgrace and you should be asked to leave the Missouri Synod. There is nothing Christian in supporting these fools and agitators. You have lost sight of Jesus's teachings and are mindlessly trying to pursue some stupid religious war. You should be looking inward and be worried about the failings of Christians before you look outward.

  8. I feel no pity towards people who go looking for violence and cry when they find it. You go looking to agitate people when they are just trying to have fun, you deserve to have your ass kicked.

    1. No, in the end if the muslims want violence in this country... they eventually will get it. Just a matter of time and the azz kicking will be real bad.

      Just saying.

      No way the hairballs could ever win that one.

  9. After watching this, I utterly think the wayne county police dept and the dearborne cops are just TRASH. They are not welcome to live in my neighborhood. I would move. I could not live near them. They stink and suck.


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