Monday, August 2, 2010

Alvin Greene’s First Ad Calls DeMint an “UnAmerican Bigot”


This is just wrong. Since the Democrats can't run on what they have done to us over the years they will be doing more and more attack ads like this. has a great post on their blog about a "White Skin Tax" now in effect. This "White Skin Tax" is in the new health care bill. It's ads like this and laws that target a skin color that will alienate that group from the Democratic party. These kind of politics are becoming evident in both the white and black communities the more they use them. Most people of all colors don't want to see a political party trying to divide us by race. The sooner we can see each other for who we are rather then colors of skin, the sooner we will lose the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has made it their mission to divide us based on the hughs of our skin. Ask yourself why the Democratic Party feels it's OK to attack a black Republican or Tea Partier by calling them "Uncle Tom"? Why is it the Democratic Party treats the blacks within their party as if they own them when they try to leave the Democratic Party? And all those "Blue Dogs" just sit back and play dead when they know better. This time when the Progressive movement is taken down they will bring the Democratic party with them. Hopefully they don't take down our republic with them.

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