Sunday, November 8, 2009

John Stossel Gives A Great View Of Health Care

John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive

John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive
John Stossel questions Michael Moore on Cuban Health Care
 I love the way Stossel shows what a partisan stooge Moore is. I was at the book store today and they had his books for $2 and they had tons of them. We can't afford to spend $1.4 trillion on anything else right now. We need to cut costs and have a reform that wont bankrupt our country. These Democrats are out of control with their spending. How large must we get for them to listen to our needs?Make them listen by writing letters,telling everyone you can what a mistake this bill is and take it to the streets. Get your friends to go to a protest. And let the blogs and posts know when and where the protests are.
John Stossel questions Michael Moore on Cuban Health CareMonstrous and a defiance of the will of the American people - that's how one pro-family group is describing the health bill that House Democrats pushed through Saturday night by a vote of 220 to 215.

The President of Concerned Women for America, Wendy Wright, says the bill will ration care and punish citizens who don't have government-mandated insurance.

Wright declares "this montrous bill" will erode the best health care system in the world.

According to Wright, "In exchange for insurance, we'll lose access to proper health care. We'll lose health care providers who will leave the profession."

She says the bill would "create multiple bureaucracies that will control Americans' health care, penalize Americans for not buying a product, fine Americans if a government agent decides their health care plan is not 'government approved' and may force Americans to buy government mandated insurance that funds objectionable procedures."

Wright notes that although an amendment passed to bar federal funding of abortion, Democrat leaders refused to guarantee that it will be in the final bill.  According to Wright, "the vote on the amendment may have been a ruse to gain pro-life Democrats vote on the bill."

Meanwhile, House Republican leader, John Boehner, also issued a statement condemning the bill.

He said "Americans want a common-sense approach to health care reform, not Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 2,032-page government takeover that increases costs, adds to our skyrocketing debt, destroys jobs with tax hikes and new mandates, and cuts seniors' Medicare benefits."

Boehner noted that Republicans have offered an alternative health care reform package which offers lower costs and expands access to quality care-without adding to the "crushing debt Washington has placed on our children and grandchildren."


  1. You might want to read what the CBO said about the Republican Health care "plan."

    "By 2019, CBO and JCT estimate, the number of nonelderly people without health insurance would be reduced by about 3 million relative to current law, leaving about 52 million nonelderly residents uninsured. The share of legal nonelderly residents with insurance coverage in 2019 would be about 83 percent, roughly in line with the current share."

    And: "[I]n the large group market, which represents nearly 80 percent of total private premiums, the amendment would lower average insurance premiums in 2016 by zero to 3 percent compared with amounts under current law, according to CBO's estimates."

    Where does Pence get his numbers?

    CBO says, "In the small group market, which represents about 15 percent of total private premiums, the amendment would lower average insurance premiums in 2016 by an estimated 7 percent to 10 percent compared with amounts under current law. In the market for individually purchased insurance, which represents a little more than 5 percent of total private premiums, the amendment would lower average insurance premiums in 2016 by an estimated 5 percent to 8 percent compared with amounts under current law."

    So, if you spend $12,000 out of pocket every year for insurance on the individual market, the House bill could bring that burden down to a measly $11,040, and would do nothing to prevent you from going bankrupt if and when your policy gets canceled or you hit your annual or lifetime benefits cap.

    Here's how the conservative Washington Examiner described it: "CBO: Republican health plan would reduce premiums, cut deficit."

    Not false, but not exactly edifying, either. A more accurate headline might be: "CBO: Republican health plan proves that, for a very low price, you can insure almost nobody, and keep premiums sky high."

  2. Bruce Fealk said...
    -You might want to read what the CBO said about the Republican Health care "plan."

    ???? CLUELESS !



  3. Christopher, no, they didn't vote on it but the CBO scored it.

    I do read the news quite a bit.

    The Republican plan is a joke.

  4. I am so glad to see John Stossel on Fox News. I have been a big fan of his work for years.

  5. Christopher, I heard something about Democrats controlling the House and Senate.

    Something about an election last year. You might have heard a Democrat won the White House too.

    President Obama had 375 electoral votes.

  6. Bruce read the news. The Democrats won and they aren't doing to well. Obama has had the fastest and largest decline in history. They can't even get a bill passed when they had a fillabuster. This bill just pasted. So Bruce let me get this strieght. Your argument for this health care bill that passed the Senate is, the Republican bill did almost the same thing and was equally lacking in what the public want. But the big difference is the DEMOCRATS BILL WILL COST US $1.4 TRILLION OR MORE THEN THE REPUBLICAN BILL. Your Cloward and Pivens tactics are trying to distroy our country of 233 yrs. You libs all think two wrongs make a right somehow.

  7. John Stossel was the first Libertarian I know of in the media. He made sense and drove the libs nuts. The libs will attack him like they did Glenn Beck. Great to have you here Treston.

  8. Chris, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying the Democratic plan actually addresses the problem and the Republican plan makes it worse.

  9. Just wondering, Chris, where did you go to school? You have some of the most atrocious spelling I've ever seen.

    Did you graduate high school? That might explain the lack of depth to your arguments.

    I certainly hope if you did graduate, it wasn't from a Michigan high school.

  10. Well, Mr. Fealk, once again you stoop to personal attacks, your typical M.O. Just maybe what Chris lacks in spelling skills, he makes up for in intellect and common sense. You know, the opposite of you.

  11. Just something I noticed, Craven. Chris' spelling seems to have gotten even worse. While we all have the occasional typo. Chris has taken spelling to a new low, along with the level of his comments.

  12. Yes Bruce I did graduate and I have my degree in pre med. But as you know I had lyme disease and it went into my brain. I thank God that that is my last major challange. I am thankful that I have the balls to show up to a fight that I am ill prepared for. I'm sure if tested on all subjects I would test higher then you Bruce on everything but spelling and grammar. I also speak more languages then you. So Bruce why are you so stupid? Is it the pot that you smoke or were you born that way?

  13. Hey Bruce you know what is really funny. I can't spell and my English sucks and I know very little about blogging compaired to you. And yet my blog is growing at a rate faster then your ever had. Maybe I'm just a lucky retard. I'd rather be lucky then good any day. Have fun trying to find my soft spot Bruce as my skin is a lot thicker then yours.

  14. Being the compassionate liberal, Fealk ought to be on your side, Chris. But as a true liberal, he is only willing to help those he thinks can be controlled and manipulated.

  15. You are spot on as usual Craven. Bruce is turning out to be a true communist. Just look at his views on govt take overs. If you want to know what Bruce will say about a post just look at and they tell him what to say exactly. He is getting very frustrated because all of the liberals have abandoned the cause. And more and more blogs and bloggers are popping up every day. And they are getting lots of action. That burns his britches. It also pisses him off because the great people that post on this blog know what they are talking about. They all come from different areas and livelihoods with valuable insights into our gov't and country. Bruce doesn't have any support other then vomamike. And he doesn't give Bruce a whole lot of support.

  16. Chris, I have to admit, your comment made me laugh hysterically. Thanks for the entertainment.

  17. Bruce - What does your daughter think about you supporting a bill that will FORCE her to buy health insurance?! Are you out of your cotton-picking mind?

    The Democrat's plan spends OVER 2 trillion dollars. That's 2 trillion on top of the 1.4 trillion that Obama has already spent. That's 2 trillion over the TRUE 10 years that this government takeover of health care runs, not from this year forward like the CBO is estimating. You thieving, lying, cowardly Democrats are waiting to implement the "CRISIS" "reform" for 3 YEARS. WTF!?! I thought this was a CRISIS!! But you will wait 3 years, until after the presidential election. Why, and idiot might ask? Because Obama will be able to say that he passed universal health care, and it didn't cost anything! But then the plan will truly kick in, and you will see exactly what it will cost. Not only will the cost of health care TRULY sky-rocket, but also young, HEALTHY adults will be subsidizing the costs of health care by being FORCED into buying health care (or paying a penalty).

    This is a tax, on EVERYONE. Including the poor and the sick. Enjoy Bruce, you idiots don't ever THINK anything through. You talk about the Republicans having tired ideas. When has a Democrat ever thought beyond giving someone whatever they wanted and then just raising taxes to cover the shortfall?! Just look at that idiot Granholm. She doesn't care, or know, WHY education costs keep going up up up with results going down down down. All she knows is taxing more and more and more to cover the sky-rocketing costs.

    You Democrats are ALL morons. But especially YOU Failk.

  18. In that same line of thought, here is an excellent blog from an excellent blogger,

    Good Intentions Will Lead Us to Tyranny
    In Tyranny: Healthcare Reform Threat to Life, Liberty, and Property I wrote:
    Freedom and liberty are precious in this world, and are now under attack, not by evil people who seek your harm, but by people who through good intentions and intellectual reasoning would lead us into tyranny.
    This point often goes unremarked on, but it is an important one. The people who are pushing for healthcare reform are decent people. They really feel that by the government controlling larger and larger parts of society, the world will be a better place. My Congressman, who likely will vote for Obamacare, is a good guy- a veteran, well-educated, and a decent person. Democrats and liberals are not bad people- they are just wrong.

    Our founding fathers understood that the best way to insure the protection of our life, our liberty, and our property was to create a limited government. If government became unlimited, and could do whatever it felt like it wanted to do, then pressure would now exist for it to act in a tyrannical manner. Not because of evil people- it's not like we have evil dictators here- but because that is the nature of an unlimited government.

    For example, a story broken by Business Week reports that earlier this week, a number of politically connected companies such as Citigroup and Goldman Sachs received quantities of the H1N1 vaccine to provide to their employees who belong to high-risk groups. The author of hte blog Bible, Math, Politics and More! saw this story and realized something- that when the government is in charge of distributing healthcare, pressure will exist to do so in a corrupt and tyrannical manner, not because of evil intent, but because this is what happens when government is in charge of distributing goods and services.
    There will be times when the demand for a healthcare supply or service will exceed the demand. Some will obtain the supply or service; others, for whatever reason, will not. Those who are "in the know" or have connections will be more likely to receive it; others will not. Furthermore, it is likely that some will not only be "in the know" but will be able to circumvent whatever bureaucratic-nightmare procurement process will be in place.

    You may not be near the front of the line. You may not even be told where the line is. You may see others obtain healthcare while you or your loved ones do not. You may not be able to do anything about it.

    And you will start to wonder how similar this is to the Soviet Union of the 1970's and 1980's.
    This is why you should oppose the Democrat's plans for healthcare, and for that matter, their plans for energy, transportation, taxes, and whatever else they want to do. Do not oppose Democrats and fight against them in elections because they are bad people- do it because they are wrong, and their policies are wrong, and their beliefs and intentions will lead our nation to a tyranny that resembles Soviet Russia more than United States of America.

  19. I'm glad that I brought joy into your life Bruce. Thank you for the laughs you have given us.

  20. This Obama Health Care plan is not socialized Medicine. It is Socialized Insurance with the INTENT to put Private Sector Insurance CO out of Bussiness plain and simple,only GOVERNMENT Insurance.
    Citizens will NOT have a CHOICE,even if they DO NOT want Insurance.
    Pre Exsisting Conditions with NO recoarse will eventually make Private Insurance Extinct. Its like having new car with NO insurance,TOTALING it and then expecting the Insurance Company to replace the AUTO. How long you think that BUSINESS will last!
    If the Bill does take effect in 2013 after Presidental Election why will TAXES on it begin when its PASSED. Where do the Taxes go and who will CONTROL it.
    This is the CHANGE voters were PROMISED,its called SOCIALISM!

  21. But Al, the taxes on the rich will pay for it all! And you know that the rich have no way of hiding their money! And any shortfall will be covered by the government, they have all kinds of money! I'm not sure where they get it, I think they have a money tree! So you see, just TRUST the government and TRUST Pelosi and most of all TRUST Obama, he just wants everyone to eat caviar, drink champagne, and poop rainbows!! Except those richie riches, they can go to hell for all we care!! But first we will bleed them of all their hard-earned money and drive them to the poor house; that will show THEM to work hard for their money, those JERKS!



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