Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday Social Security Insurance

It was only made to last one lifetime. And at 76 years old we are almost there. Soon SSI will be on life support and if we don't do something soon we will loose it. That will be just one more thing this greedy generation will take from us. We are giving massive debt that will take forever to pay off because we didn't feel like paying for what we wanted. And because SSI has become unsustainable with the amount of money this group of citizens are planing on taking out of it we can count that money as a gift to our parents. The problem is 80% of elderly didn't save enough money for retirement and will most likely live off of our dime on that as well. But as long as they are able to retire at 60 or younger they don't care. We have paid into that insurance and for the most part this next generation is more willing then past generation to plunder our money. It's time we get realistic and raise the retirement age and have a private option. You don't have a right to retire and bill the next generation for it. We paid into the system and should be aloud to get something out of it. My father is 71 years old and still working. He doesn't have enough money to retire yet. Most people think that that is admirable. And it is in today's society. But in reality it's common sense to work as long as you can physically and until you are set financially. Why is it the generations before them left money not massive debt to their kids and grand kids? The baby boom generation was called the "Me" generation for a reason. And just think how great a generation you could have been with all those people. But thanks to the Democratic Party and it's amnesty for illegals SSI might not even make it through the "me" generation. I know I wont see SSI. And I know I will have to work till the day I die. And I also know my sons will get that same treatment thanks to the entitlement mentality. We have every right to our SSI and a reasonable debt. Today I'm blaming the voters for their part in this epic debacle of a country they are giving us and our kids. If you don't see any of this as generational theft then please tell me why? And if you think this is generational theft then what are you doing about it? Will you do nothing to help the next generation? And don't tell me that you tryed by giving them obamacare. That isn't like a husband giving his wife lawn mower for Christmas and telling her it's a gift for her. If you want something then pay for it. And if you think you did a good job with what you were given then look at our public educational system. We have been saying this is our future since the 60's. And just look at how far down we have come since then. We have given our kids no tools to pay off the debt we gave them. But as long as your happy I'm happy and screw the next generation. That should be the matto of the boomers.


  1. Wow, I am alittle surprised at the post, but in many ways not. You managed to get a liberal attack in so thats normal, but your disregard for the generation prior to ours is alittle bewildering.

    I don't know if its fear or anger that drives todays post, but there's clearly an edge to them that doesn't make sense. Relax a little.

    I understand that SS has been looted over and over again but that has been bipartisan.

  2. Hmm, Bipartisan extorsion, corruption, fraud and abuse in Joes world = 'Two wrongs make a right'? Go figure!

  3. President Barack Obama used the anniversary of Social Security to trumpet Democrats' support for the popular program and accuse Republicans of trying to destroy it.

    Seventy-five years after President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security into law, Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday: "We have an obligation to keep that promise, to safeguard Social Security for our seniors, people with disabilities and all Americans — today, tomorrow and forever."

    Some Republican leaders in Congress are "pushing to make privatizing Social Security a key part of their legislative agenda if they win a majority in Congress this fall," Obama said.

    He contended that such privatization was "an ill-conceived idea that would add trillions of dollars to our budget deficit while tying your benefits to the whims of Wall Street traders and the ups and downs of the stock market."

    Most Republicans, in fact, are wary of touching that idea, because Social Security is virtually sacrosanct to voters, particularly seniors.

    Nonetheless, Democrats have been able to seize on the issue because of a proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the top Republican on the House Budget Committee, that would allow younger people to put Social Security money into personal accounts.

    Ryan's idea is similar to a proposal pushed unsuccessfully by former President George W. Bush. It's not been endorsed by party leaders and has attracted only a small number of GOP co-sponsors.

    With Social Security's finances strained, policymakers talk frequently about the need to address the solvency of the entitlement program. How to do so is less clear, as Obama's comments Saturday underscored.

    Obama said he's "committed to working with anyone, Democrat or Republican, who wants to strengthen Social Security." But he proposed no ideas for doing that.

    Many Democrats adamantly oppose any cut in benefits to reduce costs and some won't accept a gradual increase in the retirement age, something that was done in the last overhaul in 1983. Republicans say an increase in Social Security taxes is out of the question, even for the wealthy.

  4. Unless Congress acts, Social Security's combined retirement and disability trust funds are expected to run out of money in 2037. At that point, Social Security will collect enough in payroll taxes to cover about three-fourths of the benefits.

    Obama has created a bipartisan fiscal commission that is supposed to come up with recommendations in December on improving the government's troubled finances and has said everything should be on the table.

    "Democrats made an impossible mess out of health care and cut a half-trillion from Medicare, so I don't know whether the commission will come up with anything on health care or not," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said in a statement. "But on Social Security, hopefully they will come up with a credible plan that I can support and my members can support."

    Republicans used their weekend address to accuse Democrats of pursuing an "extreme ideologically driven agenda" that threatens the nation's economic recovery.

    "I am deeply concerned about the direction we're heading in right now," said former Rep. Pat Toomey, speaking for the GOP. "That direction is being driven by extreme policies that are coming from one-party domination of government in Washington. ... It's time we put some real checks and balances back in place this November."

    Toomey, the GOP Senate nominee in Pennsylvania, focused on bailouts for mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as the car companies; the economic stimulus legislation that has failed to cut unemployment rates; and Obama's health care law.

    "Now, where do all these bailouts, takeovers and spending sprees leave us?" Toomey asked. "They leave us with a weak economy without job growth and with a mountain of debt for our kids."

  5. Social Security Like All Government Programs Has One Flaw. "Politicans" Do Politicans Recieve Social Security Or Retirement Package From Tax Payers?

    Medicare/Medicade, Socialized Insurance Program, Like All Government Programs Has One Flaw. "Politicans" Do The Elite 535 In Washington DC Have The Same Coverage Or Are They Excluded From It?

    Both Above Examples If They Were Private Sector Would Have Resulted In Arrest And Jail Time. With The Elite 535 They Are Rewarded With MORE Tax Payers Money And Programs That Will Result In The Same Thing Banruptsy.

    I Know It Will Be A Very Difficult Pill To Swallow But Soon Nation Must Draw A Line In The Sand And Decide To Spend ONLY What We Have. If This Does NOT Occurr Are Only Option Will Be Greece. All That Want To Be Greece Cross The Line!

  6. If I remember correctly the Republicans tried to have a private option for SSI and the Demiocrats wanted to keep with the status quo. And it is the Democrats that want to give SSI to all illegals with amnisty not the Republicans. Thanks to this admin which is Democratic party we are less then 10 years away from having nothing to give to anyone no matter what their age. You and I paid for it and we wont see anything. We'll see how pissed you get when you open your eyes and they tell you you aren't getting anything in return for all you put in. And if you think your Ford pension and VEBA will be there when you retire keep thinking that. Don't prepare for that one Joe. You just keep living like tomorrow will never come and we will see who is prepared. I'm sure when those new $14 hr. UAW members out number the old they will be as generous to you as you all were too them. I'm sure you will be ablke to count on that retirment pension. And with the UAW in control of your VEBA there is nothing to worry aboput. Right when you need health care the most you will most likely have to take the public option. "Eat,drink and be merry for tomorrow we all die" lifestyle is all yours.

  7. Christopher- the stupid perspective- two wrongs don't make a right, but blaming one side for what both do isn't a right either.

    I only point out what i do to call out Chris's partisan attacks. He'll lambaste the left for doing what the right does and when it pointed out what he's doing you and other cons circle the wagons to defend him. Good job. Way to be a partisan warrior.

  8. Chris, the private option wasn't a solution to anything, it was a means to increase profit for Wall Street. It just turned over our money to different crooks, instead of government ones.

    Funny when the company tells us they need $15 to stabilize the company and we give in, we're not being generous to you. I'm sure there will be a take a pay cut and bring their wage bomb in your next post so i'll save you the trouble. Ford does not want that. and it was wrong of us to let it happen.

    They don't want any new employees making that much for two reasons. One the wage disparity will cause issues in the plant and weaken the union. Two they don't want any new employee making anywhere near 20 dollars. A couple of good years and we are ALL right back to our present wages. They want to lower the wage over time by attrition.

    I agree with you about the future. Once new hires exceed the old, Ford will have plenty of opportunity to use the tiers against each other and the retirees in contract talks. The reality was that the Union was stuck. Overtime was down and most UAW workers like all people have bills commensurate with their pay. There was no way they would get that passed. So they put the hard decisions off and now we wait for the day of reckoning.

  9. Joe Union Is Just Like Country. Citizens Are Also Waiting For The Day Of Reckoning. Politicans Have Put This Nation On The Brink Of Bankruptsy And With Out Spending Cuts We Can Not Survive As A Nation.

    If We Do Not Insist That OUR Elected Politicans Only Spend What We Have And NO More We Are In DEEP DEEP Do-Do! Private Sector Cannot Stay In Business Long Spending More Than They Bring In. Government Does Have Advantage It Can Print More Money Or Raise Taxes.

    Politicans Have Used BOTH Already And We Will Either Sink Or Pass On To Future Generations OUR Mistakes. All Im Saying Is If You Dont Have It Dont SPEND It! Its Not A Economic Plan Its Called A Budget!


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