Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That Joe Biden Is A Real Buffoon

I though the stimulus was working.

Sean Hannity brings us some video of Joe Biden this week contradicting everything we have heard from the White House so far. According to Joe Biden, the American economy is not in a recession, but a depression.

We’ve got the video. And we owe Hannity a big thanks because you and I both know everyone else would bury this but for Sean and Fox News. No wonder the White House has declared war on them. Thank God we have Fox News telling us what the other networks wont.

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  1. From http://hotair.com/archives/2009/10/19/quotes-of-the-day-177/

    “The Taliban haven’t changed. Last year, men on motorcycles used water pistols to squirt acid in the faces of girls going to school. This year, the Taliban have taken to spraying poison in the courtyards of girls schools. What Biden is essentially proposing is to concede more and more of Afghanistan to such people while relying more heavily on U.S. air power to kill Al Qaeda terrorists. Since air strikes are far more likely to kill innocent civilians than are U.S GIs, Biden’s vision is — for Afghan women in particular — a vision of hell. On the ground, you live in beast-like submission, and from the air, chunks of your village are periodically set aflame.


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