Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where Is The Proof NAACP

The NAACP has made a major push to discredit the Tea Party and it's members by using the race card. Maybe we need to take a close look at the NAACP and see what kind of speeches they have that might be racial. I'm sure if a reward was given for such video we would see some wild videos. Since Andrew Brietbart offered $100,000 to anyone with a video of these Tea Partiers doing what the black caucus accuses them of doing. There were police that said they didn't hear it even though they were right on top of the black caucus. There are thousands of video and none show anything like they are accusing the Tea Partiers of. So why the double standard? All we ask for is to give us proof of these accusations and we will take care of it. But since they have no proof then I will just say it. They are the ones that are causing racial tensions with their LIES. The NAACP needs to get their act together and stop trying to play racial politics for the Democratic Party. And if they want to talk about "un-American" they better look in the mirror. It's high time we expect the same from them as they expect from us.

Take Action: Personal Attacks & Ugly Slurs Have No Place In Politics

Last Saturday, while Representatives filed through a House office building on their way to watch President Obama deliver a Health Care speech, some extremist protesters turned vicious. Civil rights legend and Georgia Congressman John Lewis was called the N-word by the crowd, while fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Emanuel Cleaver was spat on. Some in the crowd yelled at longtime NAACP champion Representative Barney Frank using an anti-gay epithet.
  This behavior is not only outrageous—it is un-American. Click here to sign the petition and help us send the message that degrading slurs and personal attacks have no place in our political discourse. 


  1. The NAACP has gone the route of the MSM. They and others such as unions sould go the way of the dinosaurs as they have outlived their realized purpose and now stand in the way of real progress and prosperity.

    What they now stand for can hardly be described as 'advancement' except in the advancement of racism itself.

  2. Mark Williams blog is all the proof the NAACP needs.

    It was good to see that some Tea Party groups recognized the blatant racism in his nasty generalizations.

  3. Joe there are racist in the Tea Party,NAACP,Democratic Party,Republican Party,UAW,SEIU and within Obamas own family and admin. There are racist in our society and you all know it. The Tea Party has done a damn good job running out the radicals and racist. Since you are UAW and you and the VP of the UAW said that there is racism within the UAW. I've shown the video of the VP saying how rabbid the racism is within the unions. That is your own saying that. Why haven't they and you gone after them? Is it because of politics and idealogy by chance?

  4. Joe if you are seeing racism where other don't then it's all in your head not theirs.

  5. Chris, there is racism everywhere. But you asked for proof. I gave you some. Its not just me. Other TEA BAGGERS felt he was being a racist and cut him loose.

    As for the UAW there are bigots in the UAW. Many i know personally and have worked with them. Most are conservative white males, but some are liberal black males. Worked with both.

  6. Joe Im Surprized You Have No LIberal White Workers You Work With That Are Bigots In The UAW!

    Im Surprized You Have No Liberal Yellow UAW Workers That Are Bigots!

    Im Surprized You Have No Green Bigoted UAW Worker You Work With.

    Im Surprized You Have No Bigoted Red UAW Workers You Work With.

    All Above Sounds Like Something You Would Write Joe And Now I Must Drink More Tea And Never Do This AGAIN.

  7. al, you know its not something i would write, but thanks for playing.

    There could well be democrat union members who are racist in the UAW. I don't know of any, atleast any who have been openly predjudice in front of me. I have known some conservatives who openly used the N-bomb in front of me, and i have known some african americans who have made some seriously racist statements in front of me.

    I've even had a conservative drop the N-bomb on me for my music choice. Worse yet he did it in front of black people, at work. Didn't work out to well for him. But i haven't heard any of the liberals say anything like that. Not to me.

  8. Joe You Are Either Very Naive Or Very Stupid. I Dont Beleive You Are Either!

    The Only Person I Know Of Who If They Are Honest Wheather Black, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Liberal, Conservative, Muslim, Catholic, Luthern That At Some Time In Their Lives Did NOT Use Racial Slur Is Jesus Christ And You and I Dont Know Anybody In His CLASS!


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