Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot Video: 'Those Voices Don't Speak for the Rest of Us'


Video from the Republican Study Committee, a group of over 100 Conservative Congressmen in the House of Representatives.


  1. Question About Economy: Liberals Have Been Blaming Bush Since They Took Full Control Of Congress In 2006.

    Just For My Info How Did Liberals Vote On Spending Bills Since They Took Power In 2006 And How Much Of Tax Payers Money Was Spent. Bush Signed But Liberal Congress Passed These Bills And Programs.

    Any Liberal/Progressive, Hows It Only Bushes Fault When Liberal/Progressive Finger Prints Are ALL Over Defict?

    Reagan Was RIGHT And Once Again Liberals: Were You Better Off Under Reagan Or This Regime?

  2. actually at this point in Reagans first term we were better off under this president. Why do you constantly do this to yourself Al? At this point in Reagan first term the recession is deepening and unemployment is getting worse not better. Any sound intelligent man can see the writing on the wall. Not you though.

    US misery index

    8-82 15.65
    6-10 10.55

    1982-08 9.80 (and rising.)
    2010-06 9.50 (and dropping)

    I once again will point out that Obama and Reagan have some serious parallels in their economic actions and potential economic actions.

    Reagan increased Taxes to shore up Social Security.
    Reagan signed an Amnesty bill for illegals.
    Reagan expanded deficit spending way beyond predecessors.
    Reagan lost seats in mid-term election. (27 seats)

  3. Joe Were You Better Off Under Reagan Or Now? Simple Question Get Back To 2010 Joe!

  4. Now Joe Back To This Decade. Do You Agree That The Bush Bashing Is A Way For Liberals To Deflect Their Part In The Condition Of Our Economy And Defict? If Not Why?

    Joe Also In This Decade ,In Fact, This Year Where Are All Those Jobs? Congress Had NO Problem Spending So What Seems To Be The Problem Lasering In On Those Jobs? Please Joe Keep Amswers In This Decade And Turn The Time Machine Off! Hell My Smoke Detector Just Went Off!

  5. Hey Chris,

    I had heard this on talk radio numerous times over two days; Rush, Hannity, Medved, Beck, Ingram, Gallagher,,,, all playing it!

    Thanks for posting the vid! Nice to hear an adult speak over the little kiddies playing an American politician.

  6. Joe you forgot about how much longer this recession is over the Reagan recession. We are already past the point of the Reagan recovery at 21 months. And all indicaters are pointing to a double dip recession. If we go into another recession when we haven't come out of this one will yoiu abandon the "it's all Republicans fault" metality? Or are you going to be the 11% that still like Congress aqnd Obama?

  7. Al, My family and I are better off now than the i was with my family in the early 80's.

  8. Chris, look at the historical GDP growth for both.

    I'm alittle confused at what you refer to as a 21 month recession. Are we going by GDP growth rate, which would indicate that Reagan and Obama had equal length recessions, both 9 months?

    Perhaps we're going by unemployment? but Reagans unemployment numbers didn't rebound till his 23 month. And didn't get out of double figures for 10 months compared to Obama's three months.

    you can say what you want but numbers and reality don't back you up.

  9. Chris, never said it was all republican fault. I just don't agree with your its all the dems fault concept.

  10. Joe Your One Of The Few! My Family As Bad As Things Are Work And Pay Their Way. Not All The Jobs Are Big Paying But Bills Are Paid And We Go On.

    I Do Not Remeber A Time When Economy And Job Creation Were So Stagnate Due To Fear Of What Government Is Going To Do Next.

    Private Sector Should Be The Engine That Starts The Economy Instead Government Pulls Out The Spark Plugs And Private Sector Like Engine Aint Going To Run!

  11. Al, did you live through the 80's or is Al's hiemers setting in.

    everything was worse then because inflation was so high then too.

    The misery index doesn't lie. 15 to 10.


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