Wednesday, February 3, 2010

“Barack Obama refused to help get unemployment down in 2009 by design so he could get credit in the 2010 election year instead.”

Job seekers line up for a career fair in Oak Brook, Ill., on July 2, 2009  Many of us have been saying it for a while. The White House intended that the stimulus money, which the White House intended to use to save or create jobs, would not really be spent in 2009 as unemployment soared to over 10%.
On page 9 of Obama’s budget proposal, we find that, in fact, the White House is now admitting this fact. You are still unemployed by government design.
Barack Obama writes,
All told, as of the end of November 2009, about 50 percent of Recovery Act funds—or $395 billion—has been either obligated or is providing assistance directly to Americans in the form of tax relief. By design, the bulk of the remaining 50 percent of Recovery Act funds will be deployed in the coming months of 2010 and during the beginning of 2011 to support additional job creation when our economy continues to need a boost. Many of the programs slated to receive additional funding in the near future are those with significant promise of job creation. These include more than $7 billion in broadband expansion, approximately $8 billion in funds to lay the foundation for a high-speed rail network, and continued funding for other transportation projects. All told, the Recovery Act is on track to meet the goal of disbursing 70 percent of its funds in the first 18 months of its life.
(Budget at p.9)
So wait? Even after 18 months all the money won’t be spent?
To put this in perspective, consider what the President said in his State of the Union address:

One year ago, I took office amid two wars, an economy rocked by severe recession, a financial system on the verge of collapse, and a government deeply in debt. Experts from across the political spectrum warned that if we did not act, we might face a second depression. So we acted – immediately and aggressively. And one year later, the worst of the storm has passed.
But the devastation remains. One in ten Americans still cannot find work. Many businesses have shuttered. Home values have declined. Small towns and rural communities have been hit especially hard. For those who had already known poverty, life has become that much harder.
This recession has also compounded the burdens that America’s families have been dealing with for decades – the burden of working harder and longer for less; of being unable to save enough to retire or help kids with college.
So I know the anxieties that are out there right now. They’re not new. These struggles are the reason I ran for President. . . .
For these Americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough. Some are frustrated; some are angry. They don’t understand why it seems like bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded but hard work on Main Street isn’t; or why Washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems.
What the hell? This man says last week that “we acted — immediately and aggressively” and this week says “by design, the bulk of the remaining 50 percent of Recovery Act funds will be deployed in the coming months of 2010.”
That is not immediately and aggressively. He says “one in ten Americans still cannot find work” but also says in his budget, “the Administration moved rapidly to sign into law, just 28 days after taking office, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the Recovery Act) to create and save jobs, as well as transform the economy to compete in the 21st Century.”
Obama is trying to have it both ways. He admits his stimulus money is dragging out and that even after 18 months it won’t all be spent. At the same time, he tells the public at the State of the Union that the reasons there is still 10% unemployment is “bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded but hard work on Main Street isn’t” and “Washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems.”
Well, he has the last bit right. Washington was “unwilling to solve” the problems because 2009 was not an election year and 2010 is. The President of the United States refused to help get unemployment down in 2009 by design so he could get credit in the 2010 election year instead.


  1. Anybody who brings Jennifer Granholm in for a "Jobs Summit" cannot be taken seriously.

    Hypocrat Jennifer Granholm instituted her Hypocrat ideals of pro-Union anti-business and almost 8 years later Michigan has been blown away. We are now one of the poorest states in the Union. But she fits right into Obummer's mold of "fresh thinkers". BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA


  2. Here is the Granholm model, which Obummer will be following. Don't worry Hypocrats, I'm sure it's ALLLLL BOOOOOSSHH'S FAULT:

    The State of Joblessness
    The tragedy of Jennifer Granholm's Michigan

    State lawmakers will soon face large budget deficits again, perhaps as much as $100 billion across the U.S. Here's some free budget-balancing advice: Steer clear of the Michigan model. The Wolverine state is once again set to run out of money, and it is once again poised to raise taxes even as jobs and businesses disappear.

    In 2007 Governor Jennifer Granholm signed the biggest tax increase in Michigan history, with most of the $1.4 billion coming from business. The personal income tax—which hits nonincorporated small businesses—was raised to 4.2% from 3.95%, and the Michigan business tax levied a surcharge of 22%. The tax money was dedicated to the likes of education, public works, job retraining and corporate subsidies. Ms. Granholm and her union allies called these "investments," and the exercise was widely applauded as a prototype of "progressive" budgeting.

    Some prototype. Every state has seen a big jump in joblessness since 2007, but with a 15.2% unemployment rate Michigan's jobs picture is by far the worst. Some 750,000 private-sector payroll jobs have vanished since the start of the decade. For every family that has moved into Michigan since 2007, two have sold their homes and left.

    Meanwhile, the new business taxes didn't balance the budget. Instead, thanks to business closures and relocations, tax receipts are running nearly $1 billion below projections and the deficit has climbed back to $2.8 billion. As the Detroit News put it, Michigan businesses are continually asked "to pay more in taxes to erase a budget deficit that, despite their contributions, never goes away." And this is despite the flood of federal stimulus and auto bailout cash over the last year.

    Following her 2007 misadventure, Ms. Granholm promised: "I'm not ever going to raise taxes again." That pledge lasted about 18 months. Now she wants $600 million more. Among the ideas under consideration: an income tax increase with a higher top rate, a sales tax on services, a freeze on the personal income tax exemption (which would be a stealth inflation tax on all Michigan families), a 3% surtax on doctors, and fees on bottled water and cigarettes. To their credit, Republicans who control the Michigan Senate are holding out for a repeal of the 22% business tax surcharge.

    As for Ms. Granholm, she and House speaker Andy Dillon continue to bow to public-sector unions. There are now 637,000 public employees in Michigan compared to fewer than 500,000 workers left in manufacturing. Government is the largest employer in the state, but the number of taxpayers to support these government workers is shrinking. The budget deadline is November 1, and Ms. Granholm is holding out for tax increases rather than paring back state government.

    The decline in auto sales has hurt Michigan more than other states, but the state's economy would have been better equipped to cope without Ms. Granholm's policy mix of higher taxes in order to spend more money on favored political and corporate interests. If any larger good can come of the experience, it is that Michigan is teaching other states how not to govern.

  3. Chris, you totally turn this issue on its head. All that is saying is that by design this is a two-year program. It is not saying that they wanted unemployment to be any higher than it already is.

    You are not credible when you do stuff like this.

  4. You are like those Republicans who voted against the stimulus bill, but then go to ribbon cuttings with big government checks and take credit for the program.

    You, sir, are a hypocrite of the highest order. You were against the stimulus, but now you want to criticize it because you say the money isn't being spent fast enough.

    Which is it? Are you for or against using federal dollars to help put people back to work? I think I know the answer.

  5. I'm against government waste. That's all this porkulus is. Jobs that last a year that cost $2 million and produce nothing. That's the Hypocrat way. How many ribbon-cuttings do you think Chris has been to FAILk?!?! BWAAAHAHAHAHA

    Nice talking point there about the ribbon cuttings FAILk. Got that right from Obummer talking to the Republican House, LOL

    Not an original thought in that little pea-brain.

  6. Like this FAILk, I bet you are proud of this boondoggle:

    Wine Train Stimulus Scam Gets Even Uglier With No-Bid Set-Aside Swindle

    Fiscal conservatives have been howling in protest over the $54 million earmarked by Obama’s Stimulus Package to finance something called “The Wine Train” in California’s scenic Napa Valley. The notion that the government was squandering millions of taxpayer dollars to prop up a private tourist attraction seemed to epitomize everything that was wrong with pork-barrel politics masquerading as sober economic policy. I mean, while we’re subsidizing tourist traps, why not give a couple hundred million to Disneyland to build a new “Pirates of the Potomac” ride?

    But the howls are about to get a lot louder. Because an investigation just published by California Watch and reprinted in the San Francisco Chronicle shows that the Wine Train scam was far worse than you imagined. The $54 million wasn’t just spent on an overpriced not-a-thrill ride for tipsy tourists: it was thrown down the toilet on a no-bid contract handed to a shady Alaskan front corporation which deviously abused race-based “set-aside” laws to land a vastly overpriced deal — which they then proceeded to subcontract at a much lower rate to a different company, while pocketing a cool $20 million for doing no work whatsoever.

    The price tag might have been significantly lower but for the Wine Train, a private rail line established by the late Vincent DeDomenico, the wealthy creator of Rice-A-Roni pasta. Sixteen times each week, according to the Wine Train’s Web site, the train transports tourists from Napa to St. Helena aboard restored dining cars. A champagne dinner on the Vista Dome car costs $129 per person. About 125,000 people ride the Wine Train each year.

    Brosamer, the Walnut Creek contractor, said the public was paying a premium for the Wine Train project, saying, “It would have been a hell of a lot cheaper if they had put it out to bid.”

    But the quality of the construction is first rate, Brosamer said, because Suulutaaq subcontracted much of the job to the giant Peter Kiewit Sons Inc. engineering firm, which also is a contractor on the Bay Bridge.

    “The reality is, Suulutaaq isn’t doing much,” Brosamer said.

    Federal records show that Suulutaaq is paying Kiewit $28.1 million – 53 percent of the total stimulus contract. Suulutaaq is keeping about $20.4 million, or 38 percent of the total. The rest, about $4.7 million, goes to other subcontractors, all from the lower 48 states.

    So, basically, a white wheeler-dealer got himself appointed CEO of a shell company that’s legally classified as an “Alaska Native corporation,” then, using this unique privileged status, finagled a no-bid contract to get $54 million in taxpayer funds for a construction job — and then used a small portion of that money to hire subcontractors to do the actual work, while pocketing the rest as pure profit.

    Nice, eh? And guess what: You’re the sucker in this swindle.

    One has the suspicion that the entire “Stimulus” is nothing but countless Wine Train-style deals bundled together and given an uplifting name to disguise that fact that it’s little more than a thousand unnecessary crooked backroom scams with essentially no oversight.

    Handouts to shysters as economic theory? I feel like getting drunk. All aboard!

  7. Hey FAILk, are you gonna answer for these items:
    Hey FAILk, when is Guantanamo going to be closing?!! I thought Obummer was going to close that down in a year. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... I can't wait until he tries it and then the prisoners start filing lawsuits because they have it so good there in Cuba. I'm going to laugh my ass off at you.

    Speaking of which, why can't we suddenly have the KSM trials in New York City Bruce?!?!? You know, "right in the shadow of where the twin towers once stood" so that the families can see their justice right out there in the courthouse. What happened here FAILk?!?! What a dumbass you and your Obummer Group are. EPIC FAIL.

  8. You can't be serious Bruce. Obama said it was the worst recession since the Great Depresion. Either he didn't believe what he said or he just didn't focus on jobs creation until an election year. Which is is Bruce? You want your cake and eat it too and that isn't happening. And if you think any party would turn down a photo op then you are high. But didn't Obama say he would "Change the politics as usual"? Did he lie or was he being ignorant? Just remember Bruce it is Obama and the Democrat majority that set the tone on how things get done in this country. Bruce only 1/3 of the Stimulus/Jobs bill has been spent. The Dumb-o-crats want to plunder TARP to do what the Stimulus Bill didn't do. So instead of paying down our debt with TARP you want to give it to goverment to divy it up. The same government that didn't do it right the first time. The Democrats spent the money stupidly and now they want another change with our money. And if you think anyone would turn down "FREE" anything you are nieve at best. So don't play that supid card. You can be against the government throwing billions out of the tallest building in the world. But if they are going to do you would be dumb,not a hypocrit, if you didn't try and get as much as you could for your interests. That doesn't change the fact that the govt was dumb to throw it off a rooftop to begin with. That is the flaw in your thinking. You try and justify everything your party does. Talk about hypocritical. Obama said he would change Washingtons business as usual and they only made it worse. And then the Democrats point out that the people that didn't want the gov't to keep doing business as usual took the money. It's still their money. Why wouldn't they take their money. You cashed you check when Bush gave you it in the first recession 8yrs ago. Where you a hypocrite back then for cashing you own check that was you own money given back to you? I know you wish it all went to the union gorvernment jobs. Use some common sense.

  9. Chris, if the stimulus didn't work, then why are conservative economists saying it did.

    Conservative Economists Back Stimulus Bill

  10. The Haircut

    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and
    the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop..

    When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

    Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I
    cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The cop was happy and left the shop.

    The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen
    donuts waiting for him at his door.

    Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The Congressman was very happy and left the

    The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

    And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians who run it...

  11. If I may Chris? Just because you has a couple of "conservative economists" say the Stimulus worked doesn't tell the whole story. The article was writen deceitfully. First off who cares what a "conservative economist" says? That is a small picture. When you put a trillion $'s into an economy it makes an impact. The question isn't if it made an impact vs. if the impact was the desired impact. If you ask the right questions you will see the larder picture these men and women are pointing out. The left is being willfully ignorant. Just like they do about the abortion genocide. If you want real change then you need to see the truth and not the small truth but the whole truth. There is a change within the left. They are being shown the truth and they are getting angry about the truth. The left can't handle the truth. It is the lies and half truths that bind the left. And it is the truth that is setting this country free. God bless you all.

  12. wow, the paranoia runs deep in the right.

    First he's a liar for saying it wouldn't get over 8 percent.

    Now he secvretly planned this for the 2010 elections.

    Wow, how in the hell do you make those things fit.

  13. Very easy, He lied to get the funding in order to hold it back for election season.

  14. Furthermore, now he wants a "jobs bill" i.e. more funding for the same reason (2010 and 2012)

  15. All the while unemployment remaining high if not raising:

    Unemployment rises in most metro areas
    Feb 2, 2:40 PM (ET)


  16. Unemployment, higher taxes, and runaway spending by Hypocrats? Say it isn't so Christopher! Boy that recipe of out-of-control spending, pro-Union and anti-business is a recipe for success! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    In other news, hey FAILk did you hear about the Prius brakes?!!? LOL Better stick with driving the gas-guzzler and let the wife drive the Prius. She can suddenly park it outside I bet, and too bad about the battery in these Michigan winters! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Even Steve Wozniak had problems with his Prius. That's one way those Prius' help save the world, they kill of dumbasses like Bruce with their faulty brake pedals! LOL No more hot-air carbon-emissions from FAILk anymore!

    Toyota Hit With Wave Of Prius Brake Complaints

  17. “I think you’ll see [Card Check] passed in the first quarter of 2010.”

    -Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President, Jan. 11, 2010

    Dear Chris:

    Straight from the union bosses: The clock is ticking.

    And in order to pass the Card Check Forced Unionism bill in the next two months, Richard Trumka has a plan:
    “It’ll take some creative doing. But we’ll do it.”
    To be clear, when Richard Trumka says “creative doing,” he’s really talking about sleazy backroom deals –- just like the ones union bosses cut on “Obamacare.”

    Now the union bosses are “playing dirty” again -- twisting the arms and cutting deals to force “Card Check” through the Senate before the Spring.

    That’s why it’s vital you sign the petition below to your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY urging them to vote AGAINST the union bosses’ Card Check Forced Unionism Bill on every vote!

    As you know, should “Card Check” pass, workers would no longer be able to vote for or against union boss “representation” in a secret ballot election.

    And, of course, Big Labor has yet another ticking time bomb hidden in the “Card Check” legislation.

    If the union bosses can drag out negotiations with an employer past 90 days by making outrageous demands, then Obama Administration bureaucrats will have the power to use this so-called “problem” as an excuse to write a new labor contract and FORCE its terms and conditions of employment upon those workers!

    So, you see, Big Labor wants to strip workers not only of the right to a secret ballot but also of the right to vote on their own contracts as well!

    But that’s not all.

    Word is, several of Big Labor’s closest allies in the U.S. Senate have been working feverishly to craft a so-called “Plan B” version -- even acting like they might drop the “Card Check” provision entirely from the bill.

    Of course, this bill is dangerous with or without “Card Check.”

    But you and I both know whatever “final” bill Big Labor’s allies stamp their approval on WILL NOT be some watered-down “compromise” bill that causes no harm to American workers and our fragile economy.

    The fact is, should ANY version of “Card Check” pass, it would:
    *** Force millions of additional working Americans to pay union dues under the threat of losing their jobs, filling Big Labor’s coffers with hundreds of millions of forced-dues dollars;

    *** Dramatically increase the wasteful work rules, hate-the-boss propaganda, slowdowns and bitter strikes that shut down businesses and destroy jobs, ensuring that even more plants are closed and more jobs are shipped overseas or lost forever;

    *** Enable Big Labor to pump even more campaign cash into the coffers of its radical, tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama and Harry Reid, who, in turn, will look for even greater ways to increase the union bosses’ forced-dues empire.

    That’s why it’s vital you act IMMEDIATELY.

    You see, over the past few months, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has used every trick in the book to get the “Card Check” Bill out of the media spotlight.

    Senator Reid and the rest of Big Labor’s allies in Washington know that the only way to get the “Card Check” Bill passed is to downplay its importance and then ram the Bill into law before you and I even know what’s happening.

    But don’t be fooled.

    The truth is, after visiting the White House 22 times to lobby for the “Card Check” Bill this year, SEIU boss Andy Stern isn’t about to give up the fight.

    In fact, Stern and the rest of the national union bosses are only beginning to turn up the heat.

    The good news is, we have been making headway.

    There are several Democrat Senators who are really feeling the heat.

  18. Joe you are blinded by your idealogy. Open your eyes. If you don't you will be blinded by reality when it crashes down around you. If you keep holing onto the sinking ship you will drown.

  19. John, thanks for thinking of me, but it looks like this problem is only with the new Prius. I have a 2007. I know you're concerned for my safety.

    You are undoubtedly the biggest asshole I've seen on this blog. It sounds like you want me to die. With everything you said about me, all the names you've called me, I don't think I've ever wished ill on you or your family.

  20. Fact most of the Pork Stimulus takes effect in LATE 2010,Just Prior to Election. Wonder Why?

    Nobama Care IF it takes Effect is 2013 after Presidental Election. Wonder Why?

    I Know its JUST the Fickle Finger of FATE which is the MIDDLE Finger to the Citizens!

    Hey Brucy Asked the MILLIONS of UNEMPLOYED How this Administration is DOING or BETTER Yet Wait UNTIL November and THEY Will have a ANSWER for Ya!

  21. Not true FAILk, you definitely have wished ill on me. I will never forget it. You said you hoped I got sick and then I had to deal with the insurance companies. Where did I wish ill on you you pussy? In fact I told you about the problem. You're welcome asshole. I'm merely laughing at you dumbasses buying Prius'.

  22. LOL ... FAILk, you think I care what a lying, lieberal, corrupt, loser of a Hypocrat like you thinks about me? I would be concerned if you liked me FAILk, that would mean that I am as corrupt of a soul as you are. Just like I'm sure you would be appalled if I liked you. So you can blare your opinions about me or not, I could care less. Better get that pedal checked out though! ROFLMAO

  23. The $787 billion stimulus plan is turning out to be far less stimulating than its architects expected.

    Back in early January, when Barack Obama was still President-elect, two of his chief economic advisers — leading proponents of a stimulus bill — predicted that the passage of a large economic-aid package would boost the economy and keep the unemployment rate below 8%. It hasn't quite worked out that way. Last month, the jobless rate in the U.S. hit 9.5%, the highest level it has reached since 1983.

    The two advisers who wrote the paper, Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, went on to land key jobs in the Obama Administration. Romer is the head of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, and Bernstein is the chief economist and economic-policy adviser to Vice President Joe Biden. And the stimulus bill that both economists championed became law in mid-February. What has not come to pass, however, is the boom in job creation that Romer and Bernstein predicted. A little over a month ago, the Administration said the stimulus bill had created or saved 150,000 jobs. That's a far cry from the 3 million to 4 million jobs that Romer and Bernstein foresaw back in January.

    Lawrence Summers, director of the White House's National Economic Council, said last week that the stimulus bill was on track. This past weekend, the President rejected calls for a second stimulus package, saying the current stimulus needs more time to work, since only a small fraction of the money has been spent. From the beginning, the Administration has said that much of the boost to the economy from the stimulus plan would not come until the second half of this year. Administration officials have also insisted that it's unfair to judge the effectiveness of the stimulus by projections they made back in January since the recession has turned out to be worse than what most economists predicted even just six months ago.

    In a report released on July 13, Romer's Council of Economic Advisers says the stimulus bill is creating opportunities for workers in health care, education and energy. The report reiterates that the economists believe the stimulus plan will create 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010. "The various forms of fiscal stimulus are expected to provide powerful upward pressure on aggregate demand and to aid recovery," Romer's group says.

    But while the stimulus plan may eventually reach its goal, a look at the paper Romer and Bernstein wrote back in January shows that at least for now, the stimulus plan is at best off to a slow start. The two economists did say in the report that they expect the bulk of the jobs created by the stimulus to happen in 2010 and 2011. Nonetheless, the report says that even by the middle of this year, the stimulus bill would have a positive effect on the unemployment rate. Without the stimulus, the two economists predicted, the unemployment rate would rise to around 8.5% by the middle of this year; add the stimulus, and that rate would drop by half a point. In reality, the unemployment rate is a full percentage point higher than what Romer and Bernstein predicted it would be without a stimulus.

    Vincent Reinhart, a fellow at the right-leaning think tank the American Enterprise Institute and a former top economist at the Federal Reserve, says the problem with the stimulus bill is that it stimulates parts of the economy — like the health-care and alternative-energy industries — that were likely to grow anyway. He believes it would have been better to spend on U.S. manufacturing, where demand is much less certain to resurface and jobs are being shed rapidly. "I don't buy the argument that you just have to give the stimulus package more time," says Reinhart. "By the test they put forward to grade the stimulus, it is failing."

  24. Al, don't forget that that MASSIVE freeze on discretionary spending (that was sarcasm) doesn't occur until 2011 ... Meanwhile spending on everything, discretionary or otherwise, is skyrocketing. They'll pig out and then cut back, maybe only have two pieces of pie for desert instead of three, and call that fiscal responsibility! Only the Hypocrats could come up with something like that.

  25. Bruce it was only a couple of weeks ago Toyota tryed to say it was the floor mats that did it. The story gets bigger and bigger evey day. It's like the stug problem Toyota and Lexus have with there cars. But they wont do a full recall becaue it isn't killing people. The Chinese send us killer dog food and poison on our kids toys and not one word. But when Ford Explorers rolled over the media was all over it.

  26. Well, we told you so, Obummer wants to trash the US Economy. Here's one of the ways he is going to try it:

    UPDATE 1-Fed's Warsh says more regulation might hurt US economy
    Tue Feb 2, 2010

    WASHINGTON, Feb 2 (Reuters) - U.S. Federal Reserve Board Governor Kevin Warsh said on Tuesday that financial reform efforts that focus narrowly on expanding regulation could stifle the economy.

    His comments, published in a Financial Times newspaper opinion piece, come as President Barack Obama pushes for tighter rules that would attempt to limit risky behavior by banks.

    Warsh described attempts to strengthen the system as "worthwhile," but said time would be better spent reviewing the role of government-sponsored mortgage finance agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Banks, he said, should not be treated like heavily-regulated utilities.

    "In a global economy, big is not bad," Warsh wrote."The U.S. economy runs grave risks if we slouch toward a quasi-public utility model."

  27. LOL ... these Hypocrats are SO stupid that Obummer has to remind them that they have the MAJORITY!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Hey, while you're at it Obummer, make sure they remember to keep breathing! LOL

    Obama tells Senate Democrats they still have big majority and responsibility to fix problems

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama tells Senate Democrats they still have big majority and responsibility to fix problems.

  28. Just look at the lie they engineered about global warming. That isn't paranoia it is fact. And if they engineered that who's to say they aren't doing the same with our ecomomy? If it walks and talks like a liar it's most likely a liar. Wouldn't you say boys?

  29. Bruce, are you going to answer my points about Guantanamo and the KSM trials being moved out of NY?!?! ROFLMAO @ You!

  30. John Bet there Working Three Shifts in the U.S. Mints Trying to Keep Ahead of NOBAMAS Spending Freeze!

    Nobamas is Like a SNAKE OIL Salesman,SAY what it TAKES to Peddle His CRAP and than YELL its BUSHES Fault! Sorta like Kid with Hand in COOKIE Jar (TAX PAYERS) and then Blames Some Body Else! Did Not Work When WE were KIDS AINT Going to work Now that We Are TAXPAYERS!

  31. Jesus John, do you think you could go one day without attacking someone? Wishing death on somebody too, that's about as low as you can go. chris, can you do something about John?

    I would appreciate it as well if people could refrain from all the swearing. I have my son read these articles sometimes, and now I find I have to really watch to make sure he doesn't see some of the filth that people from both sides are saying. Please, if you could. Thank you.

  32. Chris, about the stimulus plan, you have to give it time to work. As Al said, it is Bushe's fault. He had 8 years to drive this country into the toilet and now President Obama has had only one year to try to right it's course. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

  33. Please everyone try not to swear. It only makes you look bad. If you keep it up I will delete the comment. Thank you.

  34. Drew You Kind of Forget Who CONTROLLED Congress those LAST Couple Years. Things Like Freddy Max ,Fanny Mae and all those FEEL Good Loans for Houses that PEOPLE COULD NOT Afford. Thats WHY We Are Here Drew to Let You KNOW it Took TWO to Put us in the TOILET But ONLY NOBAMA to Flush OUR Economy Down IT! We Stay here to make sure YOU Get it RIGHT!

  35. LOL ... it cracks me up that Drew uses the lord's name in vain but then is concerned about swearing! Typical Hypocrat.

    Well Drew, I apologize for the language. I'll watch mine, but then I don't have anger and rage issues so it won't be a problem for me. Other's, particularly the regressives, have no problem using that kind of language around their own children and families, so they might have difficulty curbing their swearing.

    BOOOOSH'S Fault, same old refrain from the Hypocrats! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Hey Drew, Rome wasn't destroyed in a day either, but Obummer is going out of his way to beat their record!

  36. Bruce stop with the fake,"John wants me dead" bullcrap. It is fake and it's so far from reality that you loose even more credibilty when you say things like that. I feel sorry for you Bruce.

  37. That's okay Chris, it's just par for the Hypocrat course. They're always playing the victim, even when it's right there in black and white! Poooooor little Brucie woosie. There there FAILk. Drink your kool-aid and eat your cornbread and then it's off to a little nappie nap.

  38. Hey FAILk, you going to take ownership of this, like you do of the 5.7% GDP growth? What a loser of an economic policy you Hypocrats have forced us into.

    U.S. May Lose 824,000 Jobs as Employment Data Revised: Analysis

    Feb. 3 (Bloomberg Multimedia) -- The U.S. may lose 824,000 jobs when the government releases its annual revision to employment data on Feb. 5, showing the labor market was in worse shape during the recession than known at the time.


    BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... go about 2:00 in, "he has a real psychological hang up ... this president is a real. slow. learner." ROFLMAO

  40. John, Guantanamo will close. I wish it was yesterday. It was a mistake to open it in the first place, since it has been terrorists' best recriting tool, in addition to the fact that the U.S. used torture to interrogate prisoners there.

    Yes, it's a wrong of Democrats and the administration to move the KSM trial. Republicans who think otherwise have no faith in the American judicial system that is at the core of our democracy. We look foolish caving in to people like you, John.

    People like John are traitors to our country of the highest order.

  41. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... well whatever you say FAILk. The "people" you idiots are "caving in to" are ... Obama. He's the one moving the trial you dipshit!! ROFLMAO Wow do you Hypocrats look like the biggest collection of tools ever assembled. First you say it's fine to have the trial in NY, now you say it isn't. First you say you're GOING TO CLOSE G. BAY IN ONE YEAR and now you aren't. I wouldn't be surprised if it is still in operation after Obummer gets booted out of office! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Traitors of the highest order, like ceding control of the internet to the United Nations? That's more traitorous than just about anything:

    Obama May Turn Over Keys to the Internet to Hostile Powers
    Posted by Van Helsing at February 3, 2010

    Jimmy Carter's signature achievement was throwing away strategically vital control of the Panama Canal, which America built. Chairman Zero can match that easily — by throwing away the Internet:

    Without the ingenuity of America's brightest minds and the investment of U.S. taxpayer dollars, there would be no Internet, as we now know it today.
    Now, the Obama administration has moved quietly to cede control of the Web from the United States to foreign powers.
    … In an effort to show the world how inclusive, sharing, cooperative, and international America can be, the Obama administration set off on a plan to surrender control and key management of the Internet by the U.S. Department of Commerce and its agents.
    The key to the control America has over the Internet is through the management of the Domain Name System (DNS) and the giant servers that service the Internet.
    Domain names are managed through an entity named IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. The IANA, which operates on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources.
    In short, without an IP Address or other essential Internet protocols, a person or entity would not have access to the Internet.
    …within months of Obama's taking office, his administration, through the Department of Commerce, agreed to relinquish some control over IANA and [its] governance. The Obama administration has agreed to give greater representation to foreign companies and countries on IANA.
    This amounts to one small step for internationalism and one giant leap for surrendering America's control over an invention we have every right and responsibility to control and manage.
    Those who want to tear down America would rather give control of the Internet to the hostile United Nations, which has been pushing phony data down the world's throat via the corrupt IPCC to advance the global warming power grab and would make it a crime to say anything Muslims don't like. To get an idea of whether our UN "partners" would share our commitment to freedom of expression over the Internet, refer to China's recent battle with Google.

    For now, Obama and his foreign allies can't do much about it if we go online to criticize Islamic terrorists or observe that global warming is a hoax. Enjoy this state of affairs while you can.

  42. ROFLMAO ... the terrorist's best recruiting tool ... correct me if I'm wrong FAILk, but did Al Qaeda have a problem recruiting before G. Bay, like, people to use on the twin towers, the USS Cole, the Twin Towers, on Spain trains, on British subways ... you're a TOTAL idiot! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    G. Bay had no impact on Al Qaeda recruitment. That's a libertard talking point that has been discounted even by the Hypocrats! LOL

    And you are concerned about interrogation?!? WTF, now you don't want any enemy combatants interrogated!?! What do you recommend FAILk, just capture them and then release them without finding out what they know? That's pretty damn stupid, even for a Hypocrat! Not finding out what your enemy, who wants to kill you, knows, now THAT is traitorous. But you call it being patriotic?!?!

    Hey FAILk, our courts may be the core of OUR Republic, but it sure isn't the core of the ones who want to kill us. They aren't citizens of OUR country, and they should not be treated as such. They have no more rights under our laws then I would under theirs dumbass.

  43. John, you sound like a bigger fool with each comment.

    Were you upset when George W. Bush tried terrorists in U.S. criminal court? I'm sure you weren't, because it was your leader, and hero, George W. Bush that was President at the time.

    People like you have one standard when a Republican is President and another when a Democrat is President.

    No, I don't want torture used on our prisoners. It is illegal, even if Bush got his lackeys in the Office Of Legal Counsel to say it wasn't illegal. TORTURE IS ILLEGAL ALL THE TIME.

    We have already tried numerous terrorists in U.S. criminal courts and been successful, so why is this different, John? Why weren't you up in arms when Richard Reed was tried in New York?

    Interrogated terrorists have said that Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib were there best recruiting tools, period.

    Actually, John, the Christmas underwear bomber gave us lots of information, without being tortured, using standard interrogation techniques. To think otherwise, John, only shows that you watch too much 24 on Fox.

  44. Yes FAILk, I was upset. So what is your point FAILk? It was wrong before and it's wrong now.

    WELL FAILk, I didn't say ANYTHING about torture. I said interrogate. I have asked you many times, and you never answer, but is your problem with READING or COMPREHENDING?!?!? ROFLMAO

    Hey FAILk, did you know that our own soldiers get waterboarded?!?! So does that mean they are being tortured? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... you should watch that video where Jon Stewart EPIC FAILS. It's hilarious.

    Hey FAILk, I WAS up in arms when Reid was tried. Didn't you get my memo?!?! I was then and I am now. So what is your point dumbass?

    Funny FAILk, I don't watch Fox as I don't even have cable. So I guess you have no argument.

    Oh, and as for the crotch-bomber singing like a canary, apparently that isn't true. See, he talked for 50 minutes and then lawyered up and shut up, right? And then Obummer said that he gave us all the information they could get. And then they went to Yemen and got his relatives over here who finally convinced him to tell more. So once again Obummer LIED. He said we got all the information, and obviously we didn't. What a bunch of stone-cold idiots we have in this Hypocrat administration. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA


    More CYA From The Obama White House…Christmas Day Bomber Now Talking Because Of Family
    Posted by: Curt

    It only took a public thrashing to get Obama and pals to figure out that hey, maybe we want to get this Christmas Day Bomber to cooperate after all:

    The Washington Post, citing “Obama administration sources,” reports Abdulmutallab “has been providing FBI interrogators with useful intelligence about his training and contacts since last week.” The Politico quotes a “law enforcement source” saying Abdulmutallab has provided “useful, current intelligence.” And ABC News, citing a “senior administration official,” reports that the intelligence “has been disseminated throughout the intelligence community.”

    The reports represent a striking turnaround in the administration’s position. Ever since the public learned that authorities had just 50 minutes to question Abdulmutallab before he was read his Miranda rights and refused to answer any further questions, the Obama administration has claimed that it had, during that brief interrogation, gotten all the information that was possible to be gained from Abdulmutallab. On Fox News Sunday January 24, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that “FBI interrogators believe they got valuable intelligence and were able to get all that they could out of him.” When host Chris Wallace asked, “All they could?” Gibbs answered, “Yeah.”

    On January 31, top White House adviser David Axelrod told Meet the Press that Abdulmutallab “has given very valuable information to the government about activities in Yemen and some of his experiences there.” To emphasize the point, Axelrod said, “We have not lost anything as a result of how his case has been handled.”

    So just a few days ago the Obama administration claimed that Abdulmutallab had given up everything he knows. Now, they claim he is giving them fresh, useful intelligence.

    Recall that the father of Abdulmutallab tried to warn our country about his sons nefarious intentions, to no avail.

    What are the odds we will see this kind of stuff often from the families of other terrorists? Do we not often see the families laud their child’s “heroic” actions? But hey, I’m sure we will be able to get those families to come to our rescue.

    Not likely.

  46. Hey FAILk, once again I have to spell it out for you, TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT. It was wrong for Reed to be tried (and really, did that stop the crotch bomber, and any other terrorist attacks FAILk?!? Why would this one stop any?!?!? Stupid argument you have there) and it's wrong now.

    Anyway FAILk, you can keep trying to make this about Reid. My point was that Obummer said it would be fine and dandy to try KSM in the shadow of where the Twin Towers were in NY, and now it isn't. Why is that FAILk!?! ROFLMAO ... what a dumb administration, and EPIC FAIL of a party, the Hypocrats.

  47. Bruce You Indeed are as WEAK toward TERRORIST as this Administration! Top Five Security People Testified that in NEXT Six Months a Terrorist Attack is a Certainty! SO Have those Miranda Warnings Ready,that SHOULD Deter Them! According to You GITMO Bad and can Only Help Terrorist Recruitement. What Do You think the Political Motivated Criminal Trials(CIRCUS) will DO for there Recruitments! YOU Just Dont get it!

    Bruce Do You Know if OUR Military that was Captured in GOOD Shape and Later Found DEAD in Shallow Graves were READ Their Miranda Warnings! Was the Journalist CAPTURED in Good Shape and then BEHEADED on TAPE was read HIS Miranda WARNINGS!

    Citizens MUST Stay Alert Regarding Terrorism BUT Progressive Methods OF Defeating Terrorism MUST Also Be Scrutinized!


Please keep it clean and nice. Thank you for taking the time to post you thought. It means a lot to me that you do this.