Saturday, November 14, 2009

Could This Man Be Right? Are The Obamas Racist? Is The Democratic Party Racist Like Many Blacks Believe It is?

Preacher Serves Obama Voters On Glenn Beck Show Fox Rules

Preacher Serves Obama Voters On Watch these videos and tell us what you think. Open Thread

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Great moments in Democrat Racist History -- Truman
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Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)
Thge Democrats want the blacks to die and abortion is the means to that.
Great Moments in Democrat Racist History-- the 1964 vote Count 

Great Moments in Democratic Racist History...


  1. I myself don't think Obama is a racist. But I do think the Democrats are with their liberal policies. On Glenn Beck last night they had an all black conservative Democrat/Republican panel of about 30 people. One man said, the Democrats are the ones that inslave blacks with wellfair and they oppose the voucher so that they can get a better education. It has been proven time in time again that vouchers work. They were working for the kids in DC until they pulled the program. I guess Obama wanted his girls to be the only kids of color in their private school. They are also the ones that want to make abortions more available to woman and funded by the gov't. Knowing that over 80% of all abortions are of people of color. And over 90% of abortion clinics are in black,hispanic and poor neighborhoods. These are all things the Liberal Taliban are pushing for. The Liberal Taliban wants more illegal immigrants to take the jobs from the poor. The Liberal Taliban is making the poor blacks of this nation slaves to the gov't and it's owners. Could Obama be a racist? It's too hard to tell as of yet. But the Liberal Taliban is for sure a racist organization formerly the Democratic Party.

  2. Via Instapundit comes word that the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) intends to purge the federal government of Republican civil servants all in the name of purify the federal bureaucracy.

    It is a typical Washington process that many political appointees are able to take jobs within the civil service once their political appointment expires — usually at the conclusion of one administration. What often happens as well is Congressional staffers, before an election or shortly thereafter, will move over to the Executive Branch placed into the civil service, in effect, by appointment.

    So, for example, when George Bush became President in 2001, a number of Clinton political appointees became civil service employees. As a result, they became subject to civil service hiring and firing rules, which meant they could no longer be replaced simply for having been a Democratic appointee.

    Barack Obama is changing that. He intends to purge all Republicans from the federal bureaucracy retroactive to five years ago.

    Under his new rules, made retroactive for five years, the Office of Personnel Management will examine civil service employees who got their start as political appointees in the Bush administration and terminate those employees. The order is retroactive to 2004, that moment when a number of Republican congressional staffers and others sought to embed into the second Bush administration right after the election.

    According to John Berry, the Director of OPM:

    Beginning January 1, 2010, agencies must seek prior approval from OPM before they can appoint a current or recent political appointee to a competitive or non-political excepted service position at any level under the provisions of title 5, United States Code. OPM will review these proposed appointments to ensure they comply with merit system principles and applicable civil service laws. I have delegated decisionmaking authority over these matters to career Senior Executives at OPM to avoid any hint of political influence.

    The memorandum goes on to apply this change to civil servants who were political appointees in the last five years, in effect freezing these employees out of other positions, denying them promotions, and forcing them out of their jobs.

    No one is allowed to stand in the way of Barack Obama’s agenda, including his own bureaucracy. This is what happens in third world kleptocracies and totalitarian regimes.

    This is scary stuff.

    Just for perspective: remember the Democrats threatened to throw Bush administration people in jail for firing United States Attorneys who happened to be Democrats. In that case, it was clear as crystal that U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President and he can fire them whenever he wants. In this case, these people are now civil service employees who do not serve at the pleasure of the President and cannot be fired just because they are Republicans. in fact, the law is very clear on that point.

    UPDATE: Media Matters and the left came out quickly to deny this one. That in and of itself means we hit the nail on the head. But because it is painfully obvious the guys at Media Matters are ignorant about what’s happening and just feel the need to viscerally defend everything Obama does, let’s explain this.

  3. The administration is going to review the merit qualifications of political appointees. What that means is that if the administration finds any irregularities in moving a political appointee into the merit based system, including not being the best pick for the job when they were put into the job five years ago, the administration can freeze them out and given them the boot. In every political system, political appointees are placed into the civil service based on who they know, regardless of their overall merit for the job. It just happens. So now the Obama administration will look at every minor technicality as a way to boot Republicans. And the Republicans will not be able to sue until after they have made their way through the administrative process, including administrative law judge types appointed by Obama. And then it’ll typically be an appeal with a record already built up under Obama appointees unfavorable to the terminated employee.

  4. The Democrats are racist. Let's not forget, Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd "was" a member of the KKK. Case closed.

  5. As a black man I agree with the fact that the Democrats are the racist party. I have been doing a lot of reading on this matter and I have found that it is the Democrats-Liberals that have been and still are the racist. This post brings it home to me. I no longer consider myself a Democrat. I am a conservative black Christian man. I can tell you this that in my state of Indiana the African American community is getting back to it's conservative roots.

  6. As a black women I never knew these things about the democrats. This will be my first year to vote and now I know that the democrats are not in my best interests. Chris I found a lot more about how racist the democrats are on youtube. Did you see the one were those white SEIU men beat that conservative black man and called him a "nigger" the whole time? I never knew MLK was a Republican conservative. God bless, Monique from Chitown

  7. That liberal taliban, they won't be happy unless they wipe out the blacks and the mexicans. First they need to use the black and mexican vote to get into power, and then they can really start cleaning house. The power of the government behind them, the Democrats will have this country as lily-white as possible.


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