Monday, August 2, 2010

$1 Million Hit Put out on Joe Arpaio


The so called “America’s toughest sheriff” has never been secretive about the many death threats he continuously receives. He also has said that is not afraid. It just comes with the territory -we might think, but now he may be forced to take some extra precautions as a supposed Mexican drug cartel –the Juarez cartel- has offered to pay $1 million to whoever does the favor.
It's offering a million dollars for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head and offering a [ten] thousand dollars for anyone who wants to join the Mexican cartel," said a young man who chose to remain anonymous.
The frightened male said his wife received the offer in a text and a voice message -both in Spanish, Tuesday evening, which also included an international phone number and instructions to be forwarded.
She showed it to me...I was kind of disgusted...I reported it to the Sheriff's department yesterday...they said they were going to direct the threat squad on it."
The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office believes the message originated in Mexico and said investigators are trying to trace exactly where the text message came from. What really concerns investigators is how quickly the message may have been spread as the monetary incentive is a factor to take this threat a little bit more seriously. The FBI is already involved in the investigation.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been surrounded by controversy related to accusations of abusing power, his defying attitude toward the federal government and his tactics to handle the fight against illegal immigration, which ultimately, could be the reason for cartels to put a price on his head.


  1. Thats not good. i'm not a fan of the guy. spent some time in the valley of the Sun and the dude has abused his power to retaliate against those he feels challenge him. his deputies are typical over-aggressive macho types.

    He also has over a number of raids taken immigrants and not cited the business's that hired them. The fact that the drug cartel has put a bounty on a American sheriff no matter how much of an ass is not something the feds can take lightly. They need to fuck up those punks. Drone attacks work nicely.

  2. It's even a bigger shame to see so many liberal blogs praising the hit. What do you mean when you say,"his deputies are typical over-aggressive macho types"? Do you not like the police?

  3. Joe Bingo We Are On The Same Page Except For "Over The Top Macho Type". In Todays Society If Your Not Your NOT Anymore!

  4. The message isn't offering $1,000 to "join the cartel," it's offering $10,000 for killing any American - "dies mil dls por kualkier amerikano" - pretty clear if you know Spanish.

  5. "Drone attacks work nicely"
    Now there is something we agree on, Joe. Wonders never cease.


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