Monday, March 29, 2010

John Stossel on Government and Fixing The Broken Democratic Entitlements


  1. Maybe john Stossel can take a look at Sean Hannity's fake charity.

    or Micheal Steele's lavish ways...

    Once on the ground, FEC filings suggest, Steele travels in style. A February RNC trip to California, for example, included a $9,099 stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 dropped at the nearby Four Seasons, and $1,620.71 spent [update: the amount is actually $1,946.25] at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.

    Read more:

    and here your upset at what two consenting adults did in the oval office. Seems like yourt a bit of a hypocrite.

  2. What Tax Will Be Placed On ALL Citizens Regarding Deficit and When. Country Is Going Bankrupt and Without New Taxes We Will! Value Added Tax or National Sales Tax Is Coming OUR Way! More Than Likely V.A.T. Cause Thats What Europe Has and Can Be In Part Hidden From Citizens! Deficit Commission To Give Report in December With their Recommendations,Seems a Better Time For Administration Than Before Elections!

  3. Joe he was her superior and a married President. She interned under him. Would you fire a manager for banging one of his young cashers? Because it could be said that they are taking liberties because of thier superior job title. He also violated his marrage contract. And Joe if the President asked to stick his cigar in your keester there could be trouble. But you libs just right it off as boys will be boys. He used his position to violate that poor girl. You Democrats just hate women don't you? Look at what the Democrats did to Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin and her kids(girls). Are women nothing more then ashtrays to you libs? You just call it as "two consenting adults"? Only a liberal would think of doing that to a women that works under him as an employee. You writing this off tells me a lot about how you think of women. If Bill did it to a man would that be more wrong to you? It's just part of the liberal sickness to think treating a subordanent like an ashtray is normal. Bill Clinton gave us "head isn't cheating" liberal philosophy.And "is" is what again liberal justification theory. You libs are better then TV.

  4. Jesus Joe, you are a real sucker. I heard Ed Schultz bring this up on his radio show like a week or two weeks ago and he had nothing to say about it. If this was true you can bet he would be all about talking it up. Joe you need to take a break and do something to work out your anger. Where the hell has anyone brought up Clinton and his cigar-asstray (which is what I am assuming you are talking about?)

    Maybe Stossel will look into those things, that would be great because he's a good investigative journalist and a Libertarian, so I'm sure he would be fine with it.

    I tell you what though, the government can take a lot more than Hannity every could. And you should see what Kwame Kilpatrick is doing with all his "funds" for Detroit. Or would you rather not talk about dirty Hypocrats, like Monica CONyers, wife of dirty old John CONyers?

  5. Chris, I liked the time when Hillary and Bill got a taste of their own medicine, when the Obama Chicago political machine started spreading the stories about them being racist. Hypocrats eating their young, LOL

  6. Al, you are absolutely correct, V.A.T. is on its way. Tax tax tax is all the Hypocrats know. Oh, they know how to spend too.

    VAT and while they are at it they will be raising the age to retire before you can collect your full social security as well. All part of the USSA Communist ... er ... Community service!

  7. John, you don't read the blog that closely do you? Chris, brought president Clinton up in another thread first. You might want to read the blogs before you shoot your mouth off.

    And as far as what happens with subordinates you'd best move Newt Gingrich a long way from any females working under him. He cheated on two wives with women working under him. Served the first with divorce papers while she was in the hospital receiving cancer treatment. now that is some women hating there boys.

  8. Joe, I didn't read it on THIS topic. What the hell, do I have to review every topic and comment before I am allowed to comment on the topic I am on? Why didn't you post your comment on the pertinent topic dumbass? You might want to make sure you are on the correct topic before you start yammering on about things that bear no relation to the topic at hand.

  9. john,
    the person i was talking to knew what i was saying. I was responding directly to Chris. He understood.

  10. I see that now Joe. But it wasn't addressed to him. It was just, to me, out of the blue blanket statement.

    By the way, I agree with you, Michael Steele and all this spending needs to be looked into. Or am I a racist to suggest that? LOL

    This is why I don't give to "parties", I give to individual campaigns. I assume you do the same, if you donate to political campaigns that is.

  11. That should read that "it just looked, to me, an out of the blue ..." NOT that is was addressed to me.

  12. John, i've only given to a few campaigns. I don't donate to the DNC.

    Your not a racist to dislike Mr. Steele, he's out of control. Spending like a meth addict on a bender. And i don't think he's been good for the message you want to get out. Its a little too much about him and not enough about party unity.

  13. Well, I don't really know how a meth addict on a bender spends, so I can't speak to that! LOL

    But I think he sets the perfect example of what the TEA Party is against. Out-of-control spending, not being good stewards of other people's hard-earned money. It would be interesting to review the DNC as well, I bet the Hyps would be surprised at some of the lavish spending by their party. Again, that's why I might give to specific candidates, but not to large organizations. Hell, I was willing and pledged to give to Stupak's campaign, if he had blocked the health care tax. Now I will be giving to his competition.

  14. You know its funny how the Tea Party works. They are against all these things and yet the cognitive dissidence is astounding. Because you look at who they want to represent them people like Sarah Palin who is ethically challenged and power hungry. Its almost best to stay with people who have ego and run the ship a little loose with the money but can keep the ship upright.

    But the tea party finds itself with her and people like Tom Tancredo, who is a pariah among his own party lately with his over the top racist speech.

    Pushing the crazies won't make things better.

  15. Nobody is pushing the crazies Joe. Sarah Palin is campaigning with John McCain in Arizona, not the "Tea Party" pick; so how do you explain that one doofus? She's hardly the leader, and I'm glad they keep her around just so I can watch you and Bruce foam at the mouth when the woman says something you don't like. Bigot. LOL

    You guys have some weird-assed fixation with Palin. I don't even know who the other guy is that you talk about. But whatever Joe, I think the last person the Tea Party will be taking advice from is a radical leftist anarchist who supports Mr. Obama, the greatest Fascist leader to emerge since your precious Adolf, lol. Now THAT'S your kind of leader!

    And you calling someone ethically challenged, should I change your name from Joey Two Wrongs to Joey Black Pot or Joey Black Kettle? LOL


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