Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jon Stewart Shows What A Scary Freek Of Nature Keith Olbermann Is


  1. don't find him that funny when he rips yourside a new one and proves how hypocritical the right is, but attack a lefty and you think he's great.

  2. Are you talking about yourself too Joe. Or is pointing out the obvious a unique talent of yours? The truly funny part about it is Steward rarely ever ripes on the left. You need to thicken up your skin Joe and start paying attention to your surroundings. Anyone can point out the obvious. Just like anyone can blaim someone else for what is going wrong. If you liberals start acting like leaders instead of followers maybe you could have done even more damage to this country when you "fundamentally change America".

  3. JoeC I did not need Jon Stewart to POINT out what a IDIOT Overbite is! I Do watch a little bit of Ms NBC to see How the Far Left Reacts to Political Issues! Im not sure whats in HIS Kool Aide but Overbite seems to have been ODing on it!

    OverBITE is ALSO good for MY diet! After watching HIM I Have to SKIP a Meal,get a REALLY upset Belly! Some body once said be CLOSE with your Freinds BUT Keep your Enemys EVEN Closer!

    Never bring UP Limbaugh Hannity O Reilly or Beck again,Thank GOD this Guy is YOURS!

  4. I find him very funny. Don't think i'm sticking up for Keith. I don't watch the dude, or care about him. Last time i saw him, he was a lousy anchor on sportscenter.

    The reality is that i don't watch much of John Stewart either. I prefer history, discovery, nat geo, those type of stations.

    I'm not up all the time fighting the good fight like the rest of ya'll. Politics and the damnable talking heads don't fill my days.

  5. JoeC I watch JUST enough of the Political Issues to Keep YOU Coming Back JoeC and your NOT keeping up that Much Explains some of YOUR Stances!

  6. Al, i never said i don't study things, but i don't follow politics and the various network talking heads. My sources are typically less political than most here, and tend to be more scholarly as opposed to journalistic.

    But if you want to think i am unaware have at it, brother.


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