Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Once The Left Loose They Will Get Even More Hateful. Use Their Words Against Them For A Change

I hope everyone is preparing for the lose of a Democrat agenda. The left cry like little babies when they are called racist but they have no problem dishing it out. There has yet to be that "scary right wing extreemists" that they were warning us all about. Olbermann and Maddow have called Beck nuts and yet they are the ones that stalk him on their shows and give these crazy rants like this video of Olbermann's show. The left will lash out harder and harder and when the right strikes back they cry and lie. We need to stand up for what is right and stop letting the liberals define us. I had a close friend of mine say he is sick of the Democrats defineing him and his race. Yes he is black and a conservative Democrat. Well now he says he's an independent conservative that would vote for a conservative Republican over a liberal Democrat. The Democrats will do what they always do and that is cheat,bitch,cry,get angry and then get even. They will never yield to the conservative majority. The people of Mass. are sending the Democrats a message. They might have the first Republican Senater since 1967. That is a message the liberals wont take laying down. The Democrawts put themselves in a trick bag and some how they will find a way to blame it on Republicans. We must stand strong as the majority of Americans, arm in arm and tell the liberals to shut the hell up for a "change".


  1. Amen Chris. Great points. As I commented in an earlier blog topic, both parties have had racists in their parties in the past. The difference is the Republicans kept them in the past, while the Hypocrats foster racism and have racists in their party to this day. Reid, Jackson, Clinton, Sharpton ... hell, Reid was even caught hoping out loud that the Hypocrats could manage to hold their nose and vote for a light-brown negro. And turning the negro-dialect on and off ... that sure seems a little racist. Not that Reid said it, but that Obummer does that, turns a "negro-dialect" on and off depending on his audience.

    A point I made that it seems can not be addressed by Hypocrats: are the black people who voted for Obummer merely because he was black racists? Of course they are. Hypocrats, the most racist party in the United States of America.

  2. Once again watching Overbite is REALLY a Challenge! First while he was RANTING I thought he was Talking About Reid and Byrd! Then I realized WHAT in the Hell am I Listening to this Lib Talking Head for and a POOR Dresser at THAT!

    If Brown Does Manage to Hold On I hope Libs Dont Find another Large Number of Ballots in the Trunk of a Auto or THAT Zombies are now Voting! Never Mind after Listening to Overbite and Reading these LIB Blogs Maybe there ALL ZOMBIES!
    Heres Hoping that Massachusettes is the BEGINNING of the END to This One Termers Administration!

  3. Great point AL. The Democrats like to cheat while crying that the Republicans are cheaters. The UAW members are all in a frenzy over this health care reform. Things at the union halls are changing fast and it looks like the UAW members are getting sick and tired of Democrats screwing them and the companies they work for. Local 2280 rules.

  4. Dirty cheating Hypocrats are at it already:


    You didn’t think the Democratic monopoly would go quietly in Massachusetts just because the voters don’t want them any more, did you? According to Life News, supporters of Martha Coakley launched an effort to suppress the pro-life vote in Massachusetts today by broadcasting disinformation about Scott Brown and his support from Citizens for Life:

    Behind in the polls to Republican Senate candidate Scott brown, supporters of pro-abortion candidate Martha Coakley have evidentially reached into their bag of dirty tricks. A Washington, D.C. based company is making calls to Massachusetts residents pretending to represent a prominent pro-life group.

    The calls, from 202-461-3441, a Washington number registered to a company called SOOH, claim to be from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

    The caller claims the pro-life group is opposing Scott brown because of his stance against the health care bill, but as MCFL president Anne Fox told LifeNews.com late Monday, the opposite is true.

    “Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Massachusetts Citizens for Life. The callers say that MCFL is not supporting Scott Brown because of his position on health care,” she said. “The truth is that Massachusetts Citizens for Life is supporting Brown because of his position on health care.”

    The same number is also making calls to other state residents with various messages all attacking Brown.

    “Pro-lifers are not the only victims of this scam. Our MCFL sleuths have found that this same number is calling people across the state claiming to be different groups with different messages — all anti-Brown,” Fox added.

  5. To those LIEberal Hypocrats who claim that this health care mess is the fault of Republicans. I guess maybe you will believe it's the Hypocrats fault if a fellow LIEberal says it:

    Jon Stewart: Say, didn’t Bush get bills passed with fewer Senate votes?
    JANUARY 19, 2010

    Stewart does a masterful job in wringing laughs out of liberal disaster through this entire clip, so watch the whole thing and enjoy. The most incisive point comes at about the seven-minute mark, when Stewart questions why the Obama agenda dies when Democrats go from 60 to 59 votes in the Senate. Stewart notes that the man castigated by the Left as a chimp and an idiot, Barack Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush somehow managed to get his agenda through Congress with fewer votes:


    And the reason it will die … [pauses for effect] … Let’s continue … The reason it will die is because if Coakley loses, Democrats will only then have an eighteen-vote majority in the Senate. Which is more than George W. Bush ever had in the Senate, when he did whatever the f*** he wanted to do! [Applause] In fact, the Democrats have a greater majority than the Republicans have had since 1923! But for Democrats, apparently a majority of 100 is … sixty.

    So why do Democrats need 60 votes? Democrats will claim it’s because the Republicans are more obstructionist than Democrats were under Bush, but that’s not the case. Democrats were happy to be obstructionist on their core issues, especially on judicial appointments. They didn’t need to be obstructionist on most other issues, because Bush was a lot more centrist than they liked to paint him. Bush went out of his way to court Democrats like Ted Kennedy on education and others on spending and government expansion, because Democrats like those policies.

    Democrats had the same option, which was to work with Republicans and craft more centrist approaches to issues like health-care reform and carbon emissions. Instead, they chose a radical agenda, which has not only pushed Republicans into obstructionism but has alienated voters to such an extent that Massachusetts looks ready to elect its first Republican Senator in almost 40 years. That’s not the fault of Republicans — it’s the fault of overreaching Democrats.

  6. Update: Jim Geraghty wonders why Isabel Melendez is handing out absentee ballots on the street:


    Could this be the same Isabel Melendez who considered a run for Mayor of Lawrence nine years ago?

  7. Cliff Clavin on the State of The Democrat Party
    January 19, 2010 6:48 AM

    John Ratzenberger --- not the Pope --- made an impassioned speech in favor of Scott Brown the other day, in which he spoke some harsh truths.

    This isn't the Democratic Party of our fathers and grandfathers. This is the party of Woodstock hippies. I was at Woodstock -- I built the stage. And when everything fell apart, and people were fighting for peanut-butter sandwiches, it was the National Guard who came in and saved the same people who were protesting them. So when Hillary Clinton a few years ago wanted to build a Woodstock memorial, I said it should be a statue of a National Guardsman feeding a crying hippie.
    He may be a B-List celebrity, but he's making sense here.

    The Democrat Party, if it ever was a working man's party, certainly isn't any more. They make a few rhetorical feints in the direction of "working families," but, invariably, their policies leave real working families worse off. They have become, simply, the party of big government. And the last time I looked, small business owners and working families were getting hammered by the recession... while Tim Geithner's buddies at Goldman Sachs were making out like bandits, thanks to deficit-funded bailouts.

    There's a reason Scott Brown shakes hands outside Fenway Park, and his rallies are filled with middle class working people, while Martha Coakly surrounds herself with fatcat lobbyists, Democrat pols, and union goons.

  8. Olbermann is a fool, plain and simple.

    Can't wait for BROWN to win this thing and listen to the Democrats act like it doesn't mean anything.
    Kennedy's seat goes to a REPUBLICAN?

    Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

  9. Hey John Gotta Like the Way YOU Express Yourself and it Does send LIBs a WEE Bit over the Edge BUT Hey Keep it Up!

    If Brown Wins, Some Sort of Health Care Vote PRIOR to Brown being Certified IS Possible! Pride is NOT a LIB Strong Suit. Even if BROWN Loses LIBS also LOSE. How would You Like to be a Career LIB Politican WAITING for NOVEMBER!

  10. Glenn Beck is right. The progressives have taken over the Democrat party and are the ones destroying it. It's not about Democrats and Republicans it's Progressives.

  11. Olberman is a boob, and the dems handing out ballots on the street shows just how absolute power corrupts.


    Now the Hypocrats only have a 59-40-1 majority. Poor babies!


    TOOOOOO Bad, now they are going to have to try to be more centrist.



    Now We Got to Watch these LIBS Cause they Got to have a Plan B Which Does NOT INCLUDE SEN BROWN and EVEN WORSE the American Citizens in this Nobama Health Care Mess!

  14. Hahahahahahahhahahahahhaa this one is for the history books and the libs can't write this one out. It looks like the Progressives are in for a big fight with us conservatives. Just to think only 1 year ago the Democrats wrote of the Republican party for good.Lets see what kind of dirty tricks the Progresasives use now that they are losers.

  15. Sorry John, it is 57-41-2

  16. Wow, you guys win and still find time to rant and rave at the left. can't you just be happy and go on with life? He ran a good race, the people liked him and he get elected.

    John, WTF? You can't be serious? I'm done with this stuff. your obviously either a bald face liar or just a lying pot stirrer.

    I will address one point of yours though. No i don't consider African Americans who voted for Obama based primarily on his race to be bigots.

  17. JoeC said...
    Wow, you guys win and still find time to rant and rave at the left. can't you just be happy and go on with life?

    Just who needs meds here? B. Hussein won over a year ago and all you libs do is complain,,lol.

    As a matter of fact your post WAS a complaint!!

    Had you complained to the right people maybe Coakely would have won. But no, you stuck with the socialist agenda as did Coakely,Obama and the rest of the socialists. I for one will not rest. So complain away Joe, it is interesting, futile but interesting.

  18. It was Interesting Yesterday listening to LIBS BEFORE Results were In that BROWN had WON to HEAR Numerous LIBS Throw Coakley Under the BUS! Kind of HARD to Beleive that SHE GETS Beat in the BLUEST State of ALL and its HER Fault. I Guess ALL the CRAP this Administration HAS Done with its Socialist Agenda had NOTHING to DO with HER Defeat!

    The Citizens WIN , Administrations Agenda Was the TARGET and Citizens HIT the BULLS EYE!

    Now We will SEE what the LIBS Do to MOVE Along their NOBAMA Care and It would NOT Surprize Me to see the Administration DO What it takes to MOVE it Forward! Democratic Elite Now have Choice to MAKE, SAVE their Political Carreers or GET Thrown Under the BUS with all that FAIL this Administration! November WILL be Very INTERESTING!

  19. Christopher after you went all attack dog on Brian, i think its obvious that its you who needs them. Not content to just rail against us lefties you also had to eat your own young because they were slightly moderate.

  20. Hey JoeC Did you SEE any of COAKLEY being thrown Under the BUS Rhetoric Yesterday! She APPEARED to be a GOLFISH in the LIB SHARK Tank!This Administration makes a STEADY Diet of those WHO Fail them,and JoeC Thats a FACT! When its ALL said and DONE Im Sure it will be BUSHES Fault!

  21. Joe is making fun of Christopher when it is the progressives devouring the Democratic Party. Nice strawman Joe. Did Bruce jump off of a bridge or something? He didn't seem very stable to begin with.

  22. Bruce WHERE are YOU! Come OUT and PLAY!

  23. If Bruce is hiding you know it's bad for the liberals. And Joe doesn't sound himself lately. One year and they destroyed the neo-dems.

  24. al, what happened yesterday was no different than what happened in 2006 or what happened in 2008. Sorry that you can't see it, but the right pissed all over itself trying to throw its own people under the bus then too. It happens. Thats politics.

  25. JoeC It JUST seems to me that THIS Administration has a BIGGER BUS! You KNOW Virginia,New Jersey and NOW Massachusetts! Administration SAID it was POORLY Run Campaigns BUT me Thin its a WEE bit more than THAT!

    Tea Baggers Tea Baggers Tea Baggers ONE Hell of a MOB!

  26. John, I'm not hiding, but I'm mostly posting at my own blog.


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