Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Congresswoman Candice Miller Blast These Climategate Fools And Guess What The Debate Isn't Over You Jerks

Michigan Congreswoman Candice Miller called for a Congressional investigation due to the fact that, in her opinion, the destruction of data some scientists were involved in represents a criminal act.

Miller calls for Hearings on Flawed Climate Data

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today requested hearings to review the United Nations report suggesting massive changes to climate policies worldwide. Recently, emails have surfaced from leading scientists involved in crafting the United Nations report that suggests that data was doctored or hidden and opposing views were improperly suppressed. Rep. Miller, a member of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Climate Change, sent a letter to Chairman Edward Markey (MA-7) and Ranking Member James Sensenbrenner (WI-5) asking them to quickly schedule hearings before the United States changes its climate policy causing needless damage to our economy.
“Drastically changing our climate policies have the potential to force massive changes on our society and drive up the cost of energy for every American,” Rep. Miller said. “Emails have surfaced calling attention to possible doctored data which was used to tilt the recommendations far to one side. I think it would be terribly wrong to make public policy that has the potential to have dramatic negative effects on our economy in the United States based upon potentially flawed science.
“I think it is imperative that we have hearings to investigate whether or not the science this policy is based upon is flawed and to determine if we should re-examine whether the steps being proposed are truly necessary in light of these revelations. I believe that in these hearings we should hear from all sides engaged in the debate so that we can have a full understanding of this issue,” said Rep. Miller. “The economy of my district and my state would be particularly hard hit by the Cap and Trade legislation with the potential of the loss of countless more jobs that we cannot afford to lose, particularly if this legislation is based upon doctored science.”
In December, leaders from across the world will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss changes to our economy to address global climate change. Rep. Miller represents the 10th District of Michigan, an area that has been ground zero of the economic downturn. Particularly hard hit has been the manufacturing sector, which is in line to be even harder hit if climate change legislation based on this report is passed.


  1. Hooray for her! I'm proud to say she's from Michigan and she did a great job with this one!

  2. She really said that well. And she's absolutely right, if they destroyed the data so that they wouldn't have to give it up to a legal request, that is a criminal act.

    I wonder if we can sue Al Gore for fraud.

  3. Texas and Florida have been scraping global warming off their windshields for days and weeks. Let's get out there and run our cars, generate some greenhouse gases any way you can. This planet is entering the next ice age, and it ain't gonna warm itself. The Hypocrats and LIEberals have shown us how to warm up this planet, and everybody has to do their part. If you get a chance, run over any Prius' you see with your 2 mpg tank. It's for the good of Mother Earth!!

  4. I wish Candice Miller were MY representative. I got stuck with that dirty liar Gary Peters. He's one of the most crooked representatives in the House (and probably all of Congress) according to an article I read. Let's pray he's a one-termer and he can go back to aborting babies or whatever it is that Hypocrats do in their spare time.

  5. It is great that she is from Mich. In fact I emailed her to tell her how I felt about this video. I told her about the blog. Spinsterpov, you might have something there. Fight fire with fire and fight liberals with lawyer. John, things are changing and the momentum is building on the conservative movement. There has been one Congressman change from a Democrat to a Republican. And no one changes to the minority party. And Dodd is one of the first rats of the sinking ship called the Democratic party. We need to put our efforts into Reid now. We need to get others involved in the future of this country. Our youth is a strong and easy group to change to the conservative party. Once the youth that voted for Obama find out that Hope and Change ment they were going to get screwed for the bill they will want "paybacks". And paybacks are hell. As there is no strong conservative then an ex-liberal. When the youth get made fun of for voting in these liberal politicians and for being on the hook for $Trillions of their debt they will change. Just look at how liberals get when I throw intitlement in their face. Take advantage of the programes the govt has. You paid for it. And then throw it in a liberals face. But what ever you do do it in peace. And when the Democrats go into their deathroll and get violent remind them of what they said. Everyone must be and activist.

  6. Congrats Rep Miller

    If theres a Crime SOME ONE should do SOME TIME! This WHOLE SCHEME HAS NEVER been About Climate Change BUT Power/Control not just Here but World Wide!

    Tax and Trade should be OFF the Table but this Administration I beleive will go Forward. It NEVER has been about Climate but a Different Agenda that Nobama Believes in Socialism World Wide and Redistribution of Wealth,MAINLY OURS!

  7. Thanks to liberals the Democratic Party is on it's way out. And thanks to conservatives and the tea party rallies we are bring back the conservative idealogy to Republicans.

  8. chris, you told her about your blog? Attention whore much? lol...

  9. JoeC Get into the SUN Your Losing IT!

    Starting to think you are BRUCE!

  10. Relax Joe. When someone does something right and you'ld like to see them do it again then you better praise them. What better way for me to show her I appreciate what she is doing then to let a bunch of readers know what she is doing. And technically since I'm not getting paid I'm just an attention slut. lol.

  11. Dude, your missing the point. Just like the postings on soundoff with your blog address, which is how i found this place, its not praise telling her you blog about her, its a cry for attention.

    but keep it up horshack and you'll get alot more readers, which to you and john is important even if most of your stuff is not original.


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