Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here Comes The Cost Of Obamacare The Left Didn't Think About

Our Insurance Premium Jumps

As insurance keeps going up in cost at near record levels business are trying to figure out how to pay these added costs. Everyone on the right knew this would happen and we knew we would all pay the price for obamacare. The Democrats said obamacare would bring down costs or hold them the same. I want to look and think about how this will effect us over then next 4 years. Costs are going up and they will keep going up at record levels because they are anticipating "pain" when obamacare starts to really kick in. We will debate after obamacare kicks in at another post. I want to make this easy for the left to understand so I will show them how it will hurt them. Since that is all they care about,"me,". The insurance companies have to cover more people now at Ford Motor Company,kids up to 26 years old. That adds cost to the insurance company that at most must be "trickled down" to Ford M Comp. Now Ford is doing well compared to the other two companies. So Ford has profit that in the union contract must be shared with all the UAW members. Oops,costs go up and that is your money now. And for now the UAW,and other unions,doesn't have to pay the same "Cadillac" tax. And what will contract time look like over the next 4 years when insurance keep going crazy high? But Ford could be forced to push the added costs onto the Ford cars made here. Insurance adds over $2,300 cost per vehicle. Can Ford keep jobs in this country with that added cost of production? Are we the people that buy Ford going to be that generous with their hard earned money? See the union needs to bank on Fords profitability for a shared profit. But that isn't how they like to work. Don't worry,say the liberals,the Fed will bail out Ford if that happens. Yes that may be true,for now. But what about the other things we buy that we will have to bear the brunt of it on? What about the companies and workers that just can't afford any more costs? Do they leave the country? Do they keep raising costs? We told you obamacare would negatively effect the economy! And what will the unions do when it's found unconstitutional to tax one "Caddilac" plan and not the unions "Caddilac" plans? Do you really think you wouldn't have to pay the same taxes as everyone else? This is just a way for the Democratic Party to scub their hands clean of it. And like a mob of mindless zombies the unions will come out in full force and violent vigor to demand a single payer to stop raising costs. Smiling arm and arm they will all go to work cheering the fact that the Democrats took their great health care plans and gave them nationalized health care. Ah, they will have the same health care system that the EU is abandoning now. "But look at their birth rates",they say.  Better yet just look at it all, and then tell us it's better then what you had! Remember the good old days people, we just went past them.


  1. I Beleive It Was That Brillant Mind Pelosi Who Said We Will Have To Pass The Bill To See Whats In It(2000+ Pages). Now Its Passed, Economy Is On Hold, Job Creation Is ZIP, Unless Like Pelosi You Think Unemployment Bennys Is Creating Jobs. NOW We Will FIND Out Whats In This Bill! What A Way To Govern Or Should I Say RULE!

    When Bribery,Closed Door Meetings, No Concern Over Economy Are Used In Any Bill This Is Just Free Market Killer That Given Time Will Result In Socialized Insurance Only As It Was Intended All Along!

  2. The company I work for dropped insurance because it went up 18% this year. What do I do now? Wait 4 years and hope nothing goes wrong till then. I'm sure the company I work for isn't the only one dropping insurance.

  3. yeah, Chris i prefer the good ole days when medical bills were listed as reason for 47 percent of foreclosures in a recent PA survey.

    When pre-exsisting conditions kept people from leaving jobs and moving up becasue they weren't sure they'd be covered.

    Man i loved those days. Especially as a diabetic. it was awesome.

  4. Joe when people are sick they can't work and can't pay their bills. How did obamacare fix the problem of medical bill foreclosers? Now Joe we have people that don't have insurance becauser costs are going too high. Obamacare didn't fix any of those problems it just made new ones. Thanks Joe. Did you see we are 480,000 new unemployed last month? Did you also see that our debt went up more in July then all of 2007? When will the good days of Hope and Change be here? We have been waiting and so far things keep getting worse under the Democrats. The Democratic Party is all talk. Joe,as a diabetic you should have looked into the complications of nationalized health care in other countries. And Joe do abortions in obamacare count in the birth rate numbers?

  5. Chris -

    Very timely subject. I just received yesterday a memo from my employer that says:

    " ... Unfortunately we will soon be hit with a SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE in health insurance costs ... the recent Government involvement in health
    insurance is certain to confuse and complicate health insurance for the next SEVERAL YEARS ... we WILL see increased insurance costs. Government employees, who are over 50% of the work force, are exempt from these increases and so the major burden will fall on small

    The memo continues: "[my employer] plans to "freeze" company health insurance costs to 2009/2010 levels. This means that future cost
    increases will be the responsibility of each employee. If [we] did not take this path we very likely would be faced with wage reductions for this increased cost."

    Here's my favorite part: "For 2010/2011 we [will] require each employee to cover 30% of the individual policy cost. This is [up] from the current 20%"

    I made sure I sent that P.O.S. Gary Peters a note thanking him for cranking up our health insurance costs.

  6. I heard the other day a comment I believe attributed to the CBO that health insurance premiums would necessarily rise 119% over 10 years under Husseincare and had we done nothing and stayed the staus quo it would have been a 79% increase.

    Now had we gone with the Republican suggestions to REFORM health insurance not the care itself and TORT REFORM I dare say we would not even come close to the 79% level.

    Remember November 2 , 2010,,,"T" Minus 82 Days!

  7. Christopher - Conservative Perspective said..."Husseincare". Are you a racist? It's things like this that piss off the left and right. You made some great points but you lost me with the "Husseincare". My costs on insurance has gone up about 25% this year. I can't keep paying it for my employees. 4 years is a long time to go without insurance when you need it.

  8. Anon,

    No I am not. It is HIS name, HIS sociualist plan.

    If you see racism in the term Husseincare then i dare say you look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question.

  9. Well John I've heard a lot of people complaining about how fast and how high the cost of health care went up this year. A lot of businesses can't aford to pay their employees more money. People are going to get real upset with this fact of Democratic life. And the young people that are being fined isn't going over very well either. I can't wait for the town hall meetings this year. Oh, maybe they will just go into hiding instead. What will happen to our taxes when all those public unions "Caddilac" plans cost go up? Will we pay them or tell the unions to go "F" themselves? I think we should pull their health care this contract just to teach them a lesson.

  10. Christopher, its pretty obvious the fear and loathing that comes with the name you use for Barak Obama, which in most decent thoughtful people would be recognized as prejudiced. There's no other way to explain using a a very prominent Muslim name as a pejorative.

    I'm sure you intend to mean it in the nicest of terms thats why you can't just use his other names, but it doesn't come off that way.

  11. Remember how that ’socialist’ President Obama took over the health insurance industry? Remember how the new health care law was a ‘government takeover’ of one of the largest segments of the U.S. economy?

    Well, that socialized, government takeover has worked out pretty well for the big for-profit health insurance companies. They are enjoying soaring profits, and their executives received hefty compensation packages last year. After the health care law passed, Aetna’s net income jumped 40 percent over the same period last year. From the LA Times :

    The top executives at the nation’s five largest for-profit health insurance companies pulled in nearly $200 million in compensation last year — while their businesses prepared to hit ratepayers with double-digit premium increases, according to a new analysis conducted by healthcare activists.

    The leaders of Cigna Corp., Humana Inc., UnitedHealth Group and WellPoint Inc. each in effect received raises in 2009, the report concluded, based on an analysis of company reports filed with the Security and Exchange Commission. . .

    “Most families are struggling to hang on. Employers are struggling to stay in business. And these guys were giving themselves huge raises,” said Ethan Rome, executive director of Health Care for America Now, a coalition of advocacy groups that prepared the report.

    A spokeswoman for WellPoint said executives’ compensation reflects their effort to improve care and hit corporate goals. Representatives of the other four insurers either declined to comment Tuesday on the report or did not respond to questions.

    The executive packages were calculated by adding base salaries, bonuses, stock awards and other compensation reported on company financial statements. It did not include the value of exercised stock options.

    Last year was highly profitable for most of the country’s big publicly traded insurers. In the first two quarters of this year, profits for many insurers have continued to soar more than 20%.

    Aetna’s net income jumped more than 40% in the second quarter of 2010 compared with a year earlier. Indianapolis-based WellPoint recorded a 51% increase in its profit in the first quarter compared with the same period in 2009.

    At the same time, the companies have sought major premium hikes. In Rhode Island, UnitedHealth of Minnetonka, Minn., this spring sought increases of up to 15.5%. In Utah, some customers of Humana of Louisville, Ky., reported increases of 29%.

    Health insurance companies and their Republican defenders continue to claim that health care reform has caused health insurance premiums to rise. That’s nonsense, of course. As the report makes clear, premiums were rising before the law passed. They’d been rising for the last decade. In fact, outrageous increases in premiums helped to shore up sagging support for the reform among Democrats in Congress.

  12. Obamacare was conceived around three goals: 1) providing health insurance coverage for all Americans, 2) reducing insurance costs for individuals, businesses and government, and 3) increasing the quality of health care and the value received for each dollar of health care spending.

    Just over 100 days after the law was signed, the evidence shows it is failing on each and every one of those goals.

    300 dpi SW Parra color illustration of money flying away from snake-flanked "caduceus" hand. The Fresno Bee 2007
    health insurance illustration healthcare care caduceus snake flying money wings debt medical hospital doctor bills hand reaching 07000000; HTH; krthealthmed; krtnational national; krt; mctillustration; 07004000; 07012000; HEA; health organization; krthealth; private health care; 04000000; 04006005; 04006018; FIN; health care provider; health-care provider; krtbusiness business; krtfinancialservice financial services; krtnamer north america; krtpersonalfinance personal finance; krtusbusiness; u.s. us united states; 2007; krt2007; dinero americano salud seguros mano negocios finanzas ilustracion grabado; parra fr contributor coddington mct mct2007 2007
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    Supporters also promised that the legislation would not increase the federal budget deficit or unduly burden the economy. And, of course, we were repeatedly promised that "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period." On these grounds too, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is failing.

    The legislation comes closest to success on the issue of expanding insurance coverage. Millions more Americans, indeed, will receive coverage under the law – mostly through an expansion of subsidies and other government programs, with nearly half of the newly insured coming through the troubled Medicaid program. Thus, how much the law expands access to private insurance is still an open question. And still, at least 21 million Americans will still be uninsured by 2019. The new law, therefore, is an improvement, though surprisingly modest, over the status quo.

    The law also makes some modest insurance reforms that will prohibit some of the industry's more unpopular practices. However, those changes will come at the price of increased insurance costs, especially for younger and healthier individuals, and reduced consumer choice.

    Meanwhile, the legislation is a disaster when it comes to controlling costs. The administration's own chief health care actuary reports that the law will actually increase U.S. health care spending. Accurately measured, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will cost more than $2.7 trillion over its first 10 years of full operation. This does not even include more than $4.3 trillion in costs shifted to businesses, individuals and state governments.

    It is not just government that will face higher costs under this law. In fact, most American workers and businesses will see little or no change in their skyrocketing insurance costs – while millions of others, including younger and healthier workers and those who buy insurance on their own through the nongroup market, will see their premiums go up even faster.

  13. nice post chumly. i like your website.

  14. Joe C What Does Medicade Do For The Uninsured With NO Job. I Beleive Nobama Care Is Medficade Only On Steroids.

    Why Duplicate Why Not Fix Medicade. Now How Many More Agency WILL Be Made Through This Bill To Over See It. Government Stupidity At Its Best. Screwed Up Medicade Just Start Over. Unlike Private Sector Which Goes Out Of Business Government Just Take Citizens Money And Joe We Will Wind Up In The Same Condition ONLY With Single Payer. This Piece Of Crap Is Free Market Breaker And Is One Step To Take OUR Nation Down To Europes Level.

  15. Joe,

    I invite you over to Conservative Perspective and tell me if you see or read racism. Really.

    I will say this the same to you as I did Anon,look in the mirror as that is where you will find racism staring you in the face.


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