Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Help Defeat Harry Reid And The Ad That Will Do It.Pass this video around to all your friends and blogs and help put the Democrats back on the streets where they belong.

Conservatives:  You are needed and time is short to act.  In 5 days we will be going up on the airwaves with a TV ad campaign to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - and we need your help!
We here at the Tea Party Express wanted to make you aware of the FEC documents which indicate Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has amassed over $8.7 MILLION in his campaign for re-election this year.  And that amount was as of September 30, 2009 - you can bet the tally is much higher by now.
This is the reason we here at the Tea Party Express, and our principal sponsor the Our Country Deserves Better Committee, have been working so hard to raise money for the latest round of our "Defeat Harry Reid" TV ad campaign. 
You can make a donation to our "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign - HERE.

We don't need to match Reid dollar-for-dollar, but we do need to raise enough to get our message heard.  If we don't then who will? 
If we're going to take our country back in 2010, then We The People are going to have to get involved in campaigns like the one to defeat Sen. Reid along with other politicians across the nation who have helped to advance the Obama-Pelosi-Reid march towards socialism.
Please, support our "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign.
We are launching the latest round of our TV ads this Monday, January 11th - and we have just 6 days to raise the money we need to be up on the airwaves.  You can contribute online - HERE.
Here's the latest TV ad we are broadcasting:

To help get this ad broadcast on every Nevada TV station morning, noon and night, please make a donation to our "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign - HERE.
To meet our fundraising goals to "Defeat Harry Reid" we're hoping 76 more people can make a contribution of $100 or more to our campaign.

Or if you prefer, you can mail in a contribution to the "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign:
Our Country Deserves Better Committee
ATTN: Defeat Harry Reid Campaign
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814

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