Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Is The Most Polorizing President In American History. He Said He Would Bring Us Together Not Divide Us Even More.

 The 65%-point gap between Democrats' (88%) and Republicans' (23%) average job approval ratings for Barack Obama is easily the largest for any president in his first year in office, greatly exceeding the prior high of 52 points for Bill Clinton.
Average Difference Between Republicans' and Democrats' Job Approval Ratings of Presidents During First Year in Office
Overall, Obama averaged 57% job approval among all Americans from his inauguration to the end of his first full year on Jan. 19. He came into office seeking to unite the country, and his initial approval ratings ranked among the best for post-World War II presidents, including an average of 41% approval from Republicans in his first week in office. But he quickly lost most of his Republican support, with his approval rating among Republicans dropping below 30% in mid-February and below 20% in August. Throughout the year, his approval rating among Democrats exceeded 80%, and it showed little decline even as his overall approval rating fell from the mid-60s to roughly 50%.
Barack Obama's Job Approval Ratings Among Republicans and Democrats, First Year in Office
"Prior to Ronald Reagan, no president averaged more than a 40-point gap in approval ratings by party during his term; since then, only the elder George Bush has averaged less than a 50-point gap."
Thus, the extraordinary level of polarization in Obama's first year in office is a combination of declining support from Republicans coupled with high and sustained approval from Democrats. In fact, his 88% average approval rating from his own party's supporters is exceeded only by George W. Bush's 92% during Bush's first year in office. Obama's 23% approval among supporters of the opposition party matches Bill Clinton's for the lowest for a first-year president. But Clinton was less popular among Democrats than Obama has been to date, making Obama's ratings more polarized.
Republicans' and Democrats' Job Approval Ratings of Presidents During First Year in Office
Obama still has three years left in his first term and possibly seven more as president, so there is much time for the polarization of his approval ratings to subside. However, if the current level of polarization persists through the end of his term, Obama would exceed Bush as the president with the most polarized approval ratings.
Bush's average Republican-Democratic gap for his eight years in office was 61 points. This included the record gap for a single approval rating: 83 points, which occurred twice -- in September 2004 (95% Republican, 12% Democratic) and October 2004 (94% Republican, 11% Democratic).
The political divide in Bush's ratings is to some extent understated, though, given the rally in public support for Bush after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, when he received record-high approval ratings. Even with these approval ratings, he averaged a 55-point gap in approval by party during his first term. During his second term, the average party gap in his ratings was 68 points, higher than Obama's to date.
The accompanying graph makes clear how much the level of political polarization has grown in Americans' evaluations of presidents in recent decades. Prior to Ronald Reagan, no president averaged more than a 40-point gap in approval ratings by party during his term; since then, only the elder George Bush has averaged less than a 50-point gap, including Obama's average 65-point gap to date.
Average Difference Between Republicans' and Democrats' Job Approval Ratings of Presidents During Full Term in Office
Bottom Line    Obama has done it again. He has the lowest approval rating of any President in history and now he is the most polorizing President ever. He said he would bring us together and work with Republicans to make America great. It looks like he is wrong once again. He is over 10% above the next most polorizing President in history. Obama and his marry group of idiots can't get anything right. They are saying they have saved thousands,1.5 million,no I mean over 2million jobs have been save. When in reality we have lost over 2 million jobs since the Stimulus Bill. If the left wing fools want to believe this gypsy progressive cult let them. If the Democrats want to let them run their party into the ground. Let them. But don't tell us that Obama is a good President and that he has saved jobs when it is a blatent lie.


  1. Dear Chris,

    Think Scott Brown’s election means healthcare is dead?

    Think again.

    You see, the union bosses can read the writing on the wall. And with Congressional approval ratings in the tank and union-backed candidates going down in flames, RIGHT NOW may be their last chance to work with huge union-label majorities and get PAYBACK.

    That’s why they’re not backing off of their healthcare power grab one bit. Instead, they’re pushing harder than ever!

    In fact, SEIU President Andy Stern just recently threatened his hand-picked legislators, saying “if something significant doesn’t happen in Congress” his union would pull their support in 2010!

    Still, it’s true that many moderate Congressmen and Senators around the country can “read the tea leaves” and now know that supporting Big Labor’s healthcare power grab is political suicide, even if the unions bosses are making a fuss.

    So I say it’s time to hammer that message home! It’s obvious America does not want this Big Labor power grab masquerading as “healthcare reform.”

    Please call your Congressman and Senators at the numbers below and DEMAND they oppose whatever healthcare “compromise” Andy Stern and his union-label congressional lackeys push next.

    Rep. Sander M. Levin : (202) 225-4961
    Sen. Senator Carl Levin : 202-224-6221
    Sen. Senator Debbie Stabenow : 202-224-4822

    Right now we’re just a few phone calls away from hammering the final nail into this forced unionism bill’s coffin.

    Don’t you want to strike the final blow?

    Please call Rep. Sander M. Levin, Sen. Senator Carl Levin and Sen. Senator Debbie Stabenow TODAY, and DEMAND they vote “NO” on the union bosses’ healthcare “compromise.”


    Doug Stafford

  2. This is no surprise. He ran as a centrist while winking and nodding to the liberal lefties.

    We brought this on ourselves through willful electoral ignorance

  3. Silverfiddle Bingo You Got it and Hopefully COME November they Will Get it Back!

    What Happened to All those NEW Libs we had here today School must Have let OUT!

    Tea Baggers and Libs Greater Combination! Maybe WE Can InterFace!

  4. But he's likely to win again. God, this had to hurt the people at Fox to see this, much less have paid for it.

    In hypothetical head-to-head matchups, President Obama tops each of the Republican candidates tested.

    By 47 percent to 35 percent Obama bests former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The president has an even wider edge over former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (55 percent to 31 percent), and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (53 percent to 29 percent).

    Finally, twice as many people say they would vote for Obama (48 percent) as would back a candidate from the Tea Party movement (23 percent).

    Who's the fringe now BITCHES?!?!? Thats right the TEABAGGERS>>> BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  5. But back to the topic. The fact that the right finds him polarizing doesn't mean he hasn't tried to be bi-partisan. It just means you guys are extremely partisan in your thinking.

  6. Good to see a real progressive thinker like JoeC on a blog. The problem with Obama is he tryed to be too right of center. If he goes back to the left we will see real progress. It is up to us progressives to give him a push back to the left. If we don't we could loose our chance to have real progress forever. Joe could you tell me how to get a google name? I don't trust the other posters to tell me the truth.


    J.Higgins said...

    "The problem with Obama is he tryed to be too right of center"

    You are in serious need of a straight jacket.

  8. Here's your sign,,,,,,,

    Fox News Finishes Week #1 in All of Primetime Cable

    By Kevin Allocca on Jan 26, 2010 10:23 AM

    Fox News was the top cable network in primetime last week, averaging the most total viewers between January 18th-24th. The last time FNC topped USA and came in first was during the week of the 2008 presidential election.

    In a week dominated by coverage of the earthquake in Haiti and the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts, FNC drew an average of 3.2 million total viewers in primetime (Mon-Sun).

    Fox was ranked 3rd in total day. CNN was 22nd in primetime and 19th in total day, and MSNBC was 25th in primetime and 31st in total day.

  9. Joey said "Who's the fringe now BITCHES?!?!? Thats right the TEABAGGERS>>> BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    But he doesn't start anything folks. Nothing to see here. God forbid you call Joey out on being a total douche-bag, he will say two wrongs make a right or claim that somebody else started it.

    You're a class act Joey. Or should I call you "brother", because you care for us all like brothers?


    Oh, and lieberals are still the fringe, with only 20% associating with you lieberal nut-jobs.

  10. JoeC Lets HOPE You Can get this Administration as FAR Left as You Can! Thats Like Custer Asking for MORE Indians! Joec Is Not the Presidental Election in 2012. Libs Better Keep their Eye on the Ball JoeC cause 2010 SHOULD Open Your Eyes if not YOUR Brain. One term NOBAMA is Perfect Example that On the JOB Training for President is NOT a GOOD Thing but then HE has Been Trained as a Community Organizer which APPARENTLY He Failed!

    Any Body that NEEDS Telepromter to SPEAK to 6th Grade Class Tells You What About Your Guy Joec!

    Thanks for those Numbers on How Well Nobama will DO in Presidental Election! You Make sure you Keep Thinking THAT Way!

  11. Hell Al, the Hypocrats are still claiming Scott Brown winning in the bluest of the blue states was an approval of Obummer and the Hypocrats' policies!! BWAAHAHAHA ... what a bunch of delusional sociopaths. I suppose Coakley winning would have been a referendum against Obummer's policies? ROFLMAO ... oh man, what a comedy show these Hypocrats are putting on! They are totally sick in the head, and now the whole nation knows it. Now the whole nation wants to put these toadstools back in the dark.

    I do like this example of the do-nothing Hypocrats and their pathetic agenda and executive skills. I suppose this one is Bush's fault too. I also posted a couple of the comments from the story as well.

    U.S. Senate rejects President Obama’s deficit plan By The Associated Press 01/26/10

    The Senate has rejected a plan backed by President Obama to create a bipartisan task force to tackle the deficit this year.

    The special deficit panel would have attempted to produce a plan combining tax cuts and spending curbs that would have been voted on after the midterm elections.

    hurtzallot January 26, 2010 - 1:13 pm
    AFTER THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS – that says it all. How come this administration seems to want to delay, stall or not act on ANYTHING that may affect their reelection chances? Now in the State of the Union you’re likely to hear the Republicans are the ones acting in a partisan way – I ain’t buying anything this serial liar is selling. I pray those who voted for him understand it’s ALL about him……unless he’s blaming Bush….?

    adamincalifornia January 26, 2010 - 1:19 pm
    Pelosi is running the show. What initiative of Obama’s has gone through the House without her rewriting it or rejecting it? He is one of the weakest executives we have seen in a long time.

  12. BWWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Christopher you just made me spit out my drink. Al you are also on fire. I love the Custer asking for more Indians. Great analogy. And John thanks again for saying what you feel. These guys are a bunch of jokers. I wonder how many times Obama will blame Bush tomorrow. I say he does it 3 times. I also think the Progressives might be a day late and a dollar short on getting the Blue Dogs to vote with them in mind. The Tea Party Conservative movement is doing it's job. They strengthned the conservatives within the Republican party and they are pushing the Blue Dogs back to being Reagan Democrats. Keep up the pressure and don't forget there are more readers then writers.

  13. John, what you don't like when i act like you??? Bwahahahaha, you pos. Bwahahahaha, 23 percent, you fringe people.

    You sure do fit in the glass house category. Someone tries to have a little fun with ya and suddenly your all sensitive. Your pussy hurt or something, sister???

    John, I think we make a nice little couple. I'm a douche your a pussy. So be it.

    Funny thing is, all these posters and lurkers have seen you go all apeshit over Bruce and curse at him, but then you turn around and call me a dbag for my language. Thank God you have a pile of self-loathing denialists here to back you up, cause you'll find an excuse why its okay for you to by barney bad-ass on Bruce but nobody else can. And they all jump right in banana style lying to support you. You know banana style right, all of the them in a big yellow bunch.

  14. JoeC You Just Dont Get it! Conservatives UNLIKE Libs Do not EAT There OWN or Throw Them Under the BUS! Libs Should Try it CAUSE They Just Look So WEAK POINTING Those BLAME Fingers!

  15. Hey Joey, acting like a douchebag is definitely NOT acting like me. I don't give a rat's ass how you act, you are the one that gets your panties in a twist about my blog ( AGAIN JOEY, I have NEVER claimed to be an angel like YOU do. Just have to go back a few comments to demonstrate your WHINING and CRYING. And once AGAIN, you have not disputed ONE thing that was written. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Stop trying to hit on me you sick homosexual. I have nothing against you people, but don't try to force yourself on me.

    Joey, either live up to your ideals that you espouse on here or don't. But don't whine and cry about others going off topic when you are the first to do so. And don't whine about strawmen when you constantly do it. And don't claim that you think everyone is your brother and then call them names. It's totally hypocritical. Unless you do that to your brothers and everyone you care about. If that's the case, then everyone must think you are a real asshole.

    And I don't recall FAILk asking you to stick up for him. He's a big boy, I'm sure he can handle being called names (especially names that are true). What is it with Bruce, are you in love with him? Does he teabag you, or do you teabag him? I've never seen one man so in love with another man and so defensive of him, and I have several gay married neighbors!!! You two do make a cute couple. Although I'm sure FAILk would resent you showing your strong feelings for him.


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