Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dem Congresswoman Uses Muscle to Silence Constituents


One of the most unbelievable things I’ve seen – aside from the beating of Kenneth Gladney and the “tolerant” liberals who supported and promoted his still-denied justice because he was a black conservative. Illinois congresswoman Melissa Bean barked at constituents and whenever anyone tried to stop the locomotive of distraction and get the congresswoman to do her job by answering to her constituents, her muscle, according to video and numerous eyewitnesses, sprang into action and intimidated them into silence. This is why we need lots of videos of these representatives and their purple shirt style thugs. This was a public meeting and filming is aloud at those public events.


  1. Shameful. I did like the part about government 'not creating jobs' but of course that is not what she believes but rather taught to say by her handelers. This truth is reveled
    in that of her votes, period.

  2. and here i thought there was bigger news like the Bloomberg report on NEWSCORP and its million dollar donations. Fair and unbalanced.

  3. other important things Chris won't be covering.....

    Chris Christie going moderate on the RNC's plans to politicize the Islamic cultural center.

    19 of the 22 states filing lawsuits against the Healthcare bill request grant money from Bill.

    but he'll cover union workers batting camares and things like that all aday long.

  4. It Must Be That Transparentsy Thingy! Politicans Asked Questions Thug Makes Rounds.

    Apparently Bean Has Forgotten Who Works For Whom. Betcha She Could Be A Real Good Snake Oil Salesman!

    Million Dollar Donations Thought For A Minute Joe You Were Talking About Socialized Nobama Care Incentives For Votes Sorry! Now Thats Fair And Balanced

  5. States Requesting Grant Money. Wow Joe Maybe The States Are Broke Thanks To Politicans And Entitlement Programs That States Cannot Afford Any More. There Was Billions For Unions So Finding A Few More Billion We DONT Have Shouldn"t Be A Problem

  6. Naw Joe I also didn't cover a lot of things. I didn't cover the fact that the left was blamming that "racist white serial killer",that is what the left wing news called it till they found out he was a Muslim living in Israel. Oops! They stepped in that one and I never did a post on that either.

  7. Joe if the unions didn't intimidate we the people all ther time I wouldn't cover it. But you blame me for covering the news instead of standing against it. Did you hear about the union rapes Joe? Google it. And google union violence while you are at it. It's amazing all the things that are out there that I haven't covered. But you have vertually no video of violence from the Tea Party and yet you keep pushing it. Shame on you Joe for backing the unions and this kind of liberal thugery.

  8. Incredible! Once again I am appalled by the way some politicians work!

  9. "19 of the 22 states filing lawsuits against the Healthcare bill request grant money from Bill."
    And of course, Joe changes the subject and makes a statement that is out of the realm of the 'real reason for the suit'
    To argue that the Federal Government doesn't have the right to mandate to every American citizen to purchase healthcare Ins or be levied a penalty for NOT doing it.
    You see these 22 states are watching out for "We the People" and not "We in the Beltway"


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