Monday, January 25, 2010

Where Do The Progressive Stand On Rahm

January 25, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk
Progressives call on Obama to fire Rahm Emanuel President Obama’s long-time friend and political ally Rahm Emanuel has come under fire from a liberal group that claims the White House Chief of Staff has mishandled major issues on the president’s agenda.
Citing Obama’s falling popularity ratings and the Democrats’ growing political woes—most recently represented by their loss of the supermajority in the Senate after the Massachusetts special elections—the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) has urged its members not to support the former Illinois congressman if he ever runs for public office again.
In particular, the group has attacked Emanuel for teaming up with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to give up on the public option, and for helping to put together deals with the drug companies in exchange for their support.
"There’s nobody in Washington who caves at the slightest hint of a fight with corporate interests more than Rahm Emanuel," said PCCC co-founder Adam Green, quoted by CNN.
"We’re making clear to Rahm that when he undermines progressives and the overwhelming will of the American people on issues like the public option, he will pay a political price back home," he added.
Writing for, editor Matthew Rothschild also alluded to the 10 percent unemployment rate and blamed Emanuel for it, saying he pushed Obama to reject the calls of Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz, two Nobel Prize-winning economists, for a bigger stimulus package.



  1. I agree with Rothschild and the Progressives that Emanuel is not serving President Obama well. He is way too conservative and much too willing to work with Republicans on major issues.

    The American people voted for President Obama to put in place real change, which is what the majority of the American people voted for after 8 disastrous years under the Bush administration.

    The loss of a Democrat in Massachusetts is not a message to go slower and be more conservative, it was a message that the President's base has lost their enthusiasm because the things President Obama campaigned on is what we expect to have happen.

  2. Bruce you 'Progressives' need to push Pres.Obama harder to the left if you want to get anything done. What are you doing to push him in line with the 'Progressives' in Congress? The Republicans are eating our lunch right now and the 'Progressives' are doing nothing but but writing about it. We aren't protesting or coming together for the fight that is coming. Our grip on the government is only getting weaker. If we loose Obama and Congress you and I will not see a chance like this in our lifetime. There are a lot of us left wing reading this blog. You need to use this blog as a plateform for change because it has the readers. You need to make a voice loud enough to silence the 'Teabaggers'. It's old school time and we need to do what we do best. Get a group together and tell everyone when and where. Put it on every left and right wing blog you can find. This will scare the right back in their holes.

  3. J. Higgins, I agree that progressives need to be hitting the streets.

    We have to take back the message and hopefully the Democrats and President Obama will finish the job on health care.

    Please join me on my blog, Oakland Democratic Politics

  4. J.Higgins relax. Are you at war with Americans like Bruce is? Are we the enemy that Obama wants to have a civil army for? Bruce why would he go to your blog when you only have a few people that read it? I don't think you can intimidate us because we surround you by 2 to 1. At least you are willing to take down the Democrat Party to get you way.

  5. Right on FAILk and Higgins. Massachusetts definitely elected REPUBLICAN Scott Brown to the Senate to send a message to Obummer, and that message was "more radical regressivism please". ROFLMAO ... yes, by all means continue your radical leftist agenda, do NOT listen to the people of Massachusetts, the bluest of the blue states who elected a REPUBLICAN into Teddy Kennedy's old seat. But I'm confused ... wouldn't electing a Hypocrat, Coakley, into the seat send a message that they want more of the same? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... so let me get this straight. Electing Hypocrat Coakley would have said that the people of Massachusetts reject Obummer and the Hypocrats' agenda, but electing Republican Brown says that they support the regressive agenda? BWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! WTF?

  6. Hey Higgins, enjoy your circle-jerk over on FAILk's site. When you get tired of pot-head Don Bortz, Bruce "Epic" FAILk, and vomamike licking your nuts for you come on back over to Chris' blog for a real conversation. Meanwhile, enjoy the regressive liberal Al Qaeda Cult blog of Bruce's. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Yeah, that Rahm is a real conservative. ARe Stalin or Hitler still available to be Obummer's C.O.S.? Hugo Chavez is kinda busy running his country into the ground, but he might be able to fill in until a new guy is found. But even he might be too conservative for FAILk.


  8. Bruce Gotta Admit Libs Do have a Way of Taking SHIT and ACTUALLY making it SMELL Worse!

    Please Hit the Streets with Your Message of CHANGE! Get those True Beleivers OUT there to SPEW their Great Knowledge of Political Issues!
    Citizens Got Fooled BY Nobama BUT Bruce HE WOKE Up Voters and that WILL Be His Legacy and Make Him a One Termer! Thanks Nobama for Being the ALARM Clock!

    I Thought there was a CIVILIAN Security Force ALREADY,SAW it at Tea Partys !

  9. Lets see who wins this civil war in the end. We are regrouping and getting ready for a fight. We will sho you how big a 'fringe' can get. I want to hear the progressive voice on this blog. We are done playing nice.

  10. I'm with you on that JH. I see you have been on a lot of blogs. Good job and don't hold back.

  11. Name one thing that RAM it through has worked with the Republicans on.

  12. Did I read that you are a gay republican donald? That is just gross. You homos can all go to the republicans.

  13. Got Some NEW Bloggers BUT they Sound As ONE!

    Now Put Down Your COMIC Books and get back to CLASS! WOW

    Gotta Be LIBS Kind of Sound UNBALANCED to the LEFT!

  14. I come to this site often, but never respond. I finally have to. This Bruce guy, who responds on here so often, is about as much of a mental midget as anyone I've ever read. It's hard to believe this guy is an American. Everything he espouses is the opposite of what our country is based on. I can't even imagine having the mentality that government is there to take care of us in every aspect of our life. Absolutely clueless that the more government gets involved in our lives, the more we go downhill.

    He just doesn't get it - how corrupt people in power get when they're given too much control over the people. I can only conclude that he likes people telling him what to do, and guiding him along in life at every step. Maybe it makes him feel safe? Is he that insecure? Or is he one of those "progressives" (what a hilarious word for them), that thinks that dependence on the government is a good thing. The more we depend on them the better. No......there's no such thing as tyrants....

    Bruce, go in the corner and be a weak, cowering progressive who loves to be dependent on the rest of us. Just let the rest of us be strong, have our liberty, and take care of ourselves without so much government interference supported by the crybabies like you.

  15. Anon, you're so strong you don't even have the courage to post your real name.

    You conservatives are only strong when you have a gun in your hands. Talk about mental midgets, Anon.

    All your words just embolden me and the movement to keep fighting you with every ounce of our strength to make sure that we fight you now, and in November. You have made this into an ideological battle and even though you think you have the people with you, you don't.

    You have deluded yourselves into thinking that you backward thinking will keep us from speaking up. YOU WON'T. Every industrialized country in the world offers health care to its citizens and the United States will too and soon. We are not backing up one inch to your bully tactics.

  16. OOh Brucie, you have us all shaking in our boots!

    Keep crying for daddy government to take care of you!

    What a joke people like you are... Waaah, waaah, waah, where's my pacifier??

  17. Bruce you will go down like a blaze of flamming crap come Nov. Not one thing that you progressives promised has come true. Anon is right you are a weak weak group. Just look at your Beck protest of marry glass lickers. Not one of them was on the long bus in school. So wahat you have some of your progressive idiots stop by and attack us and now you feel strong? You progressives act like you are at war with America and the silent majority. Talk about bullies. You are the one that went to the Tea Parties with a video camera and tryed to intimidate the elderly into running away. I bet it was you and your friends that threw crap at some of the protesters in Apl. Are you talking about bringing guns because that is what you are planing on doing or was that just a slip of the tongue? Christopher was right we all should get our consealed weapons CCW. It is you libs that are the dangerous ones. You have that freak djtyg acting all paranoid with everyone that goes on your blog. Well now you just have him and you as it looks like vomamike has gone bye bye for the most part.

  18. Chris, you can make all the false accusations you want. You know they're not true.

    Progressives are trying to make this a better place for ALL Americans. Conservatives are trying to take us back to the 18th century.

    Hell, you'd probably get rid of the Internet if you could. Your backward thinking is ruining this country, Chris, along with your teabagger partners.

  19. Bruce All of A Sudden After a Year of Nobama Care in Congress with Closed Door Meetings and Bribery,Nobama Finally Begins to Focus on the ECONOMY! Wonder if it had ANYTHING to DO with last Weeks Election in Massachusetts?

    Three Different Administration Officals Give THREE Different NUMBERS on JOBS saved! #1 How Do you MEASURE Saved JOBS,I just want You to Tell me How Bruce! Three Officals which ONE is telling the Truth BUT More Important Which Two are Lieing Bruce!

    Bruce Once again Name ONE Nobama Program that has been PASSED,that MOVED ECONOMY Forward! Please DONT Say Extending Unemployment Benifits. Benifits are LIKE Putting a Band Aide on OPEN Heart Surgery! You KNOW it Makes LIBS Feel Good BUT what Was FIXED Bruce. Unemployment is at 10% Bruce BUT Being Unemployed is 100% of the Time! JOBS Bruce Jobs and in November Politicans WILL get the Message and it Sure WONT Be a FEEL GOOD VOTE for Them!

    ps Bruce One of Your BRAVE Bloggers Yesterday Used Anny. sign in BUT I dont remember YOu thinking that was Bad! Where d those Guys Go Back to Class! PLEASE Bruce Dont Tell Me Your a TEACHER!

  20. John, wow calling Bruce's blog a circle jerk is something all right. Once again you the pot or the kettle?

    All you guys here on this blog is pass Malkin, not even the good one Geno, and Beck reruns past each other and reveal in the non-thinking of it all. Its a rightwing tossed salad orgy here.

    Thankfully you have me to break up the tea bagging.

  21. Wow JOEY, it's nothing of the sort (pot/kettle). FAILk does NOT allow dissenting opinions on his blog, he has refused to post many of mine and others comments. As you yourself state, you are welcome to post your opinions on here, have you ever had Chris block or remove a post? I didn't think so. So go F**K yourself Joey, and stop being such a total a-hole.

    I mean, really, is THAT point the only one you disagree with out of alllll of these comments? I'll just put you down as agreeing with everything else I and others said. You are totally lame if you take the time to complain about (I mean, I THINK you're complaining, it's hard to tell from your alcohol-infused ramblings like something about "pass Malkin" and the run-on sentences and such) people posting interesting topics from other sources. We can't all be such skilled-trades intellectuals as Joey, thankfully. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. It's also worth noting that A) FAILk himself didn't disagree that his blog is a total circle-jerk. B) Joey has no argument against the authors like Beck and Malkin. His argument is their names and the fact that they are conservatives, which is not an argument at all.

  23. JoeC Like John Says You are Attacking the Messenger Again and Ignoring the Message the TRUTH! TRUE Libs and the Truth is Like Daracula Seeing Himself in a MIRROR Aint Happening!


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