Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Detroit Is The Lefts Poster Child For Cities

Detroit in Ruins, Crowder Discovers No Town in Motown
Dec 21 / Louder With Crowder

Watch this video on the liberal influence in the city of Detroit.


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  2. I don't know how you could be a liberal in this town. You either have to have your head up your ass, or just be retarded. Just look around you! Some model city Detroit turned out to be.

  3. Chris thanks for the video buddy. I posted another one that you might like as well. Big Chris when we going to go out and cause some trouble together again?

  4. Dunno, does Bruce hibernate in the winter or does he brave the cold in the name of combatting freedom and taking away our rights? I'd love to heckle him again.

  5. Deroit and other Large Cities are PURE Examples of Liberalism and what ALL have to look Forward to if it is ALLOWED to TAKE Control of OUR Great Nation. Just Imagine Atlantic to Pacific Liberalism.

    Liberalism OBJECTIVE is to make US a Third World Nation, once again the Example is DETROIT and for that LIBS there is NOTHING but the TRUTH and HOW will you SPIN it,answer YOU CANT!
    note Libs Please NO Engler or Bush EXCUSES,You have been there and Done that and by TIME line you CANt USE IT!

  6. The liberals want everyone to blame the blacks for the city. But we know that it isn't the blacks but the liberal policies that have degraded the state of the city. The Democrats have been pushing this new form of racism since the early 1960's when it was more popular to be an out and out racist. The history of Detroit and its far left politics are sickening to most native Detroiters like myself. The left can't blame their idealogy as we have seen in the past. So they must deduct the next logical thing. "The blacks ruined the city of Detroit".

  7. Chris you beat me to the punch, I just posted the same video on my blog.
    I also have an accompanying article about Detroit along with it.
    What a mess that city is.
    The communists always said we will destroy you from within and you can truly say it is those policies cheerleaded by the left that have destroyed that city.
    But alas the wonderful thing about being a dem is never haveing to say you are sorry or you were wrong.

  8. What a crock. lol. Blame the liberals. Don't put the blame where it belongs.

    Please if the liberal towns and cities are in such bad shape, why has Ann Arbor, Ferndale, Royal Oak exploded the past ten years?


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