Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Islam A Terror Religion Like the Quaran Says?

Protest outside NY Mosque Play Watch this video of muslims both good and bad. Is the religion of Islam fundamentally a terrorist religion like the Imam quoted from the Arabic Quaran? Or is it the religion of the Europeanized/Americanized Koran? Did you know that lieing to further Islam is OK? Just look at what Islam teaches in the Quaran. And know that Arabic Quaran and the English Koran are different.


  1. Islam is to serve Muslims. All must turn to Islam or parish. Islam is the only true religion of Allah. We are taking over and soon the 12th Imaam will be with us.

  2. It is frightening isn't it. The scariest part is we can't say Islam is dangerous. And since Obama took over Homeland spends more time looking at the right wing and less on the Muslim threats. This Admin. is bass ackwords.


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