Monday, October 19, 2009

A nuke goes off in Florida

Only three months ago, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, declared by Barack Obama to be his favorite Republican, maintained a 30 point lead over Marco Rubio.

The Chamber of Commerce this weekend released a new poll this weekend that has lots of people buzzing in Florida. Only days after Crist’s top supporters began to buzz that Crist might drop out of the race, the Chamber of Commerce shows, “Among likely Republican voters, 44 percent back Crist for the Senate and 30 percent would vote for Marco Rubio.

Keep in mind that we have many months to go and Rubio keeps getting closer and closer to the lead.

Friends, this race must be a Hill to Die On for conservatives across the country. This race is not about Florida. This race is about the future of the nation and the direction of the Republican Party. Will we go toward ever bigger government and greater spending, or will we return to a government that, in Abraham Lincoln’s words, “lets every man make himself”?

Marco Rubio needs our prayers, but he also needs our support and our money.

The Republican Establishment that raced to help Charlie Crist will take notice of our efforts when Marco Rubio wins the Republican Primary. The Republican Party must learn to either respect its base or lose without us.

In both NY-23 and the Florida Senate race, we can send a very powerful message for freedom, limited government, and the opportunity of people to make themselves free of government control and constraint.

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  1. Go Rubio! Let's hope he makes Christ an extinct RINO.


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