Monday, January 18, 2010

It Looks Bad For The Democrats: Told You So

This is the new ad of Barack Hussein Obnoxious for Martha Quigley Coakley.

Meanwhile, reader Sean Fitzpatrick writes: “Pictures don’t do justice. Nothing like this in Mass since JFK. Worcester rally starts in thirty minutes and the streets are already packed.” Here’s a pic.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Meanwhile, reportedly, Coakley can’t fill a hall. “Martha Coakley and Barack Obama held a rally today in Boston. They couldn’t fill the hall. . . . It holds 3,000 and frankly only 2,000 to 2,500 showed up.”

This could be the beginning of the end for Obama and the liberal Democrat movement. If Obama can't fill a hall in Mass. then he is in bigger trouble then I thought. The Democrats built up Obama as the great dark hope for the Democrat Party and the liberal agenda. The left and moderates didn't look at the content of his characture but rather they just lisen to him speak well for a "negro". Mind you Brown is no right wing conservative but he's the best the conservatives have in Mass. and we will take that for now. People are waking up to the fact that the Democrats and their candidates are all talk and their actions and words aren't lining up to a better life for Americans. The Democrats have defined themselves as the anti-Republican party. And the people are seeing right through their political games. They see that it is the Democrats that want to grow government by taking power away from the people. The Republicans,conservatives, want to shrink government and give the power back to we the people. Who do you trust with the power? Government or we the people? The people of Mass. are making a statement in the changing of the tides and we need to open the eyes of the independent public to the power grab from the Democrats.


  1. Anon from Boston18 January, 2010 09:34

    There’s an old saying in New England, something one utters when another person grabs your chair or bar stool and plops himself into it before you were ready to leave: “You wouldn’t jump into my grave so fast.”

    Well, hold the phone. As everyone in the State of Massachusetts and the country knows, Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in May 2008, and as the months went on into 2009, the prognosis was: terminal.

    With the imminent vacancy of Kennedy’s seat a foregone conclusion, Martha Coakley began ramping up her campaign for his seat… as early as January 2009.

    Ted Kennedy passed away on Aug 25 2009: Coakley was in the race by September 1, with a full campaign in place, a shiny new web site, and plenty of campaigning materials at the ready.

    Even the Boston Globe took notice of Martha’s unseemly eagerness to jump into Kennedy’s seat, if not into his grave:

    Coakley has been quietly been putting together her Senate campaign over the past year, but has yet to announce officially. She has told associates she will run for the seat even if a Kennedy family member enters the race.

    The Massachusetts arm of the GOP also spotted these remarkably prescient preparations, contacted the Federal Election Commission in DC, and filed a complaint on October 6. You can read the FEC response here. It is illegal to use state funds in a federal race.

    As reported in the Boston Herald on October 9, 2009 (link has been archived):

    Federal election authorities have launched an official review into claims that Attorney General Martha Coakley improperly used her state campaign funds to ramp up her Senate bid weeks before U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy died…. a violation of election laws.

    Even television news got into the act, and piled on.

    So, beginning in January 2009, Martha Coakley gave herself a huge head start in the race for the Senate and may have violated Federal elections laws along the way. Wouldn’t you think the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should have known that?

    Or are the satraps of a one-party state so arrogant they don’t care?

  2. BOSTON - His agenda at risk, President Barack Obama fought on Sunday to save a sinking Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and the critical 60th vote needed for his health care plan while the White House and congressional Democrats scrambled to pass the legislation quickly in case of a loss.

    "When the chips are down, when the tough votes come on the fights that matter to middle-class families around this Commonwealth, who is going to be on your side?" the president asked during a rally for embattled nominee Martha Coakley as he tried to energize his dispirited base in this Democratic stronghold. "Martha's going to be on your side."

    The president also made a direct appeal to independents who are trending away from the Democrat and he assailed GOP Scott Brown. "It's hard to suggest he's going to be significantly independent from the Republican agenda," Obama said.

    The unexpectedly tight race for the seat held so long by Edward M. Kennedy, in a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 3-to-1, reflects a nasty anti-establishment environment that threatens Obama's support in Congress now and heading into this fall's elections.

    Brown, a little-known state senator, has tapped into voter anger and anxiety over federal spending to pull even with Coakley, the state's attorney general.

    Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that if Brown wins on Tuesday, Democrats are working on a plan to salvage their health care bill.

    A Brown victory would mean the Democrats would lose their 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

    So, according to the AP report, the Democrats are discussing a fallback plan that would require House Democrats to approve the Senate bill without changes -- meaning the president could sign it into law without another Senate vote.

  3. It Will Be Interesting to see the SPIN from the LIBS even if Coakly WINS cause if they are Having this PROBLEM in the BLUEST State of OUR 57, NO I mean 50, what will BE in Store when NOVEMBER comes. If Brown Wins,tell You Right NOW the LIBS will Attempt to DO what they Must to NOT seat Him UNTIL After Nobama Care Vote and to all those that VOTED for this Administration Hows all the CHANGE and TRANSPARENTSY Working for YOU!

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  5. Headline prediction for Wednesday:

    Majority of Massachusetts Citizens turn RACIST, vote for Light-Brown Republican!!


  6. Hey everybody, don't forget to pick up a copy of the new DVD coming out tomorrow that chronicles the birth of the Hypocrat Party. I believe it's called "The Invention of Lying", starring Ricky Gervais. Maybe we can all learn a thing or two about how the Hypocrats operate.

  7. Chris,
    While I agree on most of the orignal post I must say that with all the recent political shifting your one line is incorrect:

    "The Democrats have defined themselves as the anti-Republican party"

    In order for all this shifting to occur people see the democrats as defining themselves as ANTI-AMERICAN.

  8. Thank you Christopher for pointing that out.

  9. It looks like President Obama made a comercial for Coakley. It's nice to see he always has time for politics but not for unemployment and our generals fighting the wars. We see where his heart is. I just can't believe they still blame the Republicans for everything. If he was a CEO of a company and all he ever did is blame the last CEO for a year he would be out on his butt. And he wouldn't get a good referance. And most Americans know this to be fact yet the weak Democratic Party keeps blaming instead of taking responsability.

  10. I can't wait to hear all the dumb excusses the Democrats make up why they lost or almost lost the Mass. seat. It will be a blogosphere comidy show on Wed. I'm sure Bruce will come up with some good ones for us to laugh at. And the rest of the Democrats will most likely go into hiding.

  11. I just added the new Mass. ad on the top of this post. Tell me what you think of it?

  12. I don't know if you've heard the news, but Martha Coakley is running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts and tomorrow is election day. So it should be no surprise that with 24 hours to go until voting begins, Martha Coakley asked people for their votes when she made a campaign stop at a breakfast honoring Martin Luther King. But her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, thought Coakley's actions were reprehensible. Or at least that is what he claimed: Scott Brown blasted his rival Martha Coakley for invoking the legacy of Martin Luther King in asking for votes at the Boston Martin Luther King Day breakfast this morning. "I thought it was inappropriate when she started asking for people's votes when they're trying to remember Martin Luther King Jr.," he said. "I didn't know this was a rally for Martha." What a toolish thing to say. Instead of whining about Coakley asking people for their votes, Brown should be doing the same. And if he really believes in not using King, will he attack the GOP and Sarah Palin for claiming King would have opposed health care reform?

  13. Sure anonymous, it was a toolish thing for Martha (or is it Marcia, as Mrs. Teddy Kennedy pronounced several times yesterday) Coakley to do and say. That Coakley she really is totally classless, you nailed it right on the head anonymous. Good catch.

    Another brillian thing the Hypocrats are saying is "why would you give the keys to the car to the same party that drove the economy off the road". Poor choice of words for the party that elected, and kept electing, "The Swimmer" Teddy Kennedy, murderer of an innocent young woman, when he literally drove his car off the road and into the water. ROFLMAO ... I really think these Hypocrats are doing everything they can to sink this race so that they have an excuse to kill this abortion of a bill fiasco they have come up with. Time for the adults to take over! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  14. I thought BJ Clinton was supposed to be teaming up with Bush to manage the aid effort to Haiti. Looks to me like he's out whoring and stumping in Taxxachusetts. Way to go Hypocrats. What a bunch of losers.

  15. Great point John about the re-electing the party that got us here. People aren't as dumb as the Democrats think. They know that the Democrats had the power of both houses of Congress for years now. And that is when the problem started. And now they are seeing that Bush most likely stopped or slowed down the Democrats socialist agenda and the reccessions.

  16. Chris, and christopher, lmao.

    Anti-republican, anti-american, what a crock of horse shit. You guys have lost your marbles, well christopher might have stopped taking his meds, after readin his attack on non-extremist rightwingers in brians blog i don't doubt it.

    Scott brown is clearly running solely on an anti-democrat platform, with little to nothing in the way of his own plans except for his opposition to the democratic party and health care reform. Next you'll tell me the ocean doesn't look blue and that the sky is a hazy shade of brown.

    Can you two set aside your shit-colored glasses for a minute and atleast note reality?

    It seems so much that the posters here embody the thought of conservative andrew Sullivan,
    "There are those who always see Hobbes and those who see Hobbes but are grateful for Locke. There are those who see human conduct at its height as being engaged in virtuous battle for a righteous republic. And there are those who like snow-boarding."

    I guess none of you snowboard.

  17. Joe you are right he is running against the Democrat liberal idealogy and winning. Americans are growing tired of the Democrats socialist agenda. It has been the Democrats house of cards(lies)that is the Democrats demise. Is Mass. is sick of the Democrat way already what do you think the rest of the country thinks? Joe you are the ones that told us that there is global warming,Democrats are our saviors,Republicans are evil and it's all Bush's fault. I know you see snow when you are sjkiing but can't you smell the shit when you're going downhill? We the people have taken off the glassesd the Democrats gave us and now we realize Obama aint a snowman but a big pill of shit instead. You haven't even seen what the people will do to you for making us snowboard in shit while telling us it's snow. Sucks to be3 a liberal. And it didn't even last that long before we the people became lucid to what you all are doing to this country. now go blame Bush,Beck,Hannity,Rush or whoeve you want because the glasses are off and we see the shit you Democrats have been giving us over the last few years ++.

  18. Chris, so people are fed up with the democrats. It happens at all mid-term elections. Hell even the right's political Jesus Reagan lost seats. Hey, be happy, do a jig, kill a muslim, discriminate against a black man, whatever it is you guys do for fun when you think things are all going your way. It maybe. Cest la vie. I survived the Bush years, so it obviously is getting better.

    I can only wonder why Mass. would be fed up with a healthcare plan that they have already?
    Scott Brown voters must be hypocrites to voe against something they already have. Makes no sense to me.

  19. Joey, I'm getting caught up on the comments here and here you are, starting things up again with comments like this: "Hey, be happy, do a jig, kill a muslim, discriminate against a black man, whatever it is you guys do for fun when you think things are all going your way."

    Well Joey, here you are complaining about people calling you a racist but you have no compunction about doing it to others. Where, Joey, did this angry burning hatred and disgusting diatribe come from? Wow, you are an angry little man. Kill a muslim? Really? Wow Joey, you are a true piece of shit. Is this the kind of thing you are teaching your children? Wow, you are a worthless human being, truly. So sad what a nut you turned out to be. Look at you, trying to start things. Nobody said anything untoward to you, so I'm glad that you wrote that so everyone can once again see what a psycho nut-job you are. How are you going to blame your hate-speech on the Christians this time Joey?!? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Actually Joey, as far as Taxxachusetts voting against the plan they have, they aren't exactly hypocrites. They simply see what a turd their health "care" has turned out to be, and don't want it mandated on the rest of the country. Makes sense to me, but then again I'm not suffering from dementia brought on by rabies like you are.

  20. john, it was a offhand comment and it was pretty stupid, but after the grap you guys say to me each and every post i feel i got some leeway to have a little fun with my comments. Besides, i amuse

    And you least of should be calling me on it. You have no room to talk about accusations. Al, and chris yes, but you no. You've been the most rabid of attackdogs on this blog, constantly using personal attacks on those who don't agree. Why your blog name still has a personal attack on it. I am suprised. your such the little do-gooder here, john, one could hardly think someone would respond in kind.

    As far as rabies, i've been on the blog longer than the lifepsan of any rabid animal, so that one don't work.

    by the way if someone wants to see a psycho-nut job, just read John's blog title. certainly you can see first hand what i am talking about. if you think what i say is bad, look at what this guy does.

    And i am not little. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  21. Joe you cry like a baby when John calls you a racist for good reason and now you are doing the same. You are a sore looser. I feel sorry for your family after Coakley looses and you become the biggest bitch. Are you going to burn down a Christian Church or just piss on a Christian Haitians grave? Joe you are a mental case. And I don't throw that word around that often.

  22. Joey, if it weren't for stupid offhand comments you would have nothing to say. That's all you do. Feel free to read my synopsis on the other blog comment section. The one where I show exactly who starts what around here. Waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah. What a crazy whining bitch you are. It's hilarious to me because you claim to be a social anarchist. If society ever broke down into anarchy you'd be in fetal position crying in the corner. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Oh, P.S. Joey, I never said I was perfect. You're the one who keeps trying to claim that. So you can shove it idiot.

    Yes, by all means everyone please read my blogs! I have two, one that I enjoy keeping up because it explains and exposes what a couple of nut-bags these Hypocrats Joey and FAILk are, and the other one that exposes why I refer to the Hypocrats as Hypocrats. Enjoy.

    PPS Joey - If I call all my shots against you "stupid offhand comments", does that excuse them? Yeah, I thought now. Short little man.

  23. Other Administrations have lost BIG in Mid Term Elections BUT this Administration is GOING for the Big BOOBY Prize which Unlike the Nobel Prize IS Deserved! Administration HAS Agenda that it WANTS and Citizens BE Damned! A Terrible MISTAKE LIBS! Lies Got this Administration ELECTED and it will ALSO do the SAME to MAKE it a ONE TERM Aministration! Americans VOTERS DO NOT like being LIED TOO!

  24. Chris, please tell me what reason john has to call me a racist? What have I done?


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