Sunday, January 3, 2010

What do you on the right think about this?

This video is going around many radical liberal blogs. I think she is missing the point of the Tea Parties.


  1. I think Rachel is right on point, Chris. You teabaggers have been had. You have been used for profiting the GOP and the astroturf firms that are making money off the teabag movement.

  2. Good we want the GOP to profit. We are not the ones that think profit is a dirty word unless it is govt and big labor profits. Can't forget the lawyers. Did you also know that there were people buying and selling goods at those events? I feel soooooo used. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAA. If it isn't for Big Business and Big Labor then organizing and profit are all wrong. Look at how much money the unions funnel to the Democrat. Don't act like you didn't think anyone would find a way to CAPITALIZE on this large demographic. You on the left are just jealous that we are doing what you did. But we are doing it bigger and better. Just look at all the great conservative blogs out there now.

  3. OK I watched as much of MadCow as I Could and I have been HAD ,just had a Pepto Float!

    Gosh the LIBS have Never made a Profit on Any thing! All those Billions sent to the Big Cities,where in the Hell did that GO cause it AINT in the Cities! Wonder whom Profited from that!

    I am Glad to see how MUCH Tea Baggers are on the MIND of these LIBS,WHY else come After US! Well at least right now its not ARROWS being SHOT at PALIN but Bruce I am sure YOUR just trying to figure out what END of the BOW to USE!

    Lets see 870,000 Dollars made by Private Company. In Obama Administration whats thats 30 seconds of Spending,Probablly LESS!

    Bruce Hopefully after November there will be ALOT of LIB Politicans Looking to make PROFITS in other Areanas. Private Sector is not there Strong Point though cause YOU have to Work!

  4. John, you haven't done it better at all., an organization you despise have over 5 million members and has raised millions of dollars for advertising and to actually affect policy and raise money for candidates is actually much better than anything the right has put to together.

    The Teabaggers are pikers. They charge for speaking spots at Teabagger parties. The money that was supposed to go for a movement to separate itself from the GOP, actually goes to the GOP. Sounds like a massive profit making failure to me.

  5. You are the f*cking man Bruce Fealk. Show those baby killing reps who's the boss. When's the next war rally? Can we do one indoors? How about Summerset Mall in Troy,MI? Lets show these neo cons how to run a rally. We need to start fighting like we are losing the war.

  6. Like Al said, I could only take about 2 seconds of that video of madcow.

    She is worthless so her little lesbian rant means nothing. I mean really,her ratings like all msnbc / white house shows are abysmal.

  7. Christopher, to closed minded ideologue like yourself anyone short of rabid rightiwnger is weak. But atleast your open with it.

    I didn't watch the video and don't intend to, but i know what its about. The GOP isn't really benefiting as much as GOP people are. the money doesn't go to the RNC or candidates, but consultants pockets. They funnel that money into their and other friends pockets.

  8. Lets see GOP is not Benifiting and LIBS are Worried about it! Great that Means Tea Baggers are doing OK!

    Move on .Org is making Millions for LIBS. Bruce GREAT you GUYS are Going to NEED it in November and Remember theres NO money BACK Gaurantee.

    Yea that Policy that you LIBS got is a REAL Winner. Any of that Money going to Help the People that NOBAMA Promised Shoveled JOBS Too! Where Are they Brucy?

    Tax Payers Pay and LIBS Spend that is Quite a Brilliant Policy!

  9. As my statement I'll just post a quote from Benjamin Franklins "Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One". Although this was written for Parliament, there are some interesting correllations. Rule 16 of that document reads, "If you are told of Discontents in your Colonies, never believe that they are general, or that you have given any occassion for them; therefore do not think of applying any remedy or of changing any offensive measure. Resress no grievance, lest they should be encouraged to demand the redress of some other grievance." Sounds a bit familiar doesn't it? No protest against the current administrations policy can be either genuine or general. Isn't that the administrations stance on the matter?

  10. So she brings on a whiney Libertarian to complain how the tea party movement got hijacked? Why does no one who believes in the free market want to stand together in support of it?

    I actually watch Maddow and Olbermann. I would love to see them do more "Here is an issue, here is my opinion and here's why and I'm not basing it just on my feelings" and less "Let's find hypocrisy in the right-wing." It gets tiring after a while.

  11. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... Bruce, you are so obsessed with me! LOL, I didn't say one word about it yet you addressed me in your response?!?! You are totally sick in the head you nut-job.

    I see also you are still using those bogus numbers from 5 million?!?! Hardly. Where do you get that crazy-assed number from BRUCE?!?! LOL, they are STILL F**KING up their own stupid story, being the LIEberal HYPOCRATS that they are. Here is the piece, right from their own website. Typical HYPOCRATS, can't avoid telling lies in their own article!!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA:
    MoveOn: 10 years old, 5 million strong

    It's been an amazing 10 years, and we're stronger than ever--4.2 million members as of today. We've prepared an interactive photo timeline that captures so many of the memories we've shared together. Thanks for all you do.
    Watch the slideshow »
    WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!! You fit right in BRUCIE. Stop obsessing over me you psycho nut-job. And please, the last people that conservatives need advice from is the tanking Hypocrats and their tanking leader Obummer. If we need lessons in dropping polls and loser policies we'll be sure to ask for it from you Bruce. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. al, i'm not worried, i think its great that your ball washing movement has been used to increase consultants salaries. Its perfect.

    you think your doing something, they luagh all the way to the bank. I gotta get in on this racket. Think i'll start a tea party thing too.

  13. JoeC You could Start Tea Party but then You would have to Invite ACORN and I Understand they are Still Laughing all the way to the BANK and Whats Worse Joe they be Laughing with Tax Payers MONEY. Now I bet you think thats FUNNY!
    ACORN Whore Houses with Underage Youths from Third World Nations being FINANCED with Tax Payer Money,I think Joe LIBS got Enough on THEIR Plate to KEEP em BUSY!


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