Monday, October 19, 2009

Liberal Christian There Is No Such Thing

For the Liberals, damn the Bible, damn the Constitution and damn the moral standards our parents reinforced in us, (if it feels good, we should do it, damn the consequences).

Liberals justify the absence of God in their lives by casting aside moral standards as nothing more than outdated, hateful views by ignorant people who don't understand how our morals needs to change to keep up with the world.

If the Bible doesn't align with their views...then the Bible must be wrong and anyone who preaches from it should be demonized and attacked. How sad it must be to be a liberal.


  1. I have said this on my blog since the beginning. You can't be both Liberal and Christian, because something has to give. Guess which one gives first?

  2. When I hear people say that they are liberal Christians come to find out they are also ChrEasters. The people that go to Church on Christmas and Easter. You have a great blog. I really injoy reading it.

  3. I'm a 'liberal chrisitan' and I have a deree in theology....and i go to church regularly and i read my bible daily.

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