Monday, October 26, 2009

Tell Us About The Books You've Read

What books  have you read that you would like to tell us about? They can either Liberal or Conservative in view points. If you think someone might like the book tell us why. This blog has readers from many countries and perspectives so feel free tell us what you think.


  1. Common Sense by Glenn Beck. I think both sides should read this book. He blasts both the Republicans and the Democrats for their actions in our gov't. He is a Libertarian, a Morman and conservative. His perspective is more common then most would know. It helped me understand the left a little better and I'm sure the left would feel the same way about the right if they read it.

  2. Wow, Chris, that made me laugh out loud. Glenn Beck is worse than Rush Limbaugh. How did I know you'd recommend a book by that lunatic.

    I recommend The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein if you want to learn what is really going on in the world of foreign policy, torture and how economics connect both.

  3. Wow, Chris, that made me laugh out loud. Somehow I knew you'd recommend a book by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, but you picked the biggest loser.

    I recommend The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, if you want to learn about how economics, torture and the Bush Doctrine and many other dictators intersect with Milton Freidman and the Chicago School of Economics.

  4. Bruce did you read Common Sense? I will take your advice and read The Shock Doctrine. Another good book I just finnished is America Alone The End Of The World As We Know It by Mark Steyn. It's about birth rates and Islams effect on the world. It's filled with facts so you might go crazy reading it Bruce.Bruce what was the last book you read that had a non liberal perspective?

  5. Ann Coulters book The Church Of Liberalism is also a great book and so are any of Newts books.

  6. Hey Bruce back on your book choice. Has Obama done anything any different then Bush according to that book? Or is it a blame Bush/Republican book? Beck's book blames both parties.

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  8. Yah, right, Naomi Klein is another socialist loving anti capitalist kook who
    beleives we got to be the richest most powerful country in history just by
    accident.If you want a book that epitomizes what the left really believes
    and exposes their hatred for capitalism and western civilization, I suggest you
    read Marxist professor Howard Zinns From Boston University book called "A
    peoples history" just for poop and giggles, it really clarifies just how the
    left views America. For more serious credible stuff, although I have not yet
    read it I hear Mark Levins new book is fabulous. If anybody has any interest
    on what is happening in our schools and colleges across the nation a good book
    that ecposes it is Dinesh Desouza, "Illiberal Education" What he exposes
    will make your hair stand up and this book was written back in the 80's and it
    is now 100 times worse what is going on.

  9. I send my son to a parochial school because of the "Illiberal Education". My youngest goes to a gov't. school for special needs. And that is a great program. I keep in contact with both my kids teachers and I go on the field trips so I get to know the kids. I'll have to read the books you posted they sound good.Thank you.

  10. Actually, Shock Doctrine looks at governments around the world and how they use torture, fear and upheavals to do nefarious things to their people, like taking away civil liberties and human rights.

  11. Or you could just read Congress' Health Care bill to see how the U.S. Federal Government is using fear and upheavals (never let a good crisis go to waste!) to try to take away your civil rights. Mandated insurance, anyone?


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