Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Is Driving Obama's Agenda

President Obama's Agenda?

July 24, 2009 - 2:16 ET

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If we look at everything happening in Washington and it doesn't make sense, it's because we're applying the same logic we've always used. Today, we're going to talk about green energy, health care and all of these bills in a new context.

Here's The One Thing: Everything getting pushed through Congress — including this health care bill — is transforming America. And it's all driven by President Obama's thinking on one idea: reparations.

"Oh Glenn, you are crazy! President Obama is against reparations. He said so himself."

Yes, he did say that. What the media conveniently ignores is the reason why he is against them. As I warned before the election, he doesn't think they go far enough: "I fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say, 'We've paid our debt' and to avoid the much harder work."

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  1. It's never enough for a liberal. How much is enough health care? How much is enough freedom for doing despicable things in public? How much is enough taxes, not just on the rich but on the common person?

    Never ever ever going to be enough. Of OTHER people's money that is.


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