Monday, October 26, 2009

Bird's Of A Feather

  • William Ayers—Now a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Ayers spent 10 years as a fugitive in the 1970s when he was part of the domestic terrorist organization known as the Weather Underground. In the early 1970s the Weather Underground was responsible for bombing the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., and setting a bomb that didn’t go off at a military induction center in Oakland, Calif. The group also murdered two policemen and a Brink’s truck driver in a botched armored car robbery, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) website. Ayers surrendered to face charges in the 1980s, but the charges were dropped because of improper surveillance. Coincidentally, on Sept. 11, 2001, Ayers was being interviewed about a book he had written and he told the interviewer he didn’t think the Weather Underground had done enough. Ayers and Obama first crossed paths in Chicago in the 1990s and served together on the board of the not-for-profit Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a boondoggle to spend tens of millions of dollars for their pet “education” projects. Obama downplayed his friendship with Ayers as casual, but evidence indicates their relationship was much more. Many now believe that Ayers penned Obama’s “autobiography” Dreams from My Father.
  • Carol Browner—Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, Browner is an avowed socialist. She served as one of 14 leaders of Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for global governance and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change, according to an article in The Washington Times. The group supports socialism and has been harshly critical of U.S. policies. She is also a supporter of smart growth policies, as we have described previously. Browner also served on the board of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, though her name was scrubbed from the site after Obama tapped her for the director’s position. Not surprisingly, Obama’s transition team told The Times Browner’s membership in a socialist organization was not a problem.
  • Frank Marshall Davis—You won’t find Davis’ name on an organizational chart of White House staff, but he was instrumental in forming the political philosophy of Barack Hussein Obama. Called “Uncle Frank” in Dreams from My Father, Davis was a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), according to a 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii. Obama has admitted to spending time with Uncle Frank—who he cryptically describes as being a person of some modest notoriety at one time—and listening to his poetry and getting career path advice. Davis may also have been a pedophile. Writing under the pseudonym Bob Greene, Davis wrote a debased pornographic novel entitled, Sex Rebel: Black (Memiors of a Gash Gourmet), in which he describes group sex encounters and sex he and his wife had with a 13-year-old girl named Anne. Davis died in 1987.
  • Anita Dunn—As White House Communications advisor, Dunn has been seen a lot lately as the face of the Obama administration’s strategy to try and discredit Fox News. She is described on as a veteran Democratic strategist and top advisor on Obama’s presidential campaign. As the war between the Obama White House (see more under Rham Emmanual) and Fox has escalated, videotape has surfaced showing Dunn gloating over how the campaign “controlled” the media. Another videotape surfaced showing Dunn speaking at a June high school graduation ceremony where she praised Marxist/Communist Chinese Premiere Mao Zedong as one of her favorite philosophers and one of the two people she turns to most. It’s difficult to understand how Mao had time to philosophize as he was busy killing somewhere between 50 million and 70 million of his country’s citizens during his 27-year reign of terror.
  • Ezekiel Emanuel—The president’s Special Advisor for Health Policy, Ezekiel is brother to White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel. Ezekiel is the source of Sarah Palin’s death panel idea. This Emanuel has written that he believes many healthcare treatments should be denied to those under 15 and over 65 to save money, the rationale being that only people between 15 and 65 are beneficial to society.
  • Rahm Emanuel—Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Emanuel is a thug Chicago politician who once sent a two-and-a-half foot long, dead and decomposing fish to lobbyist Allen Secrest to express his displeasure. He’s known for his full-time use of gutter language and once told then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair just before an appearance with Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal: “This is important. Don’t f**k it up.” He also coined the phrase, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” He’s also behind the ridiculous policy of starting a fight with television news agency Fox News.
  • Chai Feldblum—Nominated by the president to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Feldblum signed a radical 2006 manifesto which endorsed polygamous households and argued traditional marriage should not be privileged “above all others,” according to a report in Catholic News Agency. According to a statement from the White House, Feldblum has worked on advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights…” She is co-director of Workplace Flexibility 2010, which she described at a UCLA symposium as a homosexual rights group that aimed to change the American workplace and revolutionize social mores, according to a report on the WorldnetDaily website.
  • Patrick Gaspard—White House Political Director, Gaspard was formerly a lobbyist for Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the organization that sent its thugs out to disrupt Tea Party protests and stir up trouble at town hall meetings in August. Prior to that, Gaspard worked as national field director for American Coming Together (ACT), a sub-group of the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). ACT was fined $775,000 in civil penalties by the federal government for various voter fraud offenses. You can read more about ACORN here.
  • Eric Holder—The Attorney General of the United States is an anti-gun racist who earlier this year referred to the United States as “a nation of cowards” on race relations. He also has an interesting take on justice. He worked to convince President Clinton to pardon billionaire fugitive Mark Rich (convicted of fraud and racketeering), Weather Underground (where have we heard of that organization before?) terrorists Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans, and he declined to prosecute New Black Panther brutes who stood over a Pennsylvania polling station with baseball bats intimidating voters. Oh yes, he also wants to bring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to the United States.
  • John Holdren—Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is not only an abortion supporter, he is an abortion nut who believes that compulsory abortions could be sustained under the existing U.S. Constitution if a population crisis arose. He also supports mass sterilization of the U.S. population through lacing the country’s water supply with drugs. Holdren authored with two other people a book called Ecoscience promoting their loony ideas about population control and One World Government—or what they called a Planetary Regime—to regulate international trade, the food supply and determine the optimum population for the world.
  • Valerie Jarrett—The New York Times called Jarrett, Obama Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, the ultimate Obama insider. She has also been called the other half of Obama’s brain. She’s another one of those Chicago thug politicians who has gamed the system—including operating as a slum lord—for her own benefit. Her company, Habitat, Inc., managed the Grove Parc housing complex which was located in the district represented by State Senator Obama. As state senator, Obama coauthored a bill to give tax credits for developers which Jarrett used on the complex. As U.S. senator, Obama pressed for increased federal subsidies for like projects. Despite receiving government funds and tax credits, Grove Parc was ordered demolished because of its deplorable condition. She also served the administrations of Chicago mayors Harold Washington and Richard Daly, both scandal-plagued. Washington, by the way, was backed in his bid for mayor by Chicago’s Communist Party and the local branch of the Democratic Socialists of America. Called by the Washington Post a tutor to Obama and his wife Michelle, Jarrett is the step-daughter of Chicago journalist Vernon Jarrett. Vernon Jarrett was an associate of Frank Marshal Davis, Obama’s mentor, when Davis lived in Chicago prior to moving to Hawaii.
  • Kevin Jennings—This former school teacher and long-time gay rights activist was named Obama’s Safe Schools Czar. He has accused Baptists, the Boy Scouts and sports fans of anti-gay bias, and advocates a special high school for gay teens and gay-straight alliance clubs for every high school in America, according to a report in He believes that kindergartners should be taught to respect all sexual orientations while insisting that “ex-gay messages” and “Christian values” are misused to isolate or denigrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and have no place in the nation’s public schools, reported. Oh yeah, he also supports pedophilia. While Jennings was a teacher, a minor student told Jennings that he was having gay sex with an adult. Jennings covered it up. He also has praised Harry Hay, a defender of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which promotes legalization of sexual abuse of young boys by older men.
  • Van Jones—Once Obama’s White House Environmental Advisor, Jones was fired in the dead of night on a holiday weekend after a video surfaced in which he called Republicans a bodily orifice, and after a controversial document he signed was revealed. That document accused former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney of either planning or knowing about ahead of time the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. In addition to being a 9/11 Truther, Jones is an avowed Communist. He was appointed to his position by Valerie Jarrett, who has been seen on video praising Jones and saying she and Obama had been watching Jones for a long time.
  • Mark Lloyd—FCC Diversity Czar, is also known as the man who wants to stifle free speech in America like Hugo Chavez does in Venezuela. He has been videotaped saying the Chavez revolution in Venezuela was almost lost because of the privately-owned media. Chavez, of course, is the Marxist dictator of Venezuela, personal friend to Communist dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba and Islamic terrorist dictator Mahmoud Ahmadenijad of Iran. In 2006, while at the liberal Center for American Progress, Lloyd wrote a book entitled, Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America. In it he presents the idea that all private broadcasters should be charged licensing fees at a rate equal to their operating expenses and that money should go to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). In a 2007 report entitled The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio, Lloyd complains about the fact that people want to listen to Christian and conservative talk radio rather than liberal radio, and lists ways the Federal government can fix the “problem.” His solution would include caps on the number of local stations a corporation can own, ensure greater local accountability on radio licensing and require owners who fail to fulfill their obligations to pay a fee to support PBS.
  • Cecelia Munoz—Now White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Munoz was previously Senior Vice President of The National Council of La Raza, the largest Hispanic lobbying organization in the country, which has called national anti-immigration groups “hate groups.” La Raza, which literally translates The Race, funds extremist groups and supports illegal immigration as a way of obtaining political power. The group advocates taking the Southwest U.S. for the purpose of creating a new Hispanic state.
  • Cass Sunstein—Recently confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Administrator of the White House Office of Administration and Regulatory Affairs, Sunstein is a Harvard Law School professor and dingbat who has—in writings and speeches—called for a ban on all hunting and claims that animals should be represented by lawyers in animal abuse cases. He is a socialist who has advocated for gun control and heavy regulation of the Internet. He also wrote in his 2008 book, Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness, that he believes people’s organs can be harvested without their consent. Sunstein would like to see personal email communications regulated by the government and believes the Internet is anti-democratic because of the way users can filter out information of their own choosing.
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright—Obama sat in Wright’s church for 20 years yet claims to have never heard any of the hate-filled racism that crossed his lips. Wright’s anti-Semitic, anti-American sermons came to light during the campaign. Among his claims: the U.S. government was responsible for infecting blacks with the virus that causes AIDS, America was responsible for the 9/11 attacks—“the chickens have come home to roost”—and Jews are responsible for ethnic cleansing in Gaza and are pressuring Obama associates to keep Wright and Obama separated.
These are just a few of the folks who have occupied or currently occupy Obama’s inner circle. He was passed off by the mainstream media as being a centrist and moderate, but many of friends are anything but that, and some are quite radical. And when you parse some of his words or find video or audio from several years ago you know that Obama himself has some radical views.
But the media ignored Obama’s ties to radicals and communists. That, and Obama’s soaring rhetoric led many otherwise thoughtful and good people down the primrose path, and they voted for him without realizing what they were getting.
But as the truth gets out about his associates, the cover is coming off. He’s becoming known by the company he keeps, as well as his own deeds.  What do you on the LEFT think about these people?  Do you have friends like this?  Does this say anything about President Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mm?                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. This is the scariest story. Happy Halloween. BWAAAAHAAAHAHAAAAA.Oooo thats scary.

  2. Chris - From Moonbattery (make sure you check out the picture of the woman that was invited!):

    President Obama Takes Decisive Action on Afghanistan and Deficit Reduction!

    Just kidding. Actually, while Americans were dying in Afghanistan and Iran was weaseling out of his nuclear deal, PBO he went out this weekend and played golf again. (Will Michael Moore make a snarky reference to Obama playing golf in a time of crisis in some future film highly critical of the leftist Democrat president? Magic 8 Ball says, "Don't Bet On it.")

    But this golf game was remarkable for two reasons. First, as two of Moonbattery's clever and handsome regulars (SK and Ted) have noted, this game ties Obama with GW Bush for the number of golf games played in office. The progressive left thought Bush playing golf or vacationing was a telling indicator of his laziness and indifference to national concerns. In contrast, when PBO golfs or jets off to Martha's Vineyard, the progressive left treats as a well-earned break from a hard-working president. Whatever.

    Second, this golf game demonstrates PBO taking decisive action in response to a serious national issue. PBO has dithered over sending reinforcements to/retreating from Afghanistan (where 14 more Americans died this weekend and whose president is questioning whether the USA is a reliable ally), and he has been completely deaf to criticism from the right about his massive deficits and expansion of government. But when feminists criticize him for not having enough girls in his scrimmages and golf outings, he snaps right into line.

    President Obama was criticized by women’s advocates and liberal bloggers for hosting a high-level basketball game with no female players... The debate about the all-male game has become a nagging concern for a White House that has battled an impression dating to the campaign that Obama’s closest advisers form a boys’ club and that he is too frequently in the company of only men - not just when playing sports, but when making big decisions.
    So, for his latest golf outing, he made sure he invited a woman, and made sure news cameras were there to see it.

    Hat Tip: Right Commentary
    What has America done to earn leadership such as this?

  3. Hey, I met Brucie today in Rochester. Funny, you'd never know he was an idiot if he didn't open his fool mouth. He organized a counter-rally (Two other guys)and was saying "More taxes! Save our Citizens!" What a loon.

    I told him I'd post some responses to a question he asked me there, but I forgot what the topic was. I know he'll remind me, great guy he is.

    For some reason, he got a kick out of videotaping me and some other conservatives. Maybe he was taking upskirt videos for I smiled for his camera, because we're nice folks at these rallies. Bruce, I don't think a freedom rally is the best place for collecting that type of footage.

  4. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA that is funny. I wish I could have gone today. It's good to see Bruce going out and trying to intimidate people into leaving the event or saying something stupid. I've only seen him get one old guy named Roger. He needs to change his MO as people aren't afraid of him any more. Bruce why don't you paint up a big head and yell at them. Oh you already did that. I'm just glad no liberals came and pulled a G 20 on the peaceful rally. Remember the G 20 riots of 2009 Liberals gone wild.

  5. John great read on the moonbattery. Remember how pissed everyone was when Bush took all those vacations?

  6. Chris, here I thought you weren't such a bad guy just talking on the street. Then you go and make this ludicrous post. Shame on you, spreading more lies.

    You even got the quote wrong. You must need a hearing test, Chris.

    You know that wasn't what I was recording. I was recording all the right wing loons that think we should cut taxes another 30% which would devastate our schools, our police protection, fire protection and other essential services.

  7. Ah, yes I remember the topic now. Examples of government waste in Michigan. As a recent transplant to the state, I didn't have any examples of local government waste onhand. Maybe some Michigan natives could educate 'ol Brucie here on what's gotta go.

  8. Government waste in MI?!! There is none, is there Bruce?

    I have examples, but I would like Bruce to answer that question first. Because God forbid I start yammering on when we actually agree on something.

    So, Bruce, another simple dimple little question for my weetle leetle Brucie woosie:

    Do you think there is any state, local, or federal government waste?

    You know what we think on this matter Bruce. What do YOU think?

  9. I can start with schools. Schooling is a fine thing to be funded publicly, but we keep throwing money at schools and expecting them to magicly get better. What exactly is wrong with vouchers so parents can choose which school is best for their children? If that's a public school, fine. Private? Ok! We need to give our schools some incentive to provide quality education for our kids.

  10. The Michigan Constitution would have to be changed this year is we want vouchers. And it will be 16 yrs before we can do it again. What lies Bruce? Who is George, Bruce? Tell me you didn't make up his name and post under that name? Are you Anon/?Steve?? Back to schools. Just look at the Detroit school system and how much waste they have found just in the last months. Govt has no reason to cut spending. The govt uses cuts in police and education to scare us/make us submit to a tax increase. Mich DNR runs well compaired to other gov't braches. They always get cut. They get their money from the hunters. No hunters no money and no bailouts. And that is how it's suposed to work in all branches of gov't.

  11. Hey Bruce let us know when you post the video. I'm sure we'd all like to see it for a good laugh. You are the comic that gave us "Pee Stain","Green Helmet Thing","Poster Licker" and who could forget "Gleen Beck". That group of ,as John would put it,Extra Chromisomes 40 gave us months of laughter. I'm laughing right now. WAAAAAAABBWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If I had my way that picture would be in with all those email freak show pictures you get from a friend. You might start seeing them as shirts at the next Tea Party.

  12. Bruce since paying more taxes doesn't bother you. How much extra did you send in last year and this? You do put your money where you mouth is don't you? Or are you one of thoughs anti Bush war protesters that say nothing now that it's Obamas war? Are you like Gore telling everyone to stop useing Co2 fuels and then leave a Co2 footprint the size of Mi.every year? Or are you like Moore that railroads against everyone making money on capitalism while he is making million$? Or are you like Obama and Biden telling everyone to spread the wealth but while they give less then 1% of their wealth over the last 7 yrs? Are you the Democrats that hated deficit spending while Bush was in office but now it's no big deal? It's hard not to laugh at you liberals. You're all over the board on ISSUES but solid on PARTISANSHIP/IDEALOGUE. Don't forget the FACT that Bush had a low approval rating. That means Republican/Conservatives bailed on him for their idealogue. Just keep walking the party line and we will see where we end up.

  13. On the original topic I find it absolutely shameful for the press let alone congress to NOT look into these people !

    Like in the case of Van Jones. It is a sad note,but seems most government employees go to jail during or after employment not BEFORE,change you can believe in.

  14. Have you noticed that none of the liberals have chimed in on this subject? What say you my Liberal friends? What do you think of the people that Barack Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with?

  15. Come on people look at who the people are that surround Obama in the White house. In the White House. They are radical and so is our President and many in both houses of Congress. We have had 40 yrs. of liberal Democratic rule in Detroit. How is that working out for them?

  16. Doesn't these people that are in the White House scary or what? We must spread the word of what we see and hear about this admin. We are losing our country and most people don't know it. Start a blog or send them to these blogs. It's better then tv.


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