Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Constitution and Freedom Two Things The Democrats Don't Want You To Have

The Constitution and Freedom - Part 3

Liberals have a hard time grasping the idea that our rights are God given. Why is that? I would like to know your thoughts on our GOD given rights. And if you don't believe our rights are God given then do you think the government gives us our rights? If the government gives us our rights then they can takle them away like they have been. Health care insurance is not a right of our countries Constitution. As proof of that take a look at FDR book of a Second Constitution. And part of that second costitution is  health care insurance for all. Of course Americans didn't want anything to do with that new socialist constitution the Progressives were pushing so we never added it to our Constitution. And with only 33% of Americans still in favor of this health care reform I'm sure it wont be the best thing the Democrats did. And by the time the Supreme Court find it unconstitutional we will have been paying for it for who knows how long. The unions are doing the bitching about paying for something they want. But I will save that for another post.


  1. Not all of our rights are God or creator given. Even James Madison made that clear. You know James right?

    And if our rights are God given why did the right pursue taking them away with the patriot act?

  2. Life liberty and the pursuet of happieness are our God given rights. Joe do you think food and shelter should be rights in this country? And Thomas Pain might have been the only athiest of our founding fathers. You do know Thomas right? You did also know that Obama and the Democrats added to the Patriot act not take it away? I don't like the patriot act because it can be put into the wrong hands and used on Americans. Doesn't it bother you JoeC knowing that Obama is running the wars and the patriot act? Are you affraid that if you openly appose the war in Afghanistan you might have the Patriot act used against you a liberal?


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