Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Is Our Tax Dollars At Work

Since “progressive” and liberal radio hosts have few listeners and can not support a commercial broadcast program, National Public Radio (NPR) steps in to fill in the void for those in need. I’m not sure if NPR paid the author to post this opinion piece, but I don’t think it (NPR’s posting) is a big deal.
Are others being too harsh? Mark Fiore is simply a liberal animated cartoonist looking to make a living. I’m not even sure if NPR pays Fiore for his content, all NPR had to do is head over to Fiore’s professional site and embed the animated cartoon that he created back in early November. Heck, I’ll do it here…

First read somewhere else, then Gateway Pundit and more recently AP at Hot Air posted on the story. Ace of Spades HQ is also writing.
I’m not a mind-numbed robot so I don’t think this is any kind of big deal. TEA Party protesters don’t like being called teabaggers, so the left calls them … well … teabaggers.
What I prefer to do is point out that Fiore is completely wrong. Sure, not everyone can “clearly” express their concerns about the federal government getting over-involved in everything with beautiful Obama-like rhetoric, but sweet goodness man, conservative writers have spent hours and hours and hours reading the bills, laying out what we think the language means and providing readers direct links to the content of such bills.
When Congress-critters were asked about those specific sections, their frequent answer was they were not familiar with that section of the bill and they did not think it meant what we thought it meant!
Even when trying to discuss the Constitution – and specific sections within the Constitution – conservatives are dismissed.

Who are the brain dead, mind-numbed robots Fiore?               I think taking the funding away from NPR would only be fair. If they want to be an arm of the Democrats let the Democrats fund them.  The Democrats are doing what they know has worked in the past. In the poster below look who the enemy is. Now look who the liberals have made as their enemy? The liberals haven named terrorist their enemy. They have made us their enemy.  


  1. Chris, so you want to take away NPR's funding because they posted a cartoon teabaggers don't like?

    Wow, you say lots of things I don't like, but I wouldn't take away your funding.

    Isn't that what free speech is all about, especially when it comes to a public radio station? But you only like free speech when people agree with you, don't you? I thought so.

  2. Wouldn't the left take away tax exempt if a Church started becoming a political arm instead of a Church? I know my Church wont say anything that give the idea they are political of for a political party. NPR uses our tax money to push their liberal Democrat aganda and nothing happens. Bruce, since when have you or your tax $ funded me? There is free speech and that aint it. We are paying for their speech. You want to put in the fairness doctrin or something like it and that is within the free market. What if our tax money whent to the Lutheral Church MS and they used that money to say what idiots the anti war protesters are? It's not about free speech it's about taxpayer funded speech that is being used for propaganda like the Nazi's used. Don't worry Bruce Obama has done the same thing with the art community. Our taz money is going to help make Proaganda art for the Democrats causes. Bruce you said."But you only like free speech when people agree with you, don't you? I thought so." I remind you that I am the one that lets people speak freely on my blog. Even when it is after me. You don't post every post sent to you on your blog. Try facts for a change and common sense helps too. If my memory serves me well I only errased one post and that was someone attacking you.

  3. I don't like some of the things that Bush funded either, like the office of faith-based initiatives or abstinence only sex education.

    Just because you disagree with NPR sometimes, they still have a right to put that cartoon up, even if it offends you and even though it is a perfect satire of the Tea Bagger movement.

    I like how NPR uses my tax dollars most of the time, although some of the board members have been decidedly on the conservative side of the scale.

  4. Hey Bruce Never would take AWAY Your FREE Speech! Political Agenda of Left and Tax Payers Money should NEVER Meet! I Say lets Make Your LOGIC on Free Speech a Reality and MAKE it FREE,No Tax Payers MONEY!

    Bruce I got a Plan B Lets have LIBS MONEY Pay for Limbaugh and Becks Programs, You KNOW that FREE Speech Thingy you DEFEND!

  5. Bruce The Faith based Programs I beleive were to get AIDE to POOR with Assistance of CHURCHES they went too, making it EASIER to ASSIST the POOR! You say You have NO Problem with Your Tax Dollars going to NRP and Bruce Neither do I, My Problems is MY Tax Dollars are GOING there ALSO! I Knew you Could not DO a Post on this Without Bringing in BUSH so Once again You DID not Disappointment ME!

    Wonder What that Perfect Satire will Look Like In November AFTER the POUNDING LIBS take, Gotta LOVE US Teabaggers!

  6. Dude, that funny. lol...its always amazing to me how much the right attacks NPR despite the fact it is quite even handed with them about issues with programs like Talk of the Nation. Hell, even the liberal leaning Diane Rehm show is more even handed than anything you listen to. I hear Bill Kristol on there alot, which is more than i can say for Beck, Hannity and Rush.

    As for Church donations, they shouldn't be tax deductable, or considered a charity. but plenty of Church's have spoken out and not been targeted by the IRS. Well, cept for that Unitarian church that supported Kerry against Bush. They got tagged.

  7. JoeC Hannity Does have NUMEROUS LIB Guest on his Show. Beck and Limbaugh, NO Guts NO Glory so I Reckon WONT BE seeing or Hearing them on those Programs!

    Just looked up on MY Pewter and Unitarian Church WEB SITE tells HOW to get TAX DEDUCTIONS on Charity Donations!

    Never Said NPR was NOT Balanced DID Say Tax Payers Should NOT be FUNDING IT!

  8. People are starving in this country and this is how the governemnt spends OUR money? People don't have enough food or a house to rest in and you libs want to debate over health care as a "right" and spening our money on stupid things. How in the worlk can you think NPR is a good use of money when they put out PROPAGANDA like this out. How is that NPR ad any different then what the Nazi idealogical propaganda was?

  9. Bruce take a look at the ad in my last post. What if our tax $ went to paying for that? What if the ad ran side by side with the teabagger ad?

  10. Oh, Chris, so you'd be ok if they had a conservative agenda? Hypocrite. I bet you don't complain when they put out right wing talking points.

    So, when there is actually a fair and balanced report, you get all upset and want to pull their funding.

    Damn you, Chris. You're as bad as Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. I suppose you think Pat Robertson is a good representative of Christianity, don't you?

  11. Bruce Let me get this RIGHT MadCow and Overbite are Fair and Balanced! No wonder You Get Excited and ANGRY, If those are the Best you GOT! You seem have a HARD time with the TRUTH. That Seems to set you OFF but it will also set You FREE and that of COARSE is what WE all WANT OUR FREEDOMS and NOT Government Interference or CONTROL!

    Those Secret Meetings on NOBAMA Care coming UP, Nobama kind of MISSED on that TRANSPARETCY THINGY and to YOU is that GOOD?

  12. Al, in theory putting the negotiations on C-Span sounded good. However, had they been telecast, I think in the hyperpartisan environment we are in, all it would have done is made it even harder than it's been to get a final bill.

    How about if we let cameras into the Republican caucus meetings. I'm sure that would be enlightening, to see how they are plotting to destroy America and President Obama.

    Actually, thought Keith and Rachel are biased, at least they admit it and their reporting is always fair, maybe Rachel a little more than Keith. Whenever Rachel has conservatives on, after she does her lead, she always gives her guests a chance to correct any inaccuracies in her lead and her questioning is always good journalism and hard questions, not the softballs that Hannity and others of his ilk throw out at Sarah Palin and others in the conservative lineup.

  13. Bruce Fealk said...
    "Oh, Chris, so you'd be ok if they had a conservative agenda? Hypocrite. I bet you don't complain when they put out right wing talking points." Bruce I was making a point so thank you for making it for me. Obviously you aren't Ok with it. You Hypoicrit.

  14. Bruce I know very little about Pat Robinson or any of the TV preachers. Bruce why are you loosing it? Is it because your hypocracy put you into a corner? I'm not the one that stops conservatives from posting on my blog. You are Bruce. You are the neo-dem that wants to control everything from the TV to the radio and you want us to pay for it. You are the one that is all cranked up whenI suggest that a right wing ad be put along side the left wing teabagger ad. You are a imballanced. Take your meds little buddy and things will get clearer for you.

  15. Bruce Obama is the idiot that ran on transparancy and said that it would be on C-span. That shows you how dumb he is. Obama had no idea what being President is all about. He said he would close GITMO until he learnd he had to find a place for them. Dumb. He was going to get out of Iraq until they showed him how dumb he was for saying he would do it. Dumb. He said unemeployment wouldn't go past 8% and that the stimulus would make the economy better. And he said it was the worst reccession since the Great Depression. Dumb again. He said that the cops acted stupidly when in fact it was his friend and him that acted like dumbies. Dumb. And it is you that get pissed when I suggest that the Keep America Safe ad run right next to the Teagger ad and you get all crancked up like a monkey in a zoo. You are so far from reality Bruce. You are three kinds of crazy. Just don't do anything to hurt anyone Bruce. Violance isn't the answer. Why don't you go down in your basement and enjoy all your Hitler/Nazi memorabilia. Didn't the Nazi's start by getting people to hate the bankers/Jews?

  16. Chris, I don't understand how you can call President Obama "dumb." I wonder, did you offer the same criticism of President Bush?

    Governing isn't science and Republicans are really, really bad at governing. They don't like governing and it shows in how they behave when they are in charge. Having Republicans govern is like putting a CPA in charge of a car company.

    We are drawing down troops in Iraq. We are on a path to closing Guantanamo, although we need to close Bagram prison also.

    I agree he has made some statements that he hasn't follow through on, but he is doing some good, some great things and some things I'm certainly not happy with either, like expanding the war in Afghanistan.

    Predicting how high unemployment would go and being inaccurate is nothing new. Economic predictive abilities elude most politicians, but I think he is giving more people hope and the Republicans and Teabaggers have no answers. NONE! ZERO! NADA!

    I haven't seen one good, reasonable Republican idea. You all talk a good game and are really good at criticizing me and other liberals, but you don't have one good constructive idea. Your criticism isn't even constructive.

  17. Bruce unlike you yes I did say the same things about Bush. When Bush pushed for a progressive agend I sure as heck did. It looks like the Democrats are worse at governing then the Republicans. Everything is worse now then a year ago. And the Democrats said they would be better. How can I say Obama is dumb? I told you in that last post. Are you saying that Obama was not dumb with on those things? Why is it that not one "liberal cure" has worked the way they said it would? It worked when the Republicans gave out checks because the economy came back. You on the left kept saying the economy is bad when we had unemployment under 5% for most of Bush's term. Are you saying Obama is spending our future in a smart way? Do you like our debt now that it is the Democrats debt? Because you were bitching louder then anyone when Bush pushed up our debt. Yah, I was bitching with you on that one Bruce. But I'm still bitching and you are silent. That makes you a lieing hypocrite. No offence.

  18. Bush a progressive? Wow, what are you smoking, Chris?

    Bill Clinton handed off a project budget surplus, but Bush took care of that, didn't he?

    Yes, Obama's policies are working, actually. You probably missed that the Fed is poised to make a $52 billion profit on TARP funds being paid back.

    GM, a company that Republicans wanted to throw under a bus, and throw millions of more people out of work is poised to make a profit this year. I'd say that's worked out pretty well.

    I only agree with the debt because every credible economist espoused that the only way to keep the United States from a Depression was to spend money on infrastructure programs and put people back to work. Did they miss the depth of joblessness, obviously. But economic predictions are almost as hard as predicting the weather. All in all, while there is still lots of work to do to put more American back to work, I'd say the Democrats policies have headed off an even worse disaster. We are losing jobs at a dramatically slower rate than when Obama took office.

    The tax rebates under Bush did very little to help the economy.

    It's always the Republicans that hand off a country in worse shape than they found it.

    And Bush did keep us safe, I know, EXCEPT FOR 9/11. What a bunch of crap, Bush kept us safe.

    I do think Obama and the Democrats are making pretty good economic choices and it looks like things are poised to turn around and put people back to work in new fields, like green energy.

  19. I said,"When Bush pushed for a progressive agend I sure as heck did." I didn't say Bush was progressive. I said he had some progressive agendas that I didn't like. You know when he gave up free market princables for the free market? And Congress helped Clinton with his surplus and our buget didn't get out of control until the Democrats took over Congress. But I blame Bush for not vetoing the budget the Democrats gave him. I can see you didn't like the budget deficit when it was Bush's and Congress but now that the Democrats run all parts of our governemnt with both houses of Congress and the Oval Office they have spent more money then all of the Presidents before him. That include Bush. The Fed made $52 billion and Exxon made $42 billion you Democrats where calling for a winfall tax. But when the Fed makes money you say bring it on. Hypocrite!!! You are lieing about the credible economist think Obama did the right thing. And if you think that putting $787 billion into the economy would have no effect you are a bigger fool then we already know. It had an effect but not the effect they thought it would. And Obama is doing a great job of keeping us safe with all these terrorist coming out of the woodwork now that they know they have a liberal woosy in office. Remember the $787 billion spending bill

    1. Shovel ready jobs
    2. UNemployment will not rise above 8%
    3. This will stimulate the economy
    4. It is a crisis, we must spend this money now

    I guess Obama may need some refresher classes in Economics. He was mis guided. And if you think that economist say the stimulus plan worked then youm all full of it. You have nothing that backs up your claim. All we have to do is look at the 17.4% true unemployment levels and the drop in tax revenue. And it looks like more people are loosing their jobs because of those dumb green jobs.

  20. Bruce wasn't TARP Bush's thing? So you should be giving your praise to Bush for the $52 billion windfall profits. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA And Obama wants to take that money from TARP and the profits and break the law by using them to help the economy that the stimulus bill missed. HMMMMMMM. See how stupid you libs sound now???? Why do you think we laugh at you Democrats so much? You are our comic relief.

  21. Bruce I thought TARP was to ASSIST the Banks cause they were to Big to Fail! Now they have Paid Back Most Tarp money and NOW Nobama wants to TAX them for Being Successful! Only part of Economy doing WELL is the Stock Market. With out STRONG Stock Market and Private Sector where in the HELL are the JOBS going to Come From. Hes making the Bankers the ENEMY for being Successful and thats the TRUTH! Class ENVY again being used by LIBS and wonder if its MENTION in Alinskys PLAY Book! I know Bruce you got a Copy!
    When You Look at the Total Picture it is Almost like this Administration is Doing ALL it can for OUR Economy to FAIL! What has Administration DONE to Actually STIMULATE the Economy! Private Sector/Profits in Free Market is the ANSWER BUT Not to this Administration and that CONCERNS me! What other form of Government other than CAPITOLISM has EVER worked in the Last Several Hundred Years? All other FORMS will Fail Us and we as a Nation are Done. Whether on Purpose or Because of Lack of Economic Skills This Administration is on the WRONG Path. The only Path that as Been PROVEN to work is to the RIGHT!

  22. Bruce and Joe have you two ever been teabagged by another man? You hate hot women like Sarah Palin and you talk about teabagging all the time. Bruce your blog is a homosexual wet dream.

  23. Bruce I ASSUME you Work and that YOU are NOT to HAPPY with those EVIL Rich People. I am Wondering I have Had Several JOBS in MY Lifetime BUT NONE of MY Pay Checks were EVER SIGNED by a POOR Person,HOW about YOU!

  24. What value does NPR serve that the free market cannot? Do we really need to fund this "Expand the role of Government" drivel with public money? If the "progressive" movement is so popular, why can't NPR stand on its own two feet?

    Oh, I forgot they tried this before and called it Air America.

  25. It's the liberals only hope. The must find a bully like the US government to give them what they want by taking it from those that earned it. They are nothing less then common criminals.


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