Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So All Know What We Are Talking About When We Say Paper Mache Head

Who's bought Bruce Fealk's New Head?

Here is Bruce in his mongloid head dodging questions. Open thread..............This guy has been bullying people for over a decade. And now the conservatives wont take it any more. Remember how you treated that old guy Roger at the Tea Party Bruce? Remember how you treated Holly and all the other conservatives including your own brother Steve Fealk?


  1. Bruce what did you say about the Catholics?

  2. Chris, I didn't say anything about Catholics.

  3. Chris,
    Thanks for posting that,I always wondered what you were talking about,,geez how childish!

  4. Chris - In the previous blog comments Bruce said that he hates Christians. So he doesn't limit his hatred to Catholics. See how he parses what he says?!

    Bruce - You are SUCH an idiot! That is awesome video Chris and Craven. What a total PUSSY you are Bruce! WHAT on earth did you EVER hope to accomplish with that stupid head?!? I laughed myself to sleep last night thinking about you sweating your ass off, trying to hoof it out of there with that big stupid head on your shoulders (plus the paper mache head)!! You look so STOOOOPID!! Tough to run with that head, isn't t?!!? Why didn't you answer his questions Bruce, why did you run away?!? I KNEW you were a pussy on the internet, and here is proof that you are a pussy in real life too!! BWAAAAAHAHAHA... your wife and kids must be SOOOOO proud of you idiot! LOL, can you imagine what the neighbors say about Bruce?!! God, they must have seen their property values PLUMMET with that dick living next to them!!!

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  6. (I removed my previous comment because I found a typo.)
    John, the head accomplished exactly what I wanted it to accomplish. It really got under the skin of Joe Knollenberg and his staff. So much so that Trent Wisecup, Joe's campaign manager at the time, lost his temper on camera in Rochester and got his ass fired 3 weeks later, after a brief stay in Beaumont Hospital for treatment for what he said is bi-polar disorder.

    I thought all Republicans had bi-polar disorder. Isn't that just your normal state of being?

    Oh, the final result, Joe Knollenberg lost by 10 points. Who's laughing now, John?

  7. So Bruce if you didn't say anything against Roman Catholics or catholics then why didn't you answer him? It doesn't make any sense. Bruce did you find joy in "getting under" Trent's skin and tormenting the people you disagree with? Do you OCD?

  8. The Obama administration and the media are together going to downplay today’s electoral victories for the GOP.

    They will, to the mainstream media, not be relevant to or any sign of a rebuke against Barack Obama and his far left agenda.

    In fact, the media is already beginning the narrative that we cannot see today as a referendum on Barack Obama.

    Consider these facts:

    New York 23

    Barack Obama sent Joe Biden to visit.
    Obama’s White House negotiated Dede Scozzafava’s endorsement of the Democrat.
    Scozzafava and Owens both supported and campaigned on supporting the stimulus.
    New Jersey

    Obama sent his top pollster to take command of the race.
    Obama visited multiple times, including the day before the election.
    Obama is featured in most of Corzine’s advertising.
    The Democratic Governors Association and DNC all pumped in a ton of money.
    Corzine ran on helping Obama at the state level.

    The Democratic Governors Association spent $4 million to get Creigh Deeds elected.
    The Democratic National Committee spent $6 millino to get Deeds elected.
    Obama campaigned for Deeds multiple times.
    Organizing for America sent a mail piece to 300,000 “surge voters”, or voters who voted for the first time in 2008, urging them to vote for Deeds.
    Organizing for America set up phone banks for Creigh Deeds.
    The state owned media is going to tell us none of this matters and this was no rebuke of Barack Obama.

    Don’t believe it. The facts speak for themselves.

  9. There are two big victories at work in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

    First, the GOP now must recognize it will either lose without conservatives or will win with conservatives. In 2008, many conservatives sat home instead of voting for John McCain. Now, in NY-23, conservatives rallied and destroyed the Republican candidate the establishment chose.

    I have said all along that the goal of activists must be to defeat Scozzafava. Doug Hoffman winning would just be gravy. A Hoffman win is not in the cards, but we did exactly what we set out to do — crush the establishment backed GOP candidate.

    And make no mistake, despite the Beltway spin, we know for certain based on statements from the local Republican parties, that they chose Scozzafava based on advice from the Washington crowd.

    So we have demonstrated to the GOP that it must not take conservatives for granted. The GOP spent $900,000.00 on a Republican who dropped out and endorsed the Democrat. Were we to combine Scozzafava and Hoffman’s votes, Hoffman would have won.

    Secondly, and just as importantly, there has all of a sudden been a huge movement among some activists to go the third party route. We see in NY-23 that this is not possible as third parties are not viable.

    Third parties lack funding and ability for a host of reasons. Conservatives are going to have to work from within the GOP. The GOP had better pay attention.

    For all intents and purposes, NY-23 is a trial run for Florida. And in Florida, the conservative candidate is operating inside the GOP. If John Cornyn and the NRSC do not want to see Florida go the way of NY-23, they better stand down.

  10. On Friday, every Republican Senator sent U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid a letter which said, where is the bill text?

    Here is an excerpt from the letter:

    “The American people and every member of Congress should be allowed to read the bill that was sent to CBO. The bill should be made available for taxpayers to read and learn how the federal government is spending their money. We are writing to request that you immediately make all materials sent to CBO publicly available on the internet.”

    Senator Reid’s response was — uh, the bill “does not exist.” So, yet another Senate Vapor Bill Rises.

    Majority Leader Reid’s letter to every Republican Senator makes clear that:

    “Apart from my decision to include a public option from which states may opt out, no final decisions have been made — and none can be made until we get more information about how CBO would score different combinations.”

    So, for all work, time, effort and Committee votes and amendments “no final decisions have been made.”

    But here is the Vapor bill admission:

    “…there is no bill to release publicly — it does not exist.”

    We are changing the world of health care as everyone knows it, and we will not show you the bill — not because Reid does not want to, he says he wants to show it to America — but because it “does not exist.”

  11. Bruce - If you think you prancing around like an idiot with a big stooopid head on your shoulders, plus the paper mache head, had anything to do with Knollenberg losing, you will want to seek professional help. Knollenberg lost because he voted for the bailouts, it's that simple. If anything, you prevented him from losing by more than 10 points; you are so idiotic you pushed his numbers higher.

    Bruce - You must feel so proud that you made somebody angry at your stalking, and antagonizing a guy's wife. You are proud of being such a creep that you alienated your own brother? You keep your freak flag flying Bruce. I'm so thankful that nutjobs like you aren't a part of the conservative movement. You idiots are going to flush the Democratic party down the toilet. And I'll be there with the plunger to make sure the chunkiest parts like you go down. You big turd.

    Answer my questions Bruce!!

  12. Bruce was that what you were jailed for? Or were you arrested for something totally different?

  13. John, I didn't make Trent angry. He already had a screw loose and lost it when I asked some perfectly legitimate questions about Joe's record.

    I wasn't jailed anything having to do with the Joe Knollenberg head.

    Glenn Clark didn't like me recording a presentation for Black history month. He apparently didn't want his lies being recorded. So, he called his buddies at the Troy police department and trumped up some charges, totally bogus, of course.

    I didn't stalk or antagonize anyone, John. Unless you consider exposing Joe Knollenberg's record antagonizing him.

    See, I knew you couldn't go a whole comment without name calling. Still off your meds, I see.

  14. Wow, Chris, so the teabaggers are threatening the Republican party. That's fantastic. I hope the teabag party continues to challenge the Republican candidates.

    I think that's a great idea. Keep up the good work. More Doug Hoffman's, that's what America needs. In case you don't recognize it, I'm being satirical. I know Republicans have a hard time with satire.

  15. Actually Bruce, what you said to Chris about Hoffman is sarcasm, not satire. You are such an idiot!!! LOL Maybe you should look up the definition of satire Bruce, you really seem to have the problems. But maybe it's because you are clinically classified as "retarded". I bet your grandkids really do love their retarded old grandpa!! Such a simple guy that can play with them on their level. Dumb old grandpa, always trying to eat plastic. Stop eating that plastic grandpa Bruce!! LOL

    Gosh Bruce, so many "misunderstandings" and "bogus claims" seem to follow you around! Your brother, this Glen Clark, you harassing Knollenberg's wife... gosh, I have never had any "misunderstandings" like that... you must have the worst luck, poor Bruce, never did a THING wrong!

    Bruce - You can go many comments without calling me a name, because you can't call me anything! What are you going to call me; "the guy who proves you wrong all the time"?!? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    And then with your very next comment you break out the ever-classic "teabagger". We know you like getting teabagged Bruce. Just try to keep it to yourself you sick F**KER!

  16. John, you really are a mean son of a bitch, aren't you. Do you even have a family?

    I'm betting no one in your neighborhood will even talk to you, unless they make sure you're on your meds. What medications are you on, John? They must be pretty strong anti-psychotics.

    I guess without health care coverage you can't afford to buy them all the time, huh? Oh, that's right, you're on Medicare. But maybe you are in the doughnut hole this time of year. Most people on Medicare Part D have run out of coverage by now and I'm sure your medications are pretty expensive.

  17. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... whatever Bruce! You must know a lot about meds, your family must have to be on them to put up with what a loser of a father/husband/grandfather they have!! Sounds to me like you need to get on some meds as well... running around like an idiot with a paper-mache head... sounds QUITE unhinged to me!! LOL

    Medicare, that's the program that the Democrats are trying to duplicate with their MASSIVE 1900-page government take-over of health care? Oh, wait, they don't want to duplicate THAT failure of Medicare. They want to create an even MORE massive failure!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA, what a bunch of idiots!!

    Brucie, I'm not mean, I'm just telling it like it is. I don't care what names you call me. Don't think that pointing out in every comment you make that you "aren't calling me names" means that I will take it easy on you. I might take it easy if you answered a couple of my questions, but you are too much of a bitch to do that. So on and on I go!! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Go back to playing with your dollies idiot Bruce.

  18. Bruce, did you watch the video accompanying this blog subject? Weren't even YOU embarrassed at how you ran away?!! I was literally shaking I was laughing so hard at you! At least Wisenhunt or whatever his name was TALKED to you and answered you!! You were just haulin' ass out of there as fast as you could with your little handler!! BWAAAAHAHAHA... has your wife and kids looked at this video, of the GREAT Bruce Fealk, champion of the little man?!?! WHAT did they say when they saw this video!? Oh, that's right, you only show them the ones where you are harassing people and acting like a big-shot. Oh man, I am laughing uncontrollably again. This video is a gem!!!

  19. Bruce said,"Wow, Chris, so the teabaggers are threatening the Republican party. That's fantastic. I hope the teabag party continues to challenge the Republican candidates." We told you that the Tea Party was conservative not Republican. If the Republicans act vote like libs then yes Bruce we are going after them. Only you on the left stop the protests when Democrats take over. Keep towing the party line no matter what it gets you. You Bruce are the sell out. You sold out what you used to stand for because the Democrats are the ones doing it now. Hypocrites!

  20. Yes, John, I saw the video when Chetly put it up almost two years ago.

    I am pretty proud of the head and the fact that Joe Knollenberg no long represents the 9th Congressional district.

    I'm so glad the teabaggers are going after the Republican candidates they consider too liberal. I may even make a donation to a Teabag party conservative.

  21. Gosh Bruce, it wasn't that long ago you were professing your love and admiration for me. You even stole my phrase "epic fail" to use on Brian's blog comments. Now I am a mean S.O.B. whose neighbor's won't even talk to me?! You are unstable Bruce. Sounds like you are off YOUR meds, the way your emotions are fluctuating. Either that or it is your time of the month. Having hot flashes Bruce? Maybe some cramping?

  22. Bruce and the liberals are all upset because Obama pushed and the Democrats lost it all. Your goden boy Obama is looking tarnished now. The Democrats weren't on top very long. What a bunch of losers the Democrats have become. They have effed up so much even Obama can't get them one seat. It sure looks like the conservatives are taking back the country and the liberals are all crying like little kittens.

  23. Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 23:42:13 PM EST

    Bruce Fealk was arrested hours ago by the Troy Police for failing to comply with police orders to turn off his camera equipment in a room rented by the Troy-Clawson and Oakland County Republican Forum.
    OaklandPolitics was as also covering the event and I was there at the time of the event, and as a result plan to report on both the event and arrest, but want to do so with extreme precision. I have no editorial position at this hour.

    Look for a follow-up - the upshot is that Fealk wanted to videotape at a Republican event and the organizers offered him (and all others were asked not to videotape at the beginning of the event - we didn't videotape either) an opportunity to stay and listen but not to tape. Fealk refused their request, refused the request of the Troy Community Center director after he explained the room was rented, and continued taping for several minutes when the director called the police. Fealk then argued with police and attempted to continue taping, and was promptly handcuffed and detained.

  24. Trumped up charges, sure. Trespassing, hindering and obstructing, and assault and battery. An article from the Oakland Press is here:


    Never, never grab a police officer, right Brucie?

  25. That's the Bruce Fealk we all know. He has a lot of mental issues. He thinks of people as objects not Gods children. He uses people for whatever he wants. He brings shame on his family name. Please pray that he sees the truth of his actions.

  26. All right Craven, you are going to have to put a warning up before you post this stuff. I almost choked on my lunch when I started reading your comments!! LOL

    Just a mistake, right Bruce? Happens all the time, people walking down the street minding their own business when the cops just up and arrest you.

    Were you wearing your big stupid head?! I bet if you were the cops would have taken you to the loony bin. It's where you belong after all!

    Well that clipping is something to be proud of, that's for sure Bruce. I bet you have that one framed and hanging on a wall in your house.

  27. Wow Bruce it's true you were arrested. I bet you've made some powerful enemies in the past. At least you spoke without fear. In fact I would bet you are on the short list of the Republican party. Or maybe you ain't as powerful as you think. You do have a love of getting under the skin of conservative Christians don't you? I can't believe how much you face is all over the net. Steve Fealk was right you are an attention whore.

  28. Chris, you say attention whore, I say effective. We got a lot of attention on Joe Knollenberg's record and that's why Joe Knollenberg isn't a Congressman any more.

    You can say the head was stupid, but I think it served its purpose.

  29. Can you guys picture the brain trust sitting around thinking up the paper-mache head?!!? What a bunch of morons!!! And they got the biggest idiot to wear it, nobody else was dumb enough, except our Brucie!!

    It doesn't even make sense!!! Even Bruce can't explain how wearing a big paper-mache head says one thing about a guy's voting record!! ROFLMAO!!! How was that supposed to even work Bruce?!?!

    Can somebody explain this stupid paper-mache head to me?! The biggest insult to a guy is to wear a paper-mache head of them!?! WTF? What planet is Bruce from!?!? I'm laughing so hard every time I see Bruce the idiot lumbering his big ass away from Chetly with that stupid head... I have to say, anybody who saw Bruce in that head HAD to have voted FOR Knollenberg!!

    I guess when you can't challenge a guy on his voting record, the next obvious step is... PINATA HEAD?!? BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... How STOOOOOPID!!!

  30. Bruce - My wife, the kindest woman on the face of this planet, says to take it easy on you but even SHE has to admit that you are the biggest dipshit she has ever seen. We were laughing so hard when we saw that video of you with the paper-helmet... did your mommy make that for you to protect your brain from further damage?

    My wife said you are embarrassing your wife and kids. Just thought you might want to know from another source other than me and everyone else you come in contact with.

  31. You are right it did get attention Bruce. Being an attention whore does get attention and that was the purpose. It's like the guy that tattoos his whole face or flashes school buses. They all get attention. Well Bruce is right we are all talking about the head.

  32. Sue, I don't have any mental issues, thank you very much.

    How are those anxiety attacks these days? You might want to seek some treatment for them or get some stronger medication.

    Being with Steve, I'm sure requires some kind of medication.

  33. Sue - WE all know different from what Bruce says. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And Bruce, being the biggest fibber I have ever encountered, is a big ol' heaping helping of crazy-flavored pudding.

    Funny how everyone who comes in contact with Bruce, he seems to indicate that THEY need medication... Is Bruce the only normal one on the face of the earth, or is Bruce the delusional one... things that make you go hmmmmmm....

    Who is Sue Brucie?!! Sounds like she knows you pretty well!!

  34. Bruce are you smoking pot again? Tell the truth about what your family thinks of you. I don't know what you are talking about. I am not married to Steve you must be thinking of someone else. I think the pot you smoke is distroying your brain. Get ready for an intervention Bruce. You have slipped into a virtual world like D&D. Get help or your family will intervene. Get away from the computer and go talk to a human for a change. I do not have anxiety attacks either. Thanks for asking and know that your family loves you. God bless, Sue

  35. Sue, then you really don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    Steve is not married to Sue. I guess she wouldn't have him.

  36. Sue, Bruce got the last sucker that would marry a Fealk.

  37. Bruce, Sue said she isn't married to Steve. I hate to tell you this but if Sue is with your brother Steve then she is having your brother. I see you didn't say anything about the pot smoking part. So I take it you smoke pot. I hope you have a medical license to smoke that crap. It does seem to be mushing your brain up. Why do you smoke pot Bruce? It sounds like Sue and your family are getting ready to send you to rehab for pot or the internet abuse. At least your family loves you enough to do an intervention on you. You do seem way out of control. Just think if everyone acted like you? This country would be out of control.

  38. No, I don't smoke pot. I just thought that was such a ridiculous statement that I could ignore it. What are you smoking, Chris? I hope at least you treat yourself to the good stuff.

    This country has you teabaggers, so it is out of control.

    My god, you people are so ridiculous.

  39. Yeh Bruce it's always "you people" that are crazy. It's never you. You are never wrong Bruce. I don't smoke Bruce. I live a healthy lifestyle. I think Sue would know if you were a pot head or not. Keep saying everyone else is nuts not you. Bruce you have done some mean things to people in the past and you have no guilt. Sociopath with a touch of narcasism and a lot of dalutions. I still don't know why you seem to hate God and Christians so much. Heaven would be more interesting with you in it Bruce.

  40. I'll answer that question, Chris. Because of people like you that claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, but spew nothing but hate, like you do on this blog toward your fellow human beings.

    Being a Christian is about more than being anti-abortion.

  41. That makes sense Bruce.LOL. It's funny how you think you are better then Christians. So what makes you think you are so much better then the Christian? Or is the problem that you hate God telling you what to do? Do you not sin? Why do you put us under you? Did you know that that is what the slave owners did to the slaves? They look at them as being better then the Africans. You keep telling yourself you are better then Christians and everyone else. You are angry because people see right through you and call you out on it. And you think that by blasting our faith we will retreat. Sorry little buddy we are used to people judging us and treating us as lower then other. Thanks Sue for cleaning up some things about Bruce. Craven you let us know who Bruce Fealk really is. He could start intimidating us next.

  42. Bruce did you see my last few posts? Watch the videos. Bruce if you would like me to post some of your videos let me know. I like looking at the left wing blogs etc...

  43. Chris, I never said I was better than anyone. It's people like you, Chris, with your professed faith in Jesus Christ, that judge people and think you are better than everyone else. The Jesus Christ I was exposed to would be appalled at your behavior toward me and other people.

    It's funny how some Christians thought George W. Bush was chosen by god himself to lead our country. But when the people of the United States voted in Barack Obama, they think god is playing some cruel joke on them.

    It seems to me that as a Christian you ought to trust god that Barack Obama was also his choice. God doesn't make mistakes, right, Chris?

    You can post whatever videos you want, Chris. If they're mine, I'll disable them so you sick puppies can't turn them into something they're not.

  44. As far as Sue, if she isn't my brother's girlfriend, then she doesn't know me at all and her opinion has no basis in fact. But I know facts don't matter to Sue or anyone else on this blog.

  45. Here's another example, Chris. Carrie Prejean, the right wing beauty queen who spoke out about gay marriage when she was asked about gay rights.

    Turns out there is a sex tape of her that apparently she was blackmailed with to drop her lawsuit against the Miss America pageant.


    So many hypocrites. So little time.

  46. Poor little old Bruce. That was one of your best performances. Calling me a bad Christian and using GOD as on of your many weapons wont work with me. You have been putting down Christians and God for all long as I have read your blogs. You are right Bruce I am a sinner. We aren't buying what you are selling Bruce. You sell anti-Christian retoric and then when the Christians or conservatives fight back you cry like a little baby. Keep calling me a bad sinning Christian and I will never call you a liar for it as it is true. As I've said before, I go to Church not because I am so good but because I am so bad. Believe it or not I do pray for you.

  47. Well, we agree on one thing, Chris, you are a bad person and an sinner. See, this is what drives me crazy about Christians. They do all manner of bad things, but because Jesus forgives them, they think it's ok to piss on the rest of the world.

    I'm not selling anything, Chris. It's you and your fellow "Christians" that are selling something.

  48. There you are wrong Bruce. You are the one pissing on God,Christians and the word to get what you want. Stop projecting yourself on me and the others on this blog. If you aren't selling anything Bruce why the hard sell? It sounds to me like you problem is with God telling you what to do. It is nice the Jesus forgives me when I sin. If you want that then just ask Him. He will forgive you too if you ask. None of us are perfect and all have fallen short of the glory of God. I know you think you are above all of this Christian stuff and religion. But like I have said to you in the past you are not above anyone even though you act like it and treat us as a lower form of human. One question though Bruce. What do you think will happen to you when you die?

  49. I'll be right there in heaven you, Chris.

    See, this is my problem with Christians like you, Chris.

    You piss all over people and then you like to make like you're better than everyone and you can just ask Jesus forgive me for all my sins and you don't care how you treat people at all.

    You use your "faith" do do all manner of awful things to people.

  50. Bruce - Prejean was asked for her opinion on homosexuality and gay marriage; she never forced her opinion on anyone. I don't remember her offering an opinion on making sex tapes. What she does in the privacy of her home is her choice. Are you suggesting that the government should step in and prevent private citizens from making sex tapes? Or are you suggesting that her right to free speech should be abridged because she doesn't share the same opinion as you do? Where, exactly, is the hypocrisy Brucie? Or are you suggesting she should not have pre-marital sex? I don't follow where your argument lies Bruce. Oh... wait... those last two words... lies Bruce... hmmmm... maybe switch those around and we have something.

    Frankly, I think she was pretty brave to give an opinion that she HAD to have known was different than not only the judge that asked it, an openly gay man, but also of most likely a majority of the audience. If that were you being asked such an inflammatory question, you would have run away, just like you do with Chetly. Talk about a pussy move, just watch that video. LAME, Bruce, very very LAME.

    I also don't remember her saying she was perfect... yet you hold her to that standard. If you can't meet that standard Bruce, how can you hold others to it? Apparently Bruce you didn't get to the part in your biblical studies wherein Jesus said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". All I see is you throwing stones Bruce.

    Bruce, stop acting like you know what Jesus would do. You obviously have a deep-seated hatred for religious people, and Christians in particular.

    It's sad Bruce to see you constantly try to belittle Chris when he is praying for you, and admitting that he has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Meanwhile you are belittling him and acting as if you are perfect. Get a grip Bruce.

    As for Obama, you kool-aid drinkers think he IS your god. That's the difference Bruce. Just look at all the worship of Obama, it is chilling. The same kind of worship that people like Hitler and James Jones garnered. You've got a vicious kool-aid mustache Bruce.

  51. Really Bruce, who has Chris pissed all over? How has he used his faith to do awful things to people? All I ever see is Chris reaching out and you slapping his hand away. Brian was right on target, you are just a destroyer. A hater of all things. God, you must really hate yourself.

  52. Bruce - Churches and charities run by churches do a lot of wonderful things. I have friends who go on trips to Haiti, one of the most God-forsaken places on Earth. They build schools, dig wells, do whatever they can to raise the standard of living for poor people. What have you done lately?

    Shame on you Bruce. You think you are better than everyone else, organizing your stupid rally's. You don't do a damn thing to raise people up. You just tear down. You don't even give blood. Probably because of some disease you have though.

  53. Ok you don't believe in God but you believe in Heaven? We have proven time and again all the awful things you have done to people you don't agree with. You even take credit for putting a man in the mental hosp. You went after a mans wife and all the lies you tell on the blogs. You attack your brother and his girlfriend. You even said you hate Christians that sin. That is hateing all Christians. You say you don't believe in God and then tell us you will go to heaven. Hmmmm. I think someone is playing games. What give Bruce do you not like what the Holy Bible says? What about the Tora or the Quaran? In all three the laws are all the same and that is what you seem to hate so much. I think if you had a little religion in your life you wouldn't be so angry all the time. Bruce you are not the center of the universe like you think you are. Try for once to put someone or something above yourself. The big difference between you and I is I respect your lack of belief. You on the other hand don't respect the belief we have. All we have to do is Google your name and we get a picture of the type of person you really are. Not the person you tell everyone you are but the real Bruce Fealk. It's not just what you have done but how you do things. Thank God there isn't a world full of people like you. You are the real hatemonger as that is your MO in every video I have seen on you and all your blogs. It's all about hate and attacking the right wing conservative Christians with you. Go ahead and keep attacking us. The difference now is we fight back. Or as I'd like to put it, we are going Old Testament on you. lol

  54. I never said I don't believe in god, John.

    See, Chris, you are bearing false witness against me all the time. I don't know who you are or really anything about you except what you post here.

    From that evidence I don't think you really live any kind of Christian life at all.

  55. Bruce, if you believe in God, you should capitalize the name. You show by your actions that you don't Bruce. That's all we have to go by. You know better. Shame on you Bruce. You won't answer to any of the other things I said. Talk about bearing false witness. You know nothing about the Bible except what serves your own selfish self-interests.

    Chris is always civil with you. Again, what has he ever done to you? I witnessed Chris, many blogs ago, trying to get you to reconcile with your brother. I guess that was a real jerk move on his part.

    Bruce, you are... a truly worthless human being.

  56. John, you are the funniest man alive. I feel really sorry for your family having to put up with your miserable personality and attitude.

    I'm not so sure Jesus loves you.

  57. I'm not being funny Bruce. I am serious. You are a terrible person.

    You're speaking for Jesus now Bruce? You really have no shame.

    What a horrible person you are. Like Chris said, don't project your awfulness on others. You alone are responsible - you reap what you sow, in other words.

    Bruce, I do know that Jesus loves you. Everyone else, however, thinks you are an asshole.

    Answer the question Bruce, when has Chris ever been uncivil to you, or done all these awful things that you profess he does.

  58. Bruce remember when you were asked if you believe that we are "One nation under God"? Do you remember Bruce? I do. Get your facts strieght Bruce.

  59. Gosh Bruce, you got me there. My family does hate my miserable personality (although... you did just say I was funny?!) and attitude. Maybe I should adjust my personality and attitude to be more Christ-like, like you are:

    Step 1: Alienate my brothers and sisters and their spouses. Maybe I can use their name to further my political agenda and narcissism. Then I can accuse them of lying when they call me out on it.
    Step 2: Lie. All the time. About everything. Make up statistics, again to further my political agenda and narcissism.
    Step 3: Accuse everyone who disagrees with me of being "racist".
    Step 4: Use nasty derogatory terms like "teabagger" to make fun of, and belittle, people who disagree with me.
    Step 5: Promote the murder of unborn children. Encourage friends and family to have unprotected sex so they can abort as many kids as possible.
    Step 6: Stalk a public official with a video camera. Do NOT limit myself to the official however; be a real asshole and antagonize everyone around the official, including his spouse.
    Step 7: Do NOT give to charity. Do NOT donate to a fund to help a woman who was brutally raped. HOWEVER promote her website so everyone else can donate to her.
    Step 8: Say I believe in God, but do NOT capitalize the name.
    Step 9: Hate all Christians. Hate all people of faith in fact. Encourage the beneficient government to take over all facets of charity, after all, the government knows best.

    I could go on and on, but on second thought I will stick with being my miserable self. It's still better than being a complete asshole like you Bruce.

  60. Bruce said,"I'm not so sure Jesus loves you." What makes you think that Jesus doesn't love John? Jesus loves everyone Bruce even you and I. Come on Bruce why would you ever say such a thing unless you were trying to hurt someone by by attacking the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Is it because we made fun of your lord and savior Obama,Moore and Olbermann the three in one? Is that what we did that hurt you so much? Or is it that the truth is coming out about your party and we are the messengers so you must attack us? Come on Bruce we see right through you actions and your words. Bruce you are trying to play politics with God. You should be happy that Sue and I are praying for you. But instead you go off like Linda Blair in Exorcist. Thats a joke Bruce.

  61. Bruce - Look what your Democrats are up to now. Protecting the health insurance companies. How does that make you feel, that Pelosi et. al. are licking the b*lls of the insurance companies? Makes you proud to be a liberal douche-bag, doesn't it Brucie?!!?

    Buried in the thousands of pages of the health care bills drafted by Democrats in the House and Senate is a provision to protect insurance companies from legal accountability for benefit decisions that cause injury or death to patients, Republicans warned on Wednesday.
    “You can sue your doctor for malpractice if he makes a mistake practicing medicine, but you cannot sue your insurance company when it makes a medical decision,” Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) said at the press conference near the steps of the Capitol. “That’s just wrong.
    Shadegg pointed to page 140 of H.R. 3962 and page 56 of S. 1796, which include language providing immunity for insurance companies, even if the actions they take result in injury or death.
    Read the whole story here. We thought insurance companies were ‘evil’ because they ‘denied care for the sake of profits.’ So, know they Democrats want to remove any accountability for denials of coverage. Likes like the hand-outs for votes is in full swing…

  62. Says a Republican. If his or her mouth is moving they're lying. Haven't you figured that out yet?

    You can say balls, John. Even though you don't have any.

  63. Look it up Bruce. Prove that he is lying. I dare you. You are the only one that has proven he is a liar. Everything you say is a flat. out. lie. Some example for the Democrats.

    Prove it is a lie Bruce. Or enjoy the taste of the insurance company's nut-sacks. It's all up to you. I know which one you'll do. Lick it up Bruce.


  64. Bruce - Stop thinking about my balls. You are a dirty disgusting old man. Besides, I know you like them young and I'm sure, since I'm older than 15, I'm too old for you.

  65. You should see some of the crap they tried, and are trying, to hide in that health care takeover bill. Abortion, death panels, transgender surgery for Bruce... it's all in there.

    Did you see all that the Republican plan does? Makes insurance affordable, controls costs, creates pools for the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions, actually cuts the deficit... and it's less than 1/8th the size of the Democrats. Boy, those Democrats, they really make their bills big so they can hide all kinds of treats for their friends.

  66. Bruce I just looked up what John said and he is right. It does look like the Democrats screwed us. I wish I could prove John wrong for you and the Democrats but not this time around. I am part of a group that watches blogs like this and others for wrong information. When we find any we will let you all know. Try to be more civil in your dialogue.

  67. Thank you John and Jael for the info. John is right on all accounts. Once again Bruce is wrong. These Democrats make the Republicans look good when they don't. Has anyone heard about the left wing activist in DC rioting or something like that? I hope it wasn't like the liberals at the G-20 summit.

  68. Chris, John,

    Where is the wonderful plan from the Republicans. Oh, yeah, they just introduced it and guess what, it hardly covers anybody and makes the insurance companies even richer with no accountability at all.

    The Republican way.

  69. HR 3400 was blocked by the Democrats Bruce, you imbecile. That plan was there, but the Democrats wouldn't give it the time of day. That's because they are not interested in any ideas except their own failed ideas.

    Guess what Bruce, Pelosi herself said that the Dem plan covers 95% - that leaves 15 million uninsured. How is that everyone?

    Plus, by the Dem's plan, everyone has to buy insurance. You know damn well that is a big windfall for the insurance companies. Even NPR had a big segment on that about a month ago.

    Your party is licking the sack of the insurance AND law firms. What a bunch of losers!!

    The Rep. plan opens up the FREE market. People can buy insurance if they LIKE and those who can't are in a pool. It's alllll there Bruce, except the deficit exploding and the insurance kickbacks and the huge profits for insurance companies, prescription-drug companies, law firms, at the expense of Medicare recipients (Rep. plan doesn't necessitate cuts to Medicare - what do you think about THAT idiot?!)

    Democrats, another EPIC FAIL.

  70. Once again Bruce gets his marching orders from moveon.org. Did you read that 200 pg bill Bruce? I didn't think so. You are right Bruce it doesn't cover everyone and it doesn't cost $1.9 trillion. We can't aford any more debt. How dumb are these people? Don't they think that debt will have to be paid? The big question is what if the Democrats plan fails? We go bankrupt as a nation. Our money becomes worthless and we will lose our place among nations. If the Republicans plan fails, no harm no fowel as it didn't cost us anything. The Republican plan tweeks the system we have. The Democrats plan throws out the baby with the bathwater so that the gov't. can have control of yet another segment of our economy. Start useing common sense for a change. You liberals can't have everything you want. No one gets everything they want.

  71. Chris, right again! I wish I could summarize my comments as well as you do. You say a lot more with a lot less!!

  72. Bruce wants to insure illegal aliens on the backs of senior citizens. Way to go Bruce, your Democrat plan is brilliant. Eliminate the old people for cheap labor from Mexico.

  73. Chris, it's not what I want. It's what a majority of the country wants, except for you 20 percenters.

    It's what 69 million people voted for. It was called an election. Remember.

  74. Bruce they changed their minds like I did. This is not what I voted for along with many more like me. Obama hasn't followed through on any of the things I value. We are in a war with no end in sight. The deficit keeps going up and unemployment is raising not droping. Barack Obama made a lot of promises and hasn'e kept one. The next election I'm not voting for anyone. I'm voting against Pres.Obama. Bruce the majority of Americans are now against Pres.Obama. The only people that still like Pres.Obama are the die hard liberal Democrats. Pres. Obama has crashed faster then any President in modern history. Stop living in the past Bruce. Pres.Obama is just another blow hard.

  75. Geez, Gavin, he's only been in office for one year. It took us 8 years to get into this mess.

    Sounds like you are a fair weather fan.

    The majority are not against President Obama. His approval rating is still 56% from what I've seen.

    You are wrong on all counts, Gavin. Even though you may have changed your mind the majority of American are supporting the President and I suspect once health care reform passes, his performance ratings will be above 60% again.

  76. No wonder you 20 percenters are losing the health care argument, your leader in the House of Representatives doesn't know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

    Can't you guys do any better than John Boner?

  77. No Bruce Obamas approval rating is under 49%. You lie way too much and that is why no one listens to you anymore.

  78. Anonymous, did you just make up that number?

  79. I'm sorry everyone for Bruce attacking you like he is. He is trying to get under my skin by making fun of Jesus. He just doesn't want to attack me to my name because of what I might say about him next. We all need to pray for our brother Bruce.

  80. Bruce - Stop making up numbers. All you ever do is make up numbers, so why are you asking anonymous if he made up numbers? Where is your proof Bruce? Nobody believes your bogus 20% number either. Here are my FACTS:

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Friday, November 06, 2009

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 29% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-seven percent (37%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8.

    Fifty-five percent (55%) expect Washington politics to become more partisan over the coming year.

    Tuesday’s election results confirmed data released earlier showing that 66% of voters are angry at the policies of the federal government and 60% say that neither Republican nor Democratic political leaders have an understanding of what is needed today.

    While voters lack confidence in both parties, the partisan gap remains wide on health care reform as it heads for a House vote this weekend. A plurality of Democrats believe it would be good for workers to be forced off private health insurance coverage and shifted to a government option. Most Republicans and unaffiliated voters disagree.

    Just 22% believe that Congress will have a good understanding of the health care legislation before voting on it. Overall, 42% favor the reform proposed by President Obama and Congressional Democrats.

    The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern.

    Overall, 49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

    Rasmussen Reports also compiles the Presidential Approval data on a month-by-month basis which shows that the President’s ratings slipped a bit in October after stabilizing in September.

  81. Here are some more facts Bruce. Since you like them so much (NOT!) Obama is a one-term president. He has had a year to put his plan in place. Can you honestly say we are in better shape in Afghanistan? Where is MoveOn.org, giving us all the death and cost statistics?

    Hussein is literally making this country worse than GWB could have DREAMED of doing. And it is showing, and will show, in the polls. You can try to marginalize the Republican Party, but if they are so marginal, why do you even take the trouble of mentioning this MoveOn talking point all the time?

    45% for Obama, 49% Against – If Election Were Held Right Now
    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    Americans are a little less enthusiastic about the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama this time around.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 45% of adults say they would be at least somewhat likely to vote for Obama if he was up for reelection right now. Forty-nine percent (49%) say they would be unlikely to vote for the president’s reelection.

    Thirty-four percent (34%) would be very likely to support Obama, while 40% say they would be not at all likely to do so.

    The question did not specify whom the president would be running against and also was asked of all adults as opposed to just likely voters. Obama carried 53% of the vote nationally over Republican candidate John McCain’s 46% in last November’s election.

    As in that contest, women are more supportive of Obama than men. Adults 18 to 29 are more likely to vote for the president than those who are older. Ninety percent (90%) of African-Americans say they would be at least somewhat likely to vote for Obama, compared to 36% of whites.

    Among adults not affiliated with either major political party, those not at all likely to vote for the president’s reelection outnumber by two-to-one those who would be very likely to support him.

  82. Do you really think that passage of the Government Takeover of Health Care Pelosi/Reid Plans will BOLSTER Obama's popularity?! Not according to THESE numbers Bruce. You can opine all you like, but the fact is that people are OVERWHELMINGLY opposed to this most recent Democrat boondoggle. Pass it at your own risk. Most Republican's actually hope the Dumbocrats push this legislation through, because it will spell the end of the DumbocRATS being in power. Bruce, maybe you should stop just asking other libertards what they think, and ask an average normal American, not one of those loony fringe radicals that you hang around with.

    Health Care Reform
    42% Support Health Care Reform After Release of Pelosi's Version
    Monday, November 02, 2009

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced the House version of health care reform legislation last week, but most voters are still opposed to the effort.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 42% now favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s down from 45% a week ago but unchanged from two weeks ago.

    Fifty-four percent (54%) now oppose the legislative effort, up three points since last week.

    Seventy-three percent (73%) of liberals support the plan, but just 18% of conservatives agree.

    Only 23% of all voters Strongly Support the plan while nearly twice as man (44%) are Strongly Opposed.

    As has been the case for months, Democrats favor the plan while Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party are opposed. The latest numbers show support from 69% of those in the president’s party. The plan is opposed by 80% of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of unaffiliated voters.

  83. Yes, I really do think that Matthew. Rasmussen polls are notoriously biased toward the right, usually in the way the questions are asked.

  84. Polls are just a snapshot in time. If President Obama had only gone by polls, he never would have even decided to run.

    I didn't even think he had a shot against Hillary and the Clinton machine.

  85. Sue, if you are not the Sue that lives with my brother, then you don't even know me.

    I'll attack you to your face. When and where?

  86. That's what I figured, only on line. Tell me who you really are, since you seem to know so much about me. Who the hell are you?

  87. Here's the latest Research 2000 poll. Doesn't look like Republicans are doing very well and President Obama is at 55%.


  88. Dailykos.com is that where you get your info? Thats funny. Bruce, Obama has had the fastest drop in ratings of any President in modern American history. There aren't as many pros as there are cons anymore. At my plant in Ohio there are very few that openly still support Obama and we are UAW. Obama is crashing hard and fast.

  89. The poll was on Daily Kos, but done by Research 2000.

  90. You are so full of it Bruce. Your family is right about you. You better watch your mouth or I will tell everyone some of your secrets. Don't test me.

  91. Who the hell are you that you say you know any "secrets"?


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