Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show Us The Bill Mr.President and Congress

Waiting for treatmentOn Friday, every Republican Senat
or sent U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid a letter which said, where is the bill text?
Here is an excerpt from the letter:
"The American people and every member of Congress should be allowed to read the bill that was sent to CBO. The bill should be made available for taxpayers to read and learn how the federal government is spending their money. We are writing to request that you immediately make all materials sent to CBO publicly available on the internet."
Senator Reid's response was - uh, the bill "does not exist." So, yet another Senate Vapor Bill Rises.
The news keeps getting tougher for the House Leadership in their irrational quest to pass their ObamaCare bill.
First, the Associated Press is reporting the bill will cost $1.2 Trillion without the doctor fix of $250 billion.
The new total will be $1.45 trillion - because the House Leadership intends to create a "self-executing rule" that would pull the doctor fix apart from the House ObamaCare bill - in order to keep the cost at $1.2 Trillion, then fuse the doc fix back into the ObamaCare bill after it passes the House.
It is like a magic trick, presto - $250 billion in new spending just appears in the bill after it passes.
Meanwhile, the new $1.45 billion ought to send the Blue Dogs scampering from the bill.
Then, of course, the House is finally grappling with two thermonuclear issues: abortion and immigration.


  1. Christian Republican don't care if their neighbors die. Pro-life my ass.

  2. Are you still smoking that stuff? You are out of control Bruce. Now you think Republicans are killing their neighbors. Get a grip man.

  3. How about we por-choice your ass instead? Then you will know what an abortion feels like from a babies perspective.


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