Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Democrats Had All The Power And Control And Blew It

It’s important that, before the outcome of the Coakley-Brown contest is known, we ‘take stock’ of how things are going for the Democrats since they took control of the Federal Government. Regardless the winner of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, Americans are beginning to understand what they actually have to show for a year’s worth of life under a Government completely controlled by the Democrat party.
They’re not impressed (via Gatewaypundit).
Democrats have made a living out of vowing to hold everyone else accountable for our troubles; from Wall Street ‘fat cats’, to black-hearted and greedy Insurance companies, to Automakers in bed with money-grubbing big oil tycoons, to Wal Mart, to Al Qaeda… and even George Bush (who has been out of office for an entire year)… Democrats have long-enjoyed that liberating feeling of pointing the finger at everyone around them for all that has gone wrong in this country…even SINCE Barack Obama came in to power. In fact, the only folks you don’t hear the Democrats actually holding accountable for any of the evils in America are Democrats themselves.
Apparently, the party that insisted they were the answer to our problems…has, in point of fact, actually become the problem. That Kennedy’s seat is even in play in Massachusetts in the dawn of our Liberal enlightenment speaks volumes about the state the Democrats find themselves in and the wounds they’re having to lick clean just now…many of them self-inflicted, including a few dogs that were never even in the hunt.
Unemployment is up, troop deployments for two unpopular wars are up, the budget deficit is up, retail prices are up, fuel prices are up, the national debt is up, trade deficits are up, foreclosures are up…everything bad is up in America even while everything good continues to go down. Not what the Democrats had in mind, I’m sure, when they begged us to give them a majority in the hallowed halls of Congress so they could do the “People’s work.”
News that the bottom has fallen out of Coakley’s campaign in Massachusetts or that Brown might actually WIN this thing outright, as the Democrats scramble to find a suitable explanation that (they hope) protects Obama from taking any of the blame for it, suggests that the Democrats are (as is the President himself) in a ‘damned if they do, damned if they don’t’ situation one year shy of the midterm elections. And, if you’re a Republican politician right now, the temptation to tie a Republican victory in Massachusetts to a larger referendum on Obama’s health care fiasco has become too great to resist. I suggest here, however, that McConnell (and all the others out there using Coakley as a one-issue whipping-post) couldn’t have it more wrong.

A Coakley loss (heck, even a razor thin win) will be a referendum on the Liberal agenda and its leadership (lack thereof, really) by the Democrats themselves. Virginia and New Jersey should serve as two cases in point. In suggesting, recently, that “Democratic Policies Hinge on Massachusetts”, Obama has offered us a look into the future…one that ties his own fate to those same policies facing an ever-increasing rejection by a disgruntled and dissatisfied constituency.
The news coverage in Massachusetts is leaving out the laundry list of offenses committed by the Democrats to get themselves where they are today. However much Americans might like or dislike this bill or that bill, most of us (the reasonable among us at least) are turning against the way in which Democrats have chosen to govern. From 2,000 page monstrosities that no one is allowed to read, to invoking super majority rules to create artificial victories, to parliamentary rules changes designed to block the minority from engaging in reasoned debate and amendment, to single-party closed-door reconciliation negotiations, to shifting bills to a different status to lower the bar for gaining passage, to quitting while they’re ahead and abandoning any further action at all, choosing instead to go headlong right to the President’s desk for signature, Democrats have shown they are sincere about winning regardless the pain and suffering they might inflict on those of us who will be destroyed at the hands of their “governance by desperation” approach to running the country.
This disconnect between what we need and what Democrats and Obama want for themselves is fairly well described in a Noonan op-ed at the WSJ and worth highlighting here:
You want a competent chief executive with a deep and shrewd sense of the people. Americans want him to be on the same page as they are. But he’s on a different page, and he may in fact be reading a different book.
The real story is that his rhetorical and iconic detachment are harped on because they reflect a deeper disconnect, the truly problematic one, and that is over policy. It doesn’t really matter how he sounds. It matters, in a time of crisis, what he does. That’s where the lack of connection comes in.
The people are here, and he is there. The popularity of his health-care plan is very low, at 35% support. Someone on television the other day noted it is as low as George Bush’s popularity ratings in 2008.
Yet—and this is the key part—the president does not seem to see or hear. He does not respond. He is not supple, able to hear reservations and see opposition and change tack. He has a grim determination to bull this thing through. He negotiates each day with Congress, not with the people. But the people hate Congress! Has he not noticed?
No Ms. Noonan, he has not. Nor have the Democrats on Capitol Hill. Interestingly, again looking to Coakley-Brown, Massachusetts voters have noticed and we’ll hear from them soon enough on how they wish to proceed. Beyond that, 2010 mid-terms loom, and it’s safe to say American voters are going to hold their Legislators accountable in ever-increasing numbers for where they find themselves now, 12 months in to the Hope and Change they were promised.      Writen by Haystack


  1. Good article. Many pundits have said Massachsetts is a referendum on Obamacare but more and more are recognizing verbally this race is a referendum on Obamas policies and liberal governance in general. The latter is true for all the reasons listed in the article.

  2. All recessions end sooner or later. I thought obama and the democrats were going to help us not hurt us. I hope Brown wins and thats coming from a lifelong democrat SEIU member. I can't even give my name for fear they will do something to me. They are thugs believe me. If Scott Brown wins today they will lash out like they did in the 60's. And please don't blame the union members for what the unions do. Not all members believe in the unions. Thanks to Chris for showing those pictures of union members protesting coakley

  3. This is my Rep. and it is time for him to go. This shows you how out of touch these Democrats are. By Chad Selweski, Macomb Daily Staff Writer

    U.S. Sen. Carl Levin on Monday played down the significance of today's closely watched special election in Massachusetts to replace the late Ted Kennedy, insisting that the fate of health care reform extends beyond the number of Republican Senate seats.

    Levin said an election victory by Republican Scott Brown "very well could be" a roadblock for health care legislation, "but the bill is not a done deal yet."

    "It's unlikely that the bill will get done if the Republican wins," added the Michigan Democrat, saying the issues in Massachusetts go beyond President

    Obama's push for health care reform. "It's also angst and anguish because of the slow comeback of the economy."

    Sounding at times like he was prepared for a Republican victory, Levin declined to make any predictions, saying he was not familiar enough with Massachusetts politics to analyze the race between Brown, a state senator, and Democrat Martha Coakley, the state attorney general.

    President Obama, who led a pro-Coakley rally Sunday, said that much of his political agenda could be blocked by the election of Brown, who has tried to turn the campaign into a referendum on the first year of the Obama administration.

    In Massachusetts, a contingent of 40 Macomb County Republicans and college Republicans from across Michigan have been campaigning hard for Scott since arriving in the Bay State on Saturday.

    Jared Maynard, Macomb GOP chairman, said the group has put in long hours going door-to-door and working phone banks. Sunday's mild weather proved favorable to canvassing neighborhoods but on Monday the group braved 8 inches of snow to greet voters at their front doors.

    Maynard said the Macomb Republicans are working side-by-side with grass-roots GOP groups from five other states. With weather forecasts calling for snow and sleet in parts of Massachusetts today, Maynard said the planned Election Day effort to get out the vote will go on as scheduled.

    "Rain, snow or shine, our people are going to be knocking on doors and making calls," he said. "What I see here is a referendum on the overreaching of government."

    The Macomb volunteers say that the Scott campaign has more energy than their Democratic counterparts and that Massachusetts voters, after being taken for granted as part of a solid-blue state in past national elections, appreciate the "historic moment" for which they have become a part.

    Bill Susick of Clinton Township, a volunteer on numerous GOP campaigns in Macomb, said the Massachusetts voters are receptive and grateful that activists from other states are taking part in this bellwether election.

    Coakley has seen the double-digit lead she held two weeks ago evaporate under a strong challenge by Brown, who now holds a solid lead in some polls.

    Those polls show that independents, who make up 51 percent of the state's electorate, have responded enthusiastically to Brown. His campaign is targeting them as well as Republicans, who are outnumbered by Democrats 3-to-1 in the Bay State.

    Preparing for the worst, the White House and Democratic allies in Washington tried to plot a way to salvage their health care package if Brown wins. One scenario would push House Democrats to accept the health care bill the Senate passed last month even though it offers fewer people coverage.

    That would allow the Senate bill to go straight to the president's desk for signing, with House Democrats intent on making changes later.

  4. But if the process of hammering out a compromise House-Senate bill continues, Levin said he is troubled by the White House's willingness to make a deal with labor unions on the tax on so-called "Cadillac" health insurance. The newest provision would give labor until 2018 to renegotiate new benefits with management so that their rich health coverage would avoid taxation.

    While acknowledging that he may be inviting a union backlash, Levin said he will ask the Obama administration to explain its reasoning for the special treatment. The senator said tax law should not discriminate between union and non-union workers.

    "I think they're probably going to have to water that down or modify it," he said. "We need justification and I haven't seen any legal justification."

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  5. you quoted Peggy "i am the right" Noonan???? the every same speech writer for reagan that blasted Palin???? lol...

    nothing like a biased opinion there.

    Unfortunatly for us, Obama has no choice but to push the healthcare reform thorough, the right wouldn't do anything but oppose it from the start. They decided they were not going to work with him on anything in an attempt to obstruct his admin and make him look weak and this is where that gets us.

    If the right had taken a bi-partisan tack and worried about their constituents more than their ideology this bill wouldn't be in the works. I know your closed mind won't let you see the reality chris, but i had to present it to you.

  6. You are so full of lies JoeC. We have shown you the Republican bill. But the idiots in Washington rather play stupid and say their isn't one. Why do you keep lieing like that Joe? You knew there was a Republican Bill and the Democrats didn't use one thing from it. This is the fault of the Democrats because they put their bill and only their bill through and the rest of the country knows it's the Democrats bill without one voice or word of bipartisanship. And now you Democrats are getting what you diserve for not alowing a bipartisan health care bill. You wanted this bill and now you have it. If the Democrats push this bill threw they will pay the price. No one but the democrats in Washington like this bill. You are right that this bill doesn't have one fingerprint of even one Republican on it. Do you really think the Democrats are doing what the constituents want when they are pushing a bill throew that only 1/3 of the population want? It sounds to me like you are projecting yourself on the Republican. I think what you are trying to say is that if the Republicans would have voted fopr a bill that most Americans hate then both parties would be in the same boat. Joe I thought you were smarter then that?

  7. Hypocrats could have passed 200 10-page bills. Hypocrats could have had one bill devoted to eliminating Medicare fraud that would have passed. The fact is that this Hypocrat bill is simply a power-play and handout to their various friends. Plain and simple. And now we can see clearly who the Hypocrats are beholden to. Unions, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Trial Lawyers, Nebraska, Louisiana.

    There is no reason this bill needed to all be passed as one big turd. If they know where the Medicare fraud is at, well they have let one full year go by without doing anything to stop it. That's a clear fact that cannot be disputed! One full year of Medicare FRAUD, allowed by the HYPOCRATS. They could have created an ENTIRELY separate bill just for the fraud that they KNOW is in the system, and they won't. What a bunch of assholes. Truly.

    This is on the Hypocrats. Thank God for the Republicans and what they have done so far to stop this train-wreck of a bill.

    I mean, seriously, what would have changed if Republicans agreed with them?!?! LOL ... the HYPOCRATS HAVE THE MAJORITY! The bill is exactly as THEY wrote it for THEIR majority, and yet ... somehow what they ended up with is the minority party's fault?!?! ROFLMAO

  8. Chris, i never said they didn't have a bill. Of course they have some sort of plan, just not a worthwhile one.

    I said they wouldn't have worked with Obama and the democrats and still won't. the rights plan is a joke. It is laughable, as it does little. might as well piss in the wind as follow through on that plan.

    I agree with you on one point though, the left is getting what it deserves. It made this mess and it could have avoided it. the left is typically weak on getting its message out, and didn't do enough to show america how little the right cared about getting them healthcare. Instead they tried to make deals, find loopholes and have to defend a flawed bill or lose face. Its there own fault.

    they should have stuck to their guns and not made any deals, demanded the right work with them, and when they didn't they should have let it die on the vine and blamed the right. instead they did something else and it is coming back to haunt them.

  9. JoeC said,,,,,,,

    "Unfortunatly for us, Obama has no choice but to push the healthcare reform thorough, the right wouldn't do anything but oppose it from the start. They decided they were not going to work with him on anything in an attempt to obstruct his admin and make him look weak and this is where that gets us".

    No, not 'unfortunatly' better said - THANK GOD! The PEOPLE, yes those who matter and yet are ignored by liberals ar overwelmingly AGAINST Obamacare, bribes, corruption, back room deals, wasteful over the board government spending, not putting the economy FIRST and NON-TRANSPARENCY.

    So I guess God is not to thank here but rather the liberals themselves for showing their true colors.

  10. Chris, thank god that we get a lousy healthcare bill??? WTF? I mean we got lousy bills before, the patriot act, others, but i've never thanked god for them. Its sad that politics comes to this.

    Your side doesn't care about the people, and my side is too busy trying to defend the president to do thr right thing. Had it not become personal and partisan things would have worked out better, but once the "Waterloo" comment came out the american people we're screwed. now your glad, because you'll get more votes. that pretty sick brother.

    I want to discuss something, because i tend to believe that abortion works in this same type of political way. You and others on the right want to end abortion, like Dems want single payer. the republicans pay atleast slight homage to your view, while the dems oppose it? why hasn't there been a serious and by serious i mean like in the early 2000's when you controlled everything attempt to end it? how come it was never a priority with the party? Its a major voting bloc, but an extremely unfufilled one at that.

    my view is that its entirely political. The right can't eliminate a voting bloc, because it might hurt their election campaigns. Imagine a blue dog democrat once abortion is out of the way. Hard to get the natives restless for someone who they agree with on one of their major points. and as we see with the health care bill, you risk pissing on both sides. If you can't get it done without deals and weakening the bill, you piss off your own voters and let the other side mock you and make fun of your leadership.

    Now that i think of it, that makes me much more proud to have voted for Obama. Atleast he had the balls to take the risk. i don't agree with what has happened, but he put his jewels out there and no matter the outcome he tried. All the right ever did was use abortion for votes. They had the court, the ball and the fans in the stands in the first six years of this past decade and they did nothing. Nothing. bush didn't demand that a bill to end abortions end up on his desk. He didn't go on tours and speaking engagements to stump for such a bill.

  11. Joe the Democrats had,past tense,supper majority and they couldn't get it done. The Republicans bagged for a word at the table but the Democrats wanted to do this bill all by themselves. They got what they wanted but we the people don't want5 this reform bill. Most Americans agree with the Republicans on what they want for health care reform. But you idiots keep making up lies by saying they never brought anything to the talbe. I just get you libs. you blame everything on everyone but yourselves. The Democrats are in trouble and it is because of your liberal agenda. You liberals harmed the Republican party and now you are hell bent on destroying the Democrat Party. Thank GOD,with a capital G jerkoff,the Republicans and the Teabaggers woke up and started to fight back the liberal agenda. You watch and see how angry and violent these little kids we call liberals act when they lose. Liberals are the reason Jesus said,"Spare the rode and spoil the child". Grow up for a "Change". Oh yeh, by the way suicide is at an all time high thanks to Obama's "Hope" lost. The Democrats are big talkers but when it comes to putting up they always fall short like Clinton,Carter and now Obama.

  12. Joe it sounds like you want the Republicans and all of us conservatives and Independents to just throw our values and idealogy away and follow Obama and the Democrats without a word. You libs just want us to shut up and drink the liberal kool-aid. We have been drinking it and now it's yopur turn to shut up and fall in line with the majority of Americans. You liberals are a fringe that got into power with your lies and retoric. Get read Joe because you can be as pissed as you want at us and GOD but that doesn't make us go away. Your disrepect of God is foolish. Why take out your anger on God when it should be on the Democrat party you should be pissed at? Do you go home and beat your dog because you had a bad day? The jails are full of liberals like that.

  13. Joe do you even know when the last time the Republicans help a super majority and the oval office? All you weak Democrats are doing is losing your supermajority and you give up. And yet you wonder why the Republicans haven ended abortion and SSI or whatever. You said Christopher need to be put on meds. and yet you are the one talking stupid. No disrespect.

  14. This Administration FORGOT the Citizens and Nobama Did Wake them UP with His Scorch and Burn Administration!

    ANY Announcement that Concerned Health Care Bill HAS SO Many Libs in the Photo SHOOT that YOU Wonder whos Holding Down the STORE!
    The Nobama Health Care Bill IS/WILL Cost Democrats/LIBS Dearly in Up Coming Elections. Citizens are not SHEEP or STUPID and the LIBS have BADLY Misjudged the VOTERS and for that SHAME on THEM!


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