Monday, March 29, 2010

Looney Democrat Tunes

Another loony look at the Democrats on ObamaCare -- just so we don't forget who's "in charge" of this abomination.

The left have become nothing more then a cartoon. But in their cartoons people really do get hurt and it isn't funny.

The New McCarthyism is Waxmania: Silencing the Capitalists

As Pejman Yousefzadeh noted on twitter Sunday, for eight long years we were treated to leftists decrying the Bush administration and Republicans. Their motto was “If you aren’t outraged, you haven’t been paying attention.”
Now this same group is outraged that we are paying attention. They are outraged that we are outraged. And they are now playing at a most dangerous game.
Congressman Henry Waxman intends to haul before Congress corporations that have told their employees to expect increased health care costs because of Obamacare. This is behavior that can indisputably be described as soviet behavior. If McCarthyism was about hounding out communists and their sympathizers, the left seems intent on creating their own version of McCarthyism, which we can call Waxmania — silencing capitalists.
We have seen this abuse over and over from the Democrats in the past year. Waxman is a chief abuser, wanting to haul in insurance companies and other companies that have opposed the left’s agenda.
Barack Obama himself encouraged his supporters to bring guns to knife fights and get in conservatives’ faces. Where was the media handwringing back then over incitement? Why wasn’t the media bothering to mention, at least, the bipartisan “fighting words” in the past week?
On the editorial pages of major newspapers and on the news programming of major television networks we are treated to stories undercounting attendance at tea party events and painting the typical tea party activist as thuggish, racist, and violent. It is a coordinated effort to turn the media narrative from sitting on the sidelines with the exception of MSNBC to full throated condemnatory reporting on the tea party movement.
In just the past few weeks, news outlets that used to use the words “pro-choice” and “pro-life” are changing to “abortion advocates” and “anti-abortion.” That may sound fine to you, but to many Americans, the psychology in the word choice “anti-” hurts the pro-life cause. The suddenness of the media change suggests a coordinated effort. It happened overnight in dozens of news outlets.
The Left is playing for keeps. They have the power structure in their hands and they intend to make it permanent as best they can. They project on us their intimidation and thuggish behavior.
The right must fight. It is not a violent fight. It is vigilance in the political arena. We must pressure our own side in Congress to stand firm and fight like hell politically. We must also expose the left and not back down. And we must put up good candidates and work like hell to get them elected.
Lefists had hoped that after the health care vote, their poll numbers would go up and the right would stand down. We are just now fighting like our life depends on it because we realize now the survival of the American way of life as we know it is at stake.
We’ve taken down ACORN. We’ve taken down Van Jones. We’ve taken down Obama’s TSA nominee. We can take down the Democrats in November.

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