Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Imagine There's No War Video

'Imagine' This, Lennon Fans: All You Need Is Love ... and War

Imagine no religion too. Watch this video on John Lennon and his song Imagine.


  1. US NewsARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Attorneys for an exotic animal dealer have accused an employee of intentionally neglecting animals to further his work as an undercover investigator for an animal rights group.

    Howard Goldman could have done more to provide food, water and care for the animals that he said were being mistreated, said Lance Evans, an attorney for Jasen and Vanessa Shaw, the owners of U.S. Global Exotics.

    Instead, Goldman secretly took photos and made daily reports to send to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Evans said.

    "He was more concerned about helping PETA achieve its goal of putting U.S. Global out of business than actually aiding any animals that he felt were in distress," Evans said. Goldman worked at the Arlington facility for seven months.

    During that time, he did all he could to help the animals, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press. She accused U.S. Global Exotics of trying "to pin the blame for a litany of horrors on the one person who actually cared about the animals."

    U.S. Global Exotics is trying to regain custody of more than 26,000 animals seized by the city Dec. 15 after Goldman turned over evidence describing what he said was animal cruelty at the Internet-based company.

    Arlington officials have said the raid turned up starving snakes, hundreds of reptiles packed in shipping crates and rodents that had killed and eaten each other.

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports an Arlington Municipal Court judge is expected this week to decide custody of the animals.

    Goldman testified last week that PETA asked him to apply for a job at U.S. Global Exotics to investigate conditions. PETA paid him $135 for each day he turned in a report while working as snake caretaker.

    Evans asked Goldman on why he did not follow a posted list of duties in the snake room and let snakes go for weeks without food or water or clean cages.

    Goldman said 1,500 to 3,000 snakes were under his care at any given time. He said he did everything he could for the animals but the Shaws would not pay for the food, medical and other supplies he requested.

    "We never had the proper amount of food. The snakes would go two or three weeks without even being offered food," Goldman testified. "There were days I found hundreds of snakes dead."

    Paul Boiko, another U.S. Global employee, testified Monday that most animals were fed and watered regularly and a veterinarian visited once a week.

    Boiko said some animals were not fed before being packaged to avoid problems during shipping. And, in a practice he described as standard in the industry, animals like turtles and iguanas were kept in cold conditions to force hibernation so they wouldn't eat or move much.

    This is what the left do with everything. They are doing it with global ice age etc.

  2. Yep. Typical Lib BS, by any means necessary. They are so narcissistic that they think the ends justify the means. And as you say other John, it's just like the global warming .... er, global cooling .... er, climate change (aka "seasons"). They THINK they know what is happening, so they tailor their "studies", data, and invariably the results to get what they want. And they have the gall to say that Bush hated science, when they throw science out for the religion of Gaia and global warming. Truly frightening and sickening to see.

  3. Have you seen this Chris? Seems people don't like being lied to and force-fed Obummer worship. The lieberal media is getting punched in their anuses:

    Fox News' 2009 Ratings Records: Network Sees Best Year Ever

    Huffington Post | Danny Shea
    First Posted: 12-29-09

    2009 was a record year for the Fox News Channel.

    The News Corp-owned cable news outlet has just finished its best year among total viewers in its 13-plus year history.

    Fox News averaged 2.187 million total viewers in primetime for the year, up 7% from 2008 and enough to place 3rd among all cable channels. In total day, the network averaged 1.192 million total viewers, up 13% from 2008 and enough to place 5th among all cable channels. In the A25-54 demo, the network was up as well: its 540,000 A25-54 total in weekday primetime is up 9% from 2008, and its 319,000 A25-54 weekday total-day average is up 16% from 2008.

    Both CNN and MSNBC, meanwhile, are down significantly in all categories.

    On the program level, Fox News took the top 10 programs in cable news for the year. "The O'Reilly Factor" again took first place and registered its highest viewers numbers ever, averaging 3.329 million total viewers (up 14% from 2008) and 801,000 A25-54 viewers (up 28%). "Hannity" came in second with an average of 2.502 million total viewers (up 14%) and 654,000 A25-54 viewers (up 22%), also its highest numbers ever in both categories. "Glenn Beck" placed third with 2.320 million total viewers (up 91%) and 581,000 A25-54 viewers (up 135%).

    But its not just the network's conservative opinion commentators that are having their best years ever. The network's signature news programs — "Special Report with Bret Baier," "The Fox Report with Shepard Smith," "Studio B with Shepard Smith," and "Your World with Neil Cavuto" — also had their best years ever among total viewers.

    "Special Report" averaged 2.037 million total viewers (up 26%) and 454,000 A25-54 viewers (up 34%). "The Fox Report" averaged 1.872 million total viewers (up 16%) and 456,000 A25-54 viewers (up 21%). "Studio B" averaged 1.213 million total viewers (up 10%) and 268,000 A25-54 viewers (up 14%). And "Your World" averaged 1.478 million total viewers (up 25%) and 303,000 A25-54 viewers (up 31%).

    "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" was also up, averaging 1.976 million total viewers (up 11%) and 514,000 A25-54 viewers (up 12%).

  4. Why do they even CONSIDER MSNBC to be news?!?! Only morons like Bruce FAILk get their information from that government propaganda machine.

    MSNBC Criticized For Running Doc-Block During Breaking Terrorism Story DAVID BAUDER | 12/28/09

    NEW YORK — MSNBC spent considerable time Monday reporting on the aftermath of an attempted Christmas Day attack on a Detroit-bound airliner, but its executives didn't want to talk about why the story received little attention as it was breaking.

    Competitors CNN and Fox News Channel gave much more extensive attention to the story on Christmas night as MSNBC stuck with taped programs on a murder mystery and environmental issues, along with an "undercover" report on the teenage sex trade.

    MSNBC has been criticized in the past for failing to respond quickly to breaking news during off-hours, a choice that may complicate its efforts to be seen as a go-to news source. The network is revamping its daytime schedule to be more news-oriented than personality-driven, since the latter approach has proven to be a ratings failure.

    On Christmas, an anchor did live cut-ins about once an hour to pass on news of the attempted terrorism, said Jeremy Gaines, network spokesman.

    Fox mixed live coverage of the story Friday night with a taped year-end retrospective show with Bill O'Reilly. CNN devoted virtually all of its prime-time hours to the incident, its coverage anchored by Ali Velshi.

    Neither Gaines nor Phil Griffin, MSNBC's top executive, would discuss the judgment call on Monday.

    MSNBC's choice was noted by Rachel Sklar, a blogger for the Mediaite Web site: "If you're going to call yourself a news network, then cover the news," she wrote.

    MSNBC faced similar criticism earlier this year when it stuck with taped programming during a weekend that other networks were covering protests over the election in Iran. CNN and Fox similarly stayed with the live story longer during the terrorist attacks in India last year.

    At the time of the Iran protests, the Daily Kos Web site wrote: "What are they, a high school radio station left on autopilot from Friday night to Monday morning? ... If MSNBC wants to be a force, when will they wake up?"

    For its part, MSNBC has noted that its long-form taped programming have been successful in the ratings during weekends.

  5. "Competitors CNN and Fox News Channel gave much more extensive attention to the story on Christmas night as MSNBC stuck with taped programs on a murder mystery and environmental issues, along with an "undercover" report on the teenage sex trade." Those perverted libs love their sex trade and sex slave shows. The MSNBC veiwers like their how to shows on those perverts that are trying to rape the young kids. Those same shows are very popular in prison. Libs are trying to think of ways to unionize the perverts so they can give them special rights.

  6. In a rare display of self-criticism, officials from the Treasury Department admitted that the government’s mortgage modification program has helped only a small percentage of borrowers facing foreclosures.

    According to CNN, the department has revealed that only about 4 percent of delinquent borrowers who began trial mortgage modifications under the housing plan have had those more affordable loan terms made permanent.

    The officials have also criticized the nation’s top banks for not doing their part to improve the situation. For example, at Bank of America, where some 1 million homeowners participated in the trial process, only 98 were able to permanently modify their mortgage, The Chicago Tribune reports.

    "We’re not satisfied yet with how this program is unfolding," said Herbert Allison, Treasury assistant secretary for financial stability, quoted by the news source.

    He added, "The servicers have a lot of work to do, and we’re holding them accountable for their performance."

    In the meantime, senior advisor for mortgage finance for the Housing and Urban Development Department has vowed to keep the pressure on both borrowers and servicers to ensure as many mortgage modifications are converted as possible, according to the news provider.

    The government’s stated goal is to help up to 4 million troubled homeowners.

  7. Do you ever wonder who stands to benefit from global trading in carbon credits?

    We’ve looked at some of the investments of former VP Al Gore with “green” investment bank Kleiner-Perkins. We’ve also considered the Top 10 Green Energy Whores and the Climate-Industrial Complex, led by General Electric. These are companies who stand to win big in the New Green Economy, and are not above gaming our democratic system in the pursuit of green profits.

    Now, the Telegraph graces us with an interesting look at the commercial pursuits of Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    The good Dr. Pachauri makes Algore look like a piker.

    Questions over business deals of UN climate change guru Dr Rajendra Pachauri

    Although Dr Pachauri is often presented as a scientist (he was even once described by the BBC as “the world’s top climate scientist”), as a former railway engineer with a PhD in economics he has no qualifications in climate science at all.

    What has also almost entirely escaped attention, however, is how Dr Pachauri has established an astonishing worldwide portfolio of business interests with bodies which have been investing billions of dollars in organisations dependent on the IPCC’s policy recommendations.

    These outfits include banks, oil and energy companies and investment funds heavily involved in ‘carbon trading’ and ‘sustainable technologies’, which together make up the fastest-growing commodity market in the world, estimated soon to be worth trillions of dollars a year.

    The original power base from which Dr Pachauri has built up his worldwide network of influence over the past decade is the Delhi-based Tata Energy Research Institute, of which he became director in 1981 and director-general in 2001. Now renamed The Energy Research Institute, TERI was set up in 1974 by India’s largest privately-owned business empire, the Tata Group, with interests ranging from steel, cars and energy to chemicals, telecommunications and insurance (and now best-known in the UK as the owner of Jaguar, Land Rover, Tetley Tea and Corus, Britain’s largest steel company).

    It is one of these [carbon trading] deals, reported in last week’s Sunday Telegraph, which is enabling Tata to transfer three million tonnes of steel production from its Corus plant in Redcar to a new plant in Orissa, thus gaining a potential £1.2 billion in ‘carbon credits’ (and putting 1,700 people on Teesside out of work). [Sound familiar? This was previously blogged as "How Cap and Trade Plans to Cripple Our Economy" - ed.]

    More than three-quarters of the world ‘carbon’ market benefits India and China in this way. India alone has 1,455 CDM projects in operation, worth $33 billion (£20 billion), many of them facilitated by Tata – and it is perhaps unsurprising that Dr Pachauri also serves on the advisory board of the Chicago Climate Exchange, the largest and most lucrative carbon-trading exchange in the world, which was also assisted by TERI in setting up India’s own carbon exchange.

    [emphasis added]

    As per usual, “Follow the money” is excellent advice.

    H/T The Cooler Heads Digest of the Competitive Enterprise Institute


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